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Remembering John Troidl

John TroidlIt is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of John Joseph Troidl.  The Davis Enterprise has the story here.  As regular readers of the Davisite know, John was a passionate defender of public health, whether it was proper protocols and practices for COVID-19 or poor air quality at the Nishi site.  His postings to the Davisite can be viewed here

John had a PhD in public health as well as an MBA, and he also taught public health at several universities.  He was an advocate for Health in All Policies and wanted Davis to adopt it.  He was never afraid to fight the good fight and stand up for what he believed in, but always with a smile and an easygoing manner. 

I will miss him.  I encourage people who knew him to put their remembrances and thoughts in the comments below.


Eileen Samitz

This is such sad news. John was such a good person who did so much to help so many. He was passionate about his work in public health including keeping the public informed on COVID pandemic and how our community could best get through this tough time. He contributed often with helpful and informative articles here on the Davisite. He will be missed by so many of us.


I don't think that we ever met in person, but I know that he was full of the rare - and increasingly precious - rebellious energy of Davis.

Regardless of his faith or lack thereof, I'll offer the common Jewish lamentation "May their memory be a blessing..." to which I add "... as we help spread his good energy throughout the Universe."

Greg Rowe

This is a tragic loss to our community and beyond. I greatly enjoyed reading his articles about COVID-19, which helped motivate me to read 4 books thus far on epidemics and pandemics (most recently Apollo's Arrow - The Profound and Enduring Impact of the Coronavirus on the Way We Live). He will be missed.

Alan Pryor

In addition to his unwavering support and care for his mother and his many contributions to the health of the community as evidenced by his many Davisite postings on COVID safety, John was also a member of the Board of Directors of Davis Oral Health Project for many years. He was always positive, upbeat, and proactive in this role and we will sorely miss his contributions and good nature. Rest in peace, gentle man.

Donna Provenza

I am so sad about John’s passing. He was a good person who cared so much about others. We often shared the challenges we both experienced taking care of our elderly mothers. He was a passionate advocate of public health and contributed so much to our community.
I will really miss him.

Donna Provenza

Laura Johnson

On behalf of the Ruiz Family... we knew not only te professional, but the man, son, brother, brother in law, uncle... he came 53 years ago to Mexico to learn Spanish and since then, he started to be one of the family... one of us...
for ever present in weddings, Christmas, travels, and forever looking out for us. I have posted a memorial video on his Facebook wall, and invite you to see a little of our life with John. He will be deeply missed and forever in our hearts.

Roberta L. Millstein

Thank you for sharing that, Laura. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Steven Lynch

John was a good man, always standing up for community health and equality. He was also passionate about politics, again always representing the disadvantaged. He will be missed.

H Westley Clark

John's absence will be felt. His advocacy was profound. As others have said, he will be missed. And, he will be remembered.

Carmen Nevarez

John had a love of public health, a love of community and a love of fun. I will miss his enthusiasm, spirit and the fact that he was always, a very down to earth, human being.

Steve Schilling

I am in total shock. John was a wonderful friend, a really good person, and a strong believer in the rights of the underserved to care.
I have spent decades visiting with John, most of the time by phone. We enjoyed wonderful and robust conversations about life, public health, and politics.
I worry about his Mom. John was her primary caregiver. I pray for her, and for him.

Albert Lowey-Ball

Deeply shocked and saddened by the untimely passing of my friend and colleague John Troidl. An ongoing presence in my life for more than 42 years, we went through a lot together. In Washington, DC, Virginia and Washington state, on many fronts in the health care arena. Not all victories by any means, but fought the good fight to get access and health care coverage for all Americans. John Troidl, PhD, MBA, was a true pioneer on the design, implementation and operations of Federally Qualified Health Centers, the core of any effort to achieve those goals. John and I worked together on several projects to assure the best results for those in need. And we taught health policy and economics, health planning and marketing, and health care evaluation, at UC Davis, University of San Francisco, University of Santa Clara and Holy Names University. His loyalty, support and care to his mother was and remains the height of compassion and love. His loyalty and support for his Mexican family and his understanding of the language and culture were beyond compare.

Timothy Brown

I am so sad to hear of John's passing. John and I were classmates in Berkeley's PhD program in Health Services and Policy Analysis. John was an amazing individual, with something positive to say about everyone, and always full of encouragement. RIP John. You will be missed.

Mariko Yamada

In this time of extraordinary loss, this one is even more profound. John Joseph Troidl was a great scholar, dedicated teacher, loving son, faithful friend. Thank you, John, for your generous support during all our years fighting for sound public health policies and especially for those whose arc-of-life was nearing the end. Praying for you and your dear Mother.


What a loss! I met John years ago at a conference in Sacramento. I was just out of grad school and he made a point to connect with me and my newly minted colleagues; he had a clear knack with the younger ones in want of some wisdom and perspective. Since, he and I kept in touch -- he could understand my inner New Yorker. And he had a great sense of humor to get us both thought it! He is also one of the ones who gave me great advice when I was considering a career move. I have enjoyed the years and the smiles. You will be missed by many, John!

Donna Pfeiffer

I met John Troidl in 2002 when he worked with us at Tulare Community Health Clinic. He taught me so much about making public health clinics work to better serve the underinsured/uninsured patients who came to us for their health care.

I only learned of his death when the Christmas card I sent was returned. Although we didn't see one another in years we kept in touch through Christmas cards and an occasional email or phone call. I am so sorry that he no longer walks on this earth. He is missed.

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