2020 Sierra Club Yolano Group Questionnaire and Responses from Davis City Council Candidates
2020 Sierra Club Yolano Group Questionnaire and Responses from Davis City Council Candidates

Re-elect Jim Provenza for Yolo County Supervisor

JIm-ProvenzaI’ve known Jim Provenza for over 25 years.  Jim is a dedicated advocate for those who often cannot speak for themselves.  For most of his life, he has worked tirelessly for equality, social justice, and civil rights.

In his first jobs after law school, he represented victims of domestic violence, child abuse, civil rights violations, and housing and job discrimination. As legislative counsel, he was instrumental in enacting California’s current hate-crimes law. As legislative advocate, he sponsored legislation making sexual orientation and disability protected classes.

Jim believes a strong community starts by helping our most vulnerable—children, seniors, disabled, the poor. As chair of First 5 Yolo, he helped raise millions to provide health care, safety and early learning for our children. He was a key force in saving the Yolo Crisis Nursery in Davis when it was in danger of closure and has continued to fight for their funding.  He established and chairs the Healthy Aging Alliance, advocating for the needs of seniors. During this pandemic, Jim has helped obtain aid and funding for childcare for families hit hardest by the pandemic— essential workers who help keep our economy running. 

Jim is an advocate for our agricultural heritage and environmental protection. He was instrumental in enacting one of the strongest agricultural land-protection ordinances in California. He supports the Williamson Act and other incentives to keep land in agriculture. He served on the Delta Conservancy, helping obtain millions in funding for water and habitat projects. He supports Yolo Basin Foundation and efforts to promote habitat for migrating birds.

Jim understands the importance of reducing greenhouse gases in our communities.  At a recent Board of Supervisor’s meeting, Jim introduced a resolution on behalf of the Yolo Climate Emergency Coalition, declaring a climate crisis in Yolo County and setting a countywide goal of achieving a carbon-negative footprint by 2030, putting Yolo County on the path to becoming the statewide leader in the fight against global warming.

Jim has earned our continued support.  Please join me in re-electing Jim Provenza for supervisor.

Pam Nieberg


John Troidl

Dear Pam,

Thank you for your article about MULTIPLE reasons to support Jim Provenza's candidacy to continue as our supervisor. WOW!

I'm going to write another piece about additional contributions he makes. But you have made a strong case for his actual ACCOMPLISHMENTS in a number of areas that matter to Yolo County families and individuals ranging from protecting the environment to protecting individuals against discrimination. He is certainly putting his UC Davis King Hall Law School degree to good use!

I join you in recommending Jim Provenza for Supervisor.... Jim is the real deal. Vote for Jim Provenza, I did!



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