Pre-Thanksgiving Market has early hours
Why is Napa County doing so much better than Yolo County on the coronavirus "war"?

"72 Hours to close indoor operations or lose capacity".... financial support available?


That's the message that will be sent out to various types of business and all places of worship next week if Yolo County does not avoid sliding into the "Purple Tier" of coronavirus status.

Question: Which businesses are involved?

Restaurants for sure. Gym/fitness centers. Movie theaters. Might be more but those are for sure. I sure hope that moving to PURPLE does NOT affect the Davis Farmers' Market! The Market Manager there has been very diligent about reminding people about mask wearing and has spread out the physical positioning of booths to reduce risk of virus transmission.

Question: When will we find out?

Next Tuesday, November 10th. The State of California will review our numbers for a two week period and if we are showing bad performance in the key coronavirus indicators, then they will issue a "Move to PURPLE" order. There is some room for negotiation if the numbers from the preceding 10 days are showing improvement.

Question: How do you keep up/find out more?

Read the Davisite, the Enterprise, the Sacramento Bee and other media outlets you trust. The County has a Facebook page "Yolo County Daily Briefing" where Jenny Tan, County Public Information Officer, presents updates on County coronavirus status twice a week. ***, Monday and Thursday at 10 am. Ms. Tan does a great job, IMHO, providing excellent graphics to accompany her well paced oral presentation. (Don't you just hate it when speakers race through their presentation? Me, too!). This is one of several mechanisms the County uses to communicate about the coronavirus, so don't complain that you don't do FB. Check out the County Corona Virus Dashboard, too, although be warned that it may take a little practice to "mine the data" from the Dashboard. That's not because the Yolo County Dashboard is so bad, it is because the dashboard has to carry a lot of information and there is a "learning curve" to accessing the information in any detailed dashboard.

One more question:

Is there any financial support for those businesses impacted by our failure to keep down our CV numbers and reclassification into the "PURPLE" tier?

I don't know.

Seems to me that I saw some campaign literature for one of the County supervisor candidates that said that he had helped arrange some money for Yolo County businesses, so maybe we should ask our County Supervisors:

Supervisor Chamberlain (District 5) can be reached at:

625 Court Street, Room 204
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 666-8627 Fax: (530) 666-8193 or email

Deputy Patricia Valenzuela, phone (530) 666-8227,

Assistant Deputy Ana Vazquez phone (530) 666-8226


Supervisor Jim Provenza (District 4):

You may contact my District 4 Office as follows:

Supervisor Jim Provenza at or 530-757-5554.

Deputy Supervisor Richard Reed at or 530-757-5555.

Assistant Deputy Sandra Rodriguez at or 530- 757-5553

Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance program manager Sheila Allen, RN, PhD at

My Davis Office is located at: 600 A Street, Suite C, Davis, CA 95616

My Woodland Office is located at: 625 Court Street, Room #204, Woodland, CA 95695

Para información en español por favor de contactar a:

Sandra Rodriguez
Assistant Deputy
(530) 666-8235 o (530) 757-5553

Supervisor Gary Sandy, District 3: (Chair of the Board of Supervisors until Jim Provenza takes over on January 2, 2021).

625 Court Street, Room 204
Woodland, CA 95695

Supervisor Gary Sandy
Office : 530-666-8621

Chief of Staff: Dotty Pritchard
Office: 530-666-8230

Assistant Deputy: David Moreno
Office: 530-666-8237


Don Saylor
Yolo County Supervisor
District 2
(Has a website "Working for You":


Villegas, Oscar
Departments:Board of Supervisors, Board District 1
Divisions:Board of Supervisors
Title:Yolo County Supervisor, District 1
Phone:(916) 375-6440
Fax:(916) 375-6442
Email: (Use embedded form from web page:

Remember that our supervisors are busy folks, with lots of committee assignments and other duties. They are by and large a nice bunch of folks, so please be temperate in your communications even if you are very scared about this coronavirus and its impact on your family and/or business.

But do contact them, and you may have to be persistent.... through the County Executive (Patrick Blacklock), Health Administrator (Brian Vaughn) and Health Officer (Aimee Sisson) they supervise the entire public health response in our County and the Supervisors make decisions that impact our lives in very significant ways. And given that they are OUR elected officials let's embrace them and ask them these crucial questions about support for businesses impacted by the impending adjustment of tier status.

Best regards,



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