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Stanford University pivots on bringing first and second year students back to campus for Winter Quarter

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, based on more widespread testing, Stanford University picked up an uptick in cases of Coronavirus among students at their campus in virus plagued Santa Clara County and changed the decision on bringing first and second year students back to campus this week.

"In a message to the campus community dated Saturday, Stanford leaders cited a recent tenfold increase in coronavirus cases per 100,000 county residents as a major reason for the change in plans. In addition, as of Friday, 43 Stanford students had tested positive for COVID-19 since Jan. 2, according to the university."

This announcement makes clear the benefits of more testing..... more data produces more information and ALLOWS individuals, families, communities and institutions to make better decisions.  

Kudos to those who are participating in the testing of residents across the state including Yolo County residents..... but we are still way too low in terms of testing in Yolo County.  As of a look a few minutes ago to the Yolo County Coronavirus Dashboards we have had 80,862 people have been tested AT ANY TIME during the pandemic.  That is less than half of the Yolo County population of ~ 220,000 has ever been tested.  

For the Stanford decision, please see this article in the SF Chronicle:





Nancy Price

Thank you, John and The Davisite for keeping us updated.
I have been impressed with the extremely professional, convenient, easy and quick testing in Davis and timely results, and, therefore, I get tested regularly.

Eileen Samitz


Thanks for this update. And given the uptick in the COVID cases now that more testing is being done, it seems very foolish and premature for UCD to assume that they can open the campus up in the Fall.

In fact, another issue is why is UCD not helping more with addressing the COVID mask and social distancing violations? it is clear that the Davis Police are overwhelmed with the increase in crime, and the increase in cars speeding and reckless driving issues also causing major car accidents lately.

If UCD wants it "Healthy Davis Together" program to make a difference in reducing the spread of COVID, it needs to go beyond the offering local testing to try to push for opening the campus in the Fall. This push to re-open the campus which does not seem wise at at all this point. This is particularly the case since there is far less COVID vaccine available then expected because there was no federal stockpile in reserve as the public was led to believe by the previous Washington administration.

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