Mercury Contamination in Cache Creek: We Need More Answers
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I truly is amazing to see how many recent days of bad air we have had locally. Days with air that is even MORE toxic than our terrible days during the recent wildfires. The sad part for me is that we are purposefully making our air bad.

We can stop this. And I hope we soon do.

Alan C. Miller

I don't understand this. Is this an article with no text? A chart that is supposed to mean something? Obscure Andy Kaufman style bit?

Todd Edelman

Alan, thanks. See Darell's comment. This a screenshot from Purple Air. Air is polluted mostly by fireplace use and perhaps partly by automobile emissions, facilitated by what seems like some kind of moderate inversion layer with still air.

More subjectively, didn't the air seem much more fresh yesterday than today? It's not illusion, nor marketing.

Alan C. Miller

So everytime there is good to moderate air quality due to an inversion lawyer, it's a Davisite article? Sorry, I'm pro-fireplace and pro-natural gas. Hate me if you wish; call me Satan. Or Stan if you are short on vowels. We can probably agree that burning coal in the fireplace to keep warm is a bad idea.

Todd Edelman

Alan, I am not sure what you mean by "good to moderate". Even going by the EPA's summary at, 58 - in the image above - is at the low end of Moderate.

They define Moderate as "If you are unusually sensitive to particle pollution, consider reducing your activity level or shorten the amount of time you are active outdoors."

To clear the EPA and Purple Air Monitors mostly don't align. But one thing Purple Air does is blend the colors of one state to the next, whereas 49 in Airnow is "Good", though it's only two points from Moderate.

Anyway, right now Airnow says the air quality is Moderate. So if you a human with full rights who is whatever they say is "unusually sensitive" perhaps you shouldn't be outside.

Yolo Solano AQMD on "Don't Light Tonight", the local pretty, pretty please about fireplace burning: "The 78 AQI threshold is mid-range for the ‘moderate’ category on the Air Quality Index. During winter months we frequently experience cold, calm days with stronger inversion layers that lead to a buildup of pollutants at ground level and reduced dispersion. This threshold was determined to be a point at which a significant reduction in wood burning may help keep levels from exceeding the moderate category. "

So when our "unusually sensitive" friends and fellow citizens are out and about - or inside a home with bad air hygiene equipment etc - all the way from 51 to 78 AQI we're not even asked to help them!!

This is a clear sign of collective brain damage, or the people with fireplaces - i.e. almost exclusively homeowners or people who live in houses - are toxic narcissists when they choose to burn anything that might send the AQI over 50. And it almost always does during an inversion layer. The AQMD says it's okay as long as it doesn't get to the level of Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (101 AQI).

Alan C. Miller

I thought you were arguing that things had got worse using the data from a single day. Instead if I hear you, you are arguing that the air district should crack down on fireplaces at lower levels than they do, correct?

Todd Edelman

Alan: YES! Great summary... 'cept that it should be illegal, and from a lower level. Or also make it based on the existence of an inversion. But why is anything more than ZERO acceptable when there are alternatives such as electric fireplaces? My understanding is that new homes of any sort in Davis don't have fireplaces - why should owners or residents of older properties be allowed to pollute?

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