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County sponsored drive thru flu shot available (free) today!!

Dear Folks,

Someone from the Yolo Health Department sent me this information yesterday p.m. and I am sharing it with you today.

There are a couple of reasons to get the flu shot:

  1.  It helps prevent you from getting the flu and even if you get the flu after taking the flu shot the shot can moderate your symptoms.
  2.  It is free
  3.  You will reduce your risk of contracting a respiratory disease (the flu) while another respiratory disease (the coronavirus) is circulating.  You DON'T want to have both diseases and that is known to be possible!
  4. You will help keep your family and friends ***  safer if you help prevent the flu by getting the shot.

*** Co-workers, the public.... anybody you come in contact with!

Please note that it takes 10-14 days for the flu shot to become fully effective.  It is NOT instant!  If you get exposed to the flu AFTER you get the shot but BEFORE the shot has powered up your immune system, you CAN STILL GET THE FLU.  Plan accordingly, my friends.  I got the flu shot a few weeks ago and I am now immune.  It's NEVER too late as the flu season goes on for months!

So, please check this out and consider going to get the flu shot this afternoon.  I'd arrive early so that you are more likely to get the shot before they run out.



PS  You may notice if you go to the link that this is the last date listed for getting the County provided free flu shot.  I cannot imagine that this is not going to be updated.... given how popular these flu shot fairs has been..... with more dates.  I suggest you ask your County Supervisor about that.  Or Brian Vaughn, the Yolo County Public Health Director:

Brian Vaughn, MPH
Public Health Director
Community Health Branch (Courier #16CH)
Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency
Email: brian.vaughn@yolocounty.org
Phone: (530) 666-8771




Drive thru flu shots tomorrow:



 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

 University Covenant Church
 315 Mace Blvd, Davis
 At the same time/place as the Yolo Food Bank distribution

 Drive-thru site
 Flyer: English | Spanish



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