Separate dashboards........ huh?
Board of Supervisors Meeting tomorrow a.m.. And is COVID-19 on the agenda?

Is it time to freak out yet?

No, how would that possibly help!

We have been here before...... it is just time to tighten up.  The coronavirus numbers were shooting up too fast all over the State, including Yolo County.  The State is "tapping the breaks"... well, maybe even a little bit more than that.  But it does not mean we should freak out.

You know the things to do personally:  

  1.  Limit your exposure to anyone who may have the coronavirus.
  2.  Wash your hands.
  3.  Get sleep, exercise, and eat properly.
  4.  Be kind to other people.
  5.  Wear the damn mask like a proud American!
  6.  Get tested for the coronavirus and......


I just listened to the emergency press conference of the Santa Clara County Health Department and officials there were saying, "We have been here before, we can do this" and reminding people of the importance of getting the flu shot to avoid complicating your life and our health system with dual viral attacks.  The Santa Clara County Health Department is going to have a Flu Shot Health Fair this Saturday...... and they do not require appointment, physician authorization and they do not charge anything.  (I got my flu shot a few weeks ago as did my Mom...... just sayin').

So, don't freak out.  Be prudent..... and if you have plans to travel for Thanksgiving, cancel them.  It's not worth the risk.... especially when there is a promise of a vaccine ahead and better days.

Take care people and be kind!



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