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Dear Folks,

Good morning.  Hope you enjoyed a restful and rewarding week-end.

In my "environmental scanning" of articles about the pandemic, I came across an interesting piece in the Davis Vanguard recently written by Madison Forwood on/titled  "Healthy Davis Together"  I would recommend this article as it gave a useful review of that program.

One element that particularly caught my eye was the final two paragraphs:

Councilmember Dan Carson stated, “I am particularly excited about the Healthy Davis Together Partners Program, I think you are tapping into downtown and Chamber really well to help in these efforts because not only are they good at communication but they are a trusted source of communication to our local businesses…We are all impressed with the wide variety of things you are undertaking here. I think it’s going to make us a safer community, no question.”

However, Carson also raised a concern, stating, “You are doing so well on the numbers, but I think when I counted it was five or six clicks through websites to try and get to your dashboard and your numbers. The contrast I would give you is the Yolo County Coronavirus website. It’s one click and you are there with all of the numbers. If you could make your numbers easier to navigate, I think it would be helpful to all of you.” 

Here Dan Carson is obviously comparing the apparently less accessible UC Davis Public Facing CV Dashboard to the Yolo County Public Health Department version which is easier to navigate.

Which raises a question for me that has come up over and over:  Why does UC Davis have a separate, distinct, different Public Facing Coronavirus Dashboard at all?  From training and research in public health I know that the organization of data sources, data flows, and data displays can be complicated at the same time that it is very, very important for both communication and decision making purposes.  Especially in the midst of a pandemic!  So, why have two different dashboards with different display and presumably different data management protocols?

Can somebody help me understand why UCD has a SEPARATE public dashboard?



PS  Don't want to miss Carson's positive comment about the Partners Program.  Noted!


Todd Edelman

On one end of the scale of reason, it could be required for all UC campuses. On the other perhaps it's similar to the reason UCD has its own fire department, or transportation entity*. In between... perhaps many students don't know what County they are in. Of course this could be solved with a link to the County website, just as it is with Davis and all the other towns in Yolo.

UC Davis also has a separate testing system for COVID-19 but it is supposed to be available City-wide shortly as part of the "...Together". But then what about Woodland, etc?

*Campus, the City and close-County areas share a transportation network. Unitrans is the de-facto City bus system, and the City has representation on one of its associated committees, and of course subsidizes the service. It's promising that the City and UCD are starting to cooperate more horizontally and openly with the Russell Corridor Project, but I'm so frustrated - as a member of the BTSSC - so far with everything that's preceded this situation. There's never been any kind of meeting between BTSSC and its counterparts at UCD (or the County, for that matter). I only know a couple people because of my personal efforts.

BUT the main problem is that there's a shared network with at three main actors involved, plus Caltrans, plus Capitol Corridor, plus SACOG, and really AQMD too. Ultimately I think the best solution will be to have a single entity in charge of mobility/transportation on campus, the City and near-County areas.

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