The Failure of Measure B Suggests a New Vision Is Needed
So, in Yolo County can you go outside for a walk or not, under the new Health Order?

Is it true that Californians run and hide inside when the temperature goes below 60 degrees?

Dear Friends:

Sometimes it seems like it!  I do a lot of regular walking in both Davis and in the Bay Area and since "Winter" hit, it appears that there are far fewer walkers outside than before.

Maybe people are not really wimpy, maybe it is that they are confused by the requirements of the Health Order from our Yolo County Health Officer, Dr. Aimee Sisson, MD, MPH.

So, I wanted to make sure it was ok to go out walking because in general following the Health Order is a good idea!   With that in mind, I went to the Yolo County Dashboard this morning and clicked on:

Button - Report an issue

Button - Report an issue

which took me to here:

.... which is a page which said "Use the form below to ask a question, tell us your concern, or notify us about someone doing good in our community."

Wow!  I did not know I could notify the County Health Department about someone "doing good" in the community, I thought we were more about telling them when someone was doing something bad.  Maybe that would be under "concern".  But nice to know the County is encouraging us to bring it up when somebody is doing good! We really are all in this together and acknowledging the positive is good for our mental health and to increase good behavior.

So, I filled it out and sent it in and got an answer back shortly.  On a Sunday no less! I will share that answer with you in another blog in a little while.

Meanwhile, please know, the "Ask a question....." service is operated 7 days a week by Yolo County, which already makes me feel good about sending in my property tax payment a day early this week!!




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