Excellent new video communication from the Yolo County Health Officer, Dr. Aimee Sisson explaining what's what....
No information on contact tracing on the Yolo County COVID-19 Dashboards. Or did I miss it?

A Yolo County business owner expresses concerns about the County's response to CV.......

Dear Folks:

Somebody I know who runs a small business in Davis has been asking me a number of very cogent questions regarding the handling of the Coronavirus in our County.  

Here is what he wrote me a couple of weeks ago:

"So Nov 23 was a bad day for Yolo County, with 108 cases reported. And Davis was not good, with 25 of those. But  as usual, Woodland was by far the highest, with 53 cases.

Has the county health agency just given up? With numbers like that, are they actually looking at Woodland as a 
local hot spot and redirecting resources?

Are they actually making use of these numbers that tell
them where and how many cases are occurring? Or have theyjust given up on contact tracing?"


When I chatted with him a few days ago, he said, "The same questions apply, John!".  And he confirmed that again this morning.

Here is an updated set of numbers he shot over to me this morning..... taken from the Yolo County Coronavirus Dashboard:

Current case numbers and percentages by town in Yolo County as of December 8, 2020:

                            #cases     % of cases

Yolo County         5549        100%

Woodland             2247        40.5%

West Sac               1656         29.8%

Davis                       769          13.9%

Unincorporated    641          11.6%

Winters                   236          4.3 %


What should I tell them in response to their questions (above) ?  "They are on it!".  Or "Don't worry, be happy".  

Or something else?




Robert Canning

I'd start with demographics and health insurance coverage. It's been documented that non-white populations have higher mortality from COVID-19. Here are some data points from the American Community Survey (2018). (Woodland has a few thousand people than Davis, but they are relatively the same size.)

Davis Woodland
Median Age 25.6 35.9
Percent >65 11% 13%
Hispanic 13% 49%
Avg. household size 2.7 2.6
% Health Insurance. 96% 92%

I would also add the average years of education is much higher in Davis.

Overall, I'd say that these demographics alone may be significant determinants of the almost 600 extra deaths listed in the table. Also, age alone is a huge determinant of mortality. Woodland simply has more people in some of the highest risk groups for COVID-19.

Robert Canning

Well, my attempt at a simple table didn't work out too well. In each of the categories I list, the first figure is for Davis and the second is Woodland.

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