County sponsored drive thru flu shot available (free) today!!
Hi Grandma, I'm here to celebrate the holidays with you and NO, I did not get the flu shot! Let me give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek!

Finding ways to work together

Celebration-of-abraham-logoThe Celebration of Abraham thanks the Davis-Area Interfaith Religious Leaders Network (DAIR-LN) for offering a ZOOM Interfaith Prayer for a More Perfect Union on Monday, November 2. The service, the night before the national election, featured Davis faith leaders offering reflections, music, and readings for our country and our community. The faith leaders focused on three themes: Be kind. Be strong. Stay together. Our community needed to hear the message and we need to hold the service in our heart as we go forward. For those of you who would like to revisit the service, DAIR-LN has posted the service on their Facebook page. 

To continue efforts to find ways to work together, on behalf of the Celebration of Abraham, I invite you to be part of our interfaith community conversation, as we Celebrate the 18th Annual Celebration of Abraham: “An interfaith perspective on the practice of humility in difficult times.”  on January 31, at 3:00 p.m. With the on-going COVID restrictions, this will be a virtual event, held via Zoom webinar beginning with excellent speakers from the three Abrahamic faiths. We are continuing to work on the format, and we will include a moderated panel where participants can ask questions.

Let’s continue the dialogue among our faith communities! To sign up for updates on the planning, email

Again thank you to DAIR-LN for providing calm and centering the night before the election,

Helen Roland, President

Celebration of Abraham


Eileen Samitz

Thank you ever so much to the Celebration of Abraham group for all of their work to bring people together and being part of the incredible unity of the Davis Interfaith Religious Leaders Network.

Both groups do so much to help so many, and especially to help us though these very difficult times. We in Davis are blessed to have you, so thank you for being there to continue uniting us. It so helps to hear your positive words to keep us all on course. Things can, and need to, get better. We need you now to continue reminding us of that, more than ever.

My sincere appreciation to all of you.

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