"72 Hours to close indoor operations or lose capacity".... financial support available?
6.15% vs 3.7%....... what do these numbers mean?

Why is Napa County doing so much better than Yolo County on the coronavirus "war"?

Dear Folks,

As Yolo County is on the precipice of going in the wrong direction (from the Red Tier to the Purple Tier), we might pause and wonder:  Why is Napa County doing so much better than us?

They are firmly in the Orange Tier.

Well, maybe we can look at the dashboards for each county and see what we can find:

Situation at a Glance (Napa County, population 137,744 as of 2019):  Orange Tier.

Cumulative Cases
Active Cases
New Cases Recovered Deaths Tests Received
32 1879 16
.58 tests per capita.
Situation at a Glance (Yolo County, population of 220,500 as of 2019)  Red Tier, going to Purple.
3423                      N/A                 N/A                      N/A      63       49,809
.26 tests per capita.
Napa has 62% of the population of Yolo County and 25% of the deaths.  And Napa has done FAR more coronavirus tests per capita than Yolo County.  In fact, even though Napa has a smaller population (138k) vs Yolo County (220k), they have done over 80,000 tests vs less than 50,000 in Yolo County.
Maybe the competitive advantage Napa has is that their decisions and actions are more data driven?
Seems like we should look to the other counties that are winners to see what we can emulate rather than other counties that are performing poorly to console ourselves regarding our really quite mediocre results in Yolo County.




Marsha Coupe'

You make some excellent points, John. I would suggest Napa has an older, wealthier, more COVID cautious (because of age) population. They may also have better leadership.

Yolo County, because of the university, has a young, less COVID cautious population; possibly lower standard rest homes and more poverty? Our county seems more extreme than Napa.

I'm new here, speculating aloud.


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