What does an epidemiologist do?
Do you know the "who" in public health in Yolo County?

Yolo County property taxes due to be paid by December 10th without penalty.

Dear Folks:

You didn't forget did you?  

Your property taxes pay for a lot of stuff.... including HELP support the Yolo County Health Department.  Although the reality is that public health in the United States is often funded in a "share" arrangement...... money originates in the Federal Government, then goes to the State Government and then to the County Government.  But all of it comes from YOU... the American tax payer.

So, the "big bucket" of public health funding comes from the Feds.  That's why it has been so devastating to have such confusion about what to do about the coronavirus at the Federal level.  That is where most of the money for public health is supposed to come from.  But that should resolve in a couple of months.  

Meanwhile, local property taxes pay for a lot of things and you can find out general information about property taxes in Yolo County at this County Web Page: https://www.yolocounty.org/general-government/general-government-departments/financial-services/revenues-taxes-fees/property-tax 

The Property Tax Calendar is here: https://www.yolocounty.org/general-government/general-government-departments/assessor/assessment-information/important-dates-for-property-owners

You can pay here: https://www.yolocounty.org/general-government/general-government-departments/financial-services/revenues-taxes-fees/property-tax/pay-property-taxes.

Hope this is helpful to folks.



PS  When you write that check or make that credit card payment, you might want to pause first and ask, "What am I getting for my money when I pay property taxes in Yolo County?"  I submit it is a lot.... but we taxpayers should ALWAYS think about what we are getting and if we are satisfied with those services.  


John Troidl

Hey Folks,

Paid mine today! Funny thing is that the reply came from a sender with the word "Heartland" in their name. Guess that's a processor.

Now, am I getting my money's worth in County services?


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