Board of Supervisors Meeting tomorrow a.m.. And is COVID-19 on the agenda?
County sponsored drive thru flu shot available (free) today!!

A Discussion with Davis Mayor Gloria Partida

With a chance to ask questions

By Matt Williams

On Friday, November 20th, at noon, Davis Mayor Gloria Partida will discuss the issues of the day and then take questions from the public. The webinar is free and open to the public. Please register in advance. To join us please sign up here:

Davisite readers can post questions for the Mayor here in this thread that they feel will be good ones to have addressed during the webinar.  The questions posted here will be forwarded to the Mayor.  Presubmitting question(s) will give the Mayor time to consider her answer(s), as well as give webinar attendees an idea about the topics their neighbors are interested in.

For example, one question might be as follows:  “Gloria, the residents of District 4 voted “No” on Measure B by a 3,591 to 2,328 margin.  That is 60.7% against and only 39.3% for Measure B. What are your thoughts about that outcome?”

Another question might be “Gloria, 14,341 people voted in the three Council elections on November 3rd, and in those same three districts 15,110 people voted on Measure B … a 5% higher turnout than the Council candidates got.  What are your take-aways from those results?”

Democracy works best when citizens actively participate.  So, here is a chance for everyone to participate.


Ron O

Excellent questions, Matt.

One wonders if the council (including Gloria, one of the biggest boosters of DISC) will be encouraging yet another divisive battle, anytime soon.

Maybe they can give it a rest.

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