Toward a “More Perfect Union”
Letter: Sue Greenwald supports Colin Walsh

Re-elect Jim Provenza Yolo County Supervisor

Due to new opportunities for voting, I have already voted. Filled out my ballot, went over to the Nugget Market and dropped my ballot in the official ballot box there. Boom! Another vote for Jim Provenza.

Why did I vote for Jim?

He's smart. He asks good questions. He listens to the answer. And then he makes thoughtful decisions.

During this pandemic he has done a masterful job of balancing the public health needs of the entire community and the needs of businesses. He has helped specific businesses stay open safely and helped many businesses generally by legally facilitating curbside pick up and home delivery for many businesses in Yolo County.

If you have not had a chance to talk to Jim personally... and he is quite personable, check out his performance at the live streamed Board of Supervisor Meetings. Jim does not hog the microphone but you can tell from his questions and comments that he has done his homework, he comes to the meetings prepared and ready to make a contribution.

Jim is competent, conscientious, and committed. And he knows the law. When the pandemic started, messaging from the County was English-only.... several of us went to the Supervisors and said "These communications must be in both English and Spanish because the Latino Community is suffering greatly from the Coronavirus Pandemic"..... Jim worked with the other supervisors and the Yolo County staff to ensure that the messaging was sent out in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

Jim has demonstrated his competence in office.... at this time in our lives and livelihood in Yolo County, I urge you to vote for Jim Provenza for County Supervisor.... he'll work for us, for all of us!


John Troidl

PS If you are still not quite convinced by my endorsement check out the long list of supporters who want to re-elect Jim.... including Helen Thomson, who gave her strongest endorsement to Jim in a facebook posting. Check it out on his candidate FB page:


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