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Council Candidates Share Their Vision For Our Streets

Bike-davisWhat do City Council candidates think about our streets? To learn more about their visions, Bike Davis sent all candidates a questionnaire focused on three themes: making Davis more livable, reducing injuries and fatalities on our streets, and transportation infrastructure and zoning.

Some common themes emerged from the candidates’ thoughtful answers. All candidates are in favor of creating a locally-owned and operated bike share system as other cities have done (eg Biketown in Portland, or PeaceHealth Rides in Eugene). Almost all candidates walk or bike regularly. Some ride a bike for daily errands, others walk or ride for exercise. All candidates support preventing traffic deaths and severe injuries in Davis by implementing a Vision Zero approach.

On the other hand, Bike Davis was surprised to find that only four of the nine candidates mentioned bicycling as a way to reduce transportation-related GHG emissions and contribute to Davis’ climate neutrality goal.

Bike Davis is presenting each candidate below with a “favorite quote” and a link to their full answers. These materials are also available on our website at bikedavis.us/vote

District 2

Will Arnold

Favorite quote:

“The largest single action we can take to reduce private vehicle usage is to continue to employ policies that encourage infill, retain a compact community form, and keep jobs, housing, shopping, parks, and amenities within walking and biking distances (...)”

Read Will’s complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

Dillan Horton

Favorite quote:

“I would absolutely support a Vision Zero plan to end fatalities and injuries related to traffic collisions. This is essential if we want a community that actually promotes active transportation as a main method of transportation."

Read Dillan’s complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

Colin Walsh

Favorite quote:

“I see safe and accessible bike transportation as a cornerstone of how to meet Davis’s transportation needs.”

Read Colin’s complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

District 3

Lucas Frerichs

Favorite quote:

“The biggest source of GHG emissions is from the transportation sector. While we need to focus on reducing single occupancy vehicle trips, and replacing them with walking, biking, and transit use, we need a full-scale movement toward electrification of the transportation sector (...)”

Read Lucas' complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

Larry Guenther

Favorite quote:

“One of the mistakes we make is relying too much on a model of traffic engineering that is absolutely centered on the automobile and makes active transportation modes an afterthought."

Read Larry's complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

District 5

Josh Chapman

Favorite quote:

"Complete Streets give top priority to space-efficient modes of transportation—to pedestrians, bicycles, and transit—when allocating space on streets (...)"

Read Josh’s complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

Kelsey Fortune

Favorite quote:

“I believe downtown should contain bicycle- and pedestrian-only areas to provide more outdoor space to local businesses, an environment with reduced noise and local pollution, and a true destination where people spend time."

Read Kelsey’s complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

Connor Gorman

Favorite quote:

“In terms of spending priorities, I think this should be a community conversation but I generally favor sidewalks and bike paths over roads (...)”

Read Connor's complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire

Rochelle Swanson

Favorite quote:

"The degraded condition of many of our pathways is the barrier to greater ridership and walking. This has been raised consistently this entire campaign season."

Read Rochelle's complete answers to Bike Davis’ questionnaire


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