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Was it like Don Corleone said in "The Godfather"..... an "offer he cannot refuse"?

Hello Folks,

My dear friend Brian recently got married and when we were chatting for my birthday this week, he invited me over to dinner at his home in Sacramento with his new wife Pennie.  He is a high school buddy and we have had a wonderful friendship ever since our Freshman year in high school when we were both on the Track Team at a Bay Area high school.

So, I was really interested in his invitation.

But I thought.... "Better ask him a couple of questions first".  So, I did.

ME:          Brian, did you or anyone else in the wedding party get sick after your wedding?  

BRIAN:   Not that I know of.  

Hmmm, ok.  that's good news. Sort of.  Kind of qualified, though.  But still, on the positive ledger.

And then,

ME:        Brian, have you gotten tested for the coronavirus?  

BRIAN:  No, dadgumit, I have tried to get tested at my health care provider *** but they say I do not qualify!


ME:        Well, you HAVE gotten the flu shot, haven't you?  That's pretty available now.

BRIAN:  To be honest John, I have not done that before, so no I have not gotten the flu shot this year, but I AM thinking about it.

BOOM!  Knocked me back on my feet.  Here is my dear friend, someone I have been good buddies with for OVER 50 years asking me for a first dinner at his home with his new wife (and I hear she is a good cook!) to celebrate my birthday and I REALLY wanted to go!

So, what did I tell Brian?  (Please note:  Brian knows I am spending a fair amount of time caring for my 91 year old Mother in her condo nearby).

As it turns out, before I had a chance to say anything, Brian withdrew the offer.  He said, "Well, my friend, let's just wait until this coronavirus thing calms down and then we will have you over for that special birthday dinner for you.".

Now, THAT is a friend!  I was so relieved that I did not have to turn him down and disappoint his wife as well.  We'll have time for that dinner in the future, I am sure of it.

Be safe, folks.


PS  Here's the clip from The Godfather:

*** His health care provider is Kaiser, as is mine.  I did get tested at Kaiser in the Bay Area but Brian goes to the Sacramento Kaiser medical facilities.  He has a prior history of heart problems, is "a bit" overweight, and is in the > 65 year age group.  And has had a major social exposure to potential coronavirus (wedding).  Why the hell can't he get tested?  Seems absurd.  Particularly when we know that ~ 50% of the people who get the coronavirus are asymptomatic.  Dang, EVERYBODY should get tested!!



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