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Why do I listen to what Jim Provenza has to say about the coronavirus pandemic?

Want to invest some time and $0.00 taking a Johns Hopkins course about CORONAVIRUS?

Dear Friends,

You may decide that the next two weeks are an ideal time to learn more about the coronavirus.  Face it, we are all stuck with this virus and its impact for a while (read:  months!).  You can choose to ignore, to do basic coping, or dig in and learn some more.

I chose to dig in and learn some more.  Johns Hopkins University, home of the world famous School of Public Health, has been a pioneer in online education in public health for decades.  They have created some high quality, very accessible online courses on the coronavirus which are designed for lay people.  

Yes, that's you, the non-public health expert who is nonetheless smart enough to take an online course on this super important topic. For sure, you can take this course if you have no intention of becoming a Contact Tracer for the Yolo County Health Department.  You can take this course to learn more about CV to help you and your family understand how and why to protect yourselves.  

The cool thing about these public health courses is that:

  1. They are free.
  2. You can start and stop whenever you want. Learn at your own pace.
  3. They are EXTREMELY well done by expert faculty at Hopkins.

How can they offer these courses for free?  Bloomberg Philanthropies is footing the bill.  So, you can take the course for free.

Here is a link to the Contact Tracing course:

And here is the content:


  • Describe the natural history of SARS-CoV-2 , including the infectious period, the presentation of COVID-19, and evidence for how it is transmitted.

  • Define an infectious contact and timeline for public health intervention through contact tracing.

  • Demonstrate the utility of case investigation and contact tracing, identify common barriers, and possible strategies to overcome them.

    Present some ethical considerations around contact tracing, isolation and quarantine.


How do I know this course is good?  I took it.  It is BOX OFFICE!  

Go back and read "What you will learn".... and you will see that they provide you with 100% of the background you need to understand the basics of the coronavirus right up front.  And then they go on to teach you about how contact tracing is supposed to be done.

The duration of the course is 6 hours but I have to confess it took me longer as I kept going back and replaying videos.  It was THAT interesting!

So, folks, here's your chance....... learn more and take charge of your CV response or just sit back and hope it all is a bad dream and will be over soon.  



PS Maybe you can have one of your high school kids or the college student in the family take it first and see how it goes..... and then they can share what they learn with the family! :) 


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