Letter to the City Council about G St Re-Opening
DISC Traffic Problems and Associated Vehicular Emissions will not be Solved by the Proposed I-80 HOV Lane Expansion nor Near Term Adoption of Electric Vehicles as Proponents Claim

Letter in praise of Anne Ternus-Bellamy

Thank youAs we "two steps forward, one step back" our way out of the pandemic, a number of people have been rightly praised for their contributions to the community. Today I write to thank Anne Ternus-Bellamy for her outstanding coverage of the pandemic. 

She has kept us up to date on all of the latest statistics; explained complicated facts about testing, vaccines, and best pandemic practices; and put that information into local, state, and national contexts.  She has explained a massive amount of information to us in a clear and accessible way. 

Having such a wealth of information available has meant that we could make informed decisions, decisions that may have even saved lives.  It hasn't always been good news, but there is nonetheless a comfort to knowing what is going on. 

I should add that she has found the time to fit in local political coverage as well, coverage that presents different perspectives on controversial issues in a fair and accurate way. 

The Davis Enterprise is lucky to have her and so are we.

Roberta Millstein


Helen Roland Cramer

I second Roberta's acknowledgement Ann Ternus Bellamy her reporting not only on COVIS but other issues in the city has beenexcellent

Daniel Cornford

I agree, Roberta, Anne is a great journalist and we could not ask for more. I have to confess that I had not really noticed her until she wrote a two page article on my future stepson in February 2010. It was really wonderfully written and researched feature, and, though I say it myself, I think it helped him get into Stanford. I have read her carefully ever since. She usually gets assigned the lead/main stories and does a fanastic job every time. One of the main reasons to, if grudgingly, support the DE.

Janet Krovoza

Couldn't agree more. I look for her bylines immediately (and usually there are several), knowing I'll find whatever she writes relevant, factual and well-written. Her research and reporting on the local impacts of the pandemic, especially, have been outstanding.

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