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The Wardrobe's 2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration, 4/22/22, 4-7 PM

2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration (1)(From press release) Clothing tells us the truth about age. In a world where fast fashion is becoming increasingly wasteful and creating a larger carbon footprint, The Wardrobe has been and continues to be focused on promoting slow fashion that is sustainable and long-lasting.

Owner Heather Caswell has generally carried very small clothing lines in her store, focusing on unique clothing that is often made by local designers. Caswell promotes California Chic fashions which are colorful, comfortable, well made, playful but, more importantly, ethically sourced.

She believes that the boutique is both a reflection of her own attitude and of the Davis community where it has been located and reinvented over the past 34 years.

The Wardrobe is now in its 3rd location and has been a regional leader in carrying locally sourced goods. Eighty percent of their inventory is made in North America and a quarter of it is made right here in California. Each year Caswell makes a choice to have a more environmentally conscious business model and reduce the store's carbon footprint.

Some of the practices they follow include using recycled bags and boxes (since day one), switching to LED lights, maintaining HEPA filters, and using natural non-toxic cleaning methods that are proven to make a difference. Every year they try to take another ecologically responsive step forward: last year they stopped using foil printed labels and logos.

The business is also focused on empowering its customers and the community to make smarter environmentally friendly choices, often hosting Earth Day events and promotions to educate its clients and community.

This Friday, April 22nd, The Wardrobe will be hosting their second annual Earth Day Celebration from 4-7 pm. This event will feature live Irish and Scottish music by Paddy on the Binge as well as speakers from 6 to 6:30  pm that will educate the public on climate activism.

There will be several local designers including Pamona Purdy and Rebecca Stein-Wexler.

This year The Wardrobe’s focus is on educating customers on sustainable laundry techniques. Especially with the store’s unique upcycled cashmere clothing line, The Wardrobe is teaching customers how hand-washing sweaters is a great opportunity for customers to learn new environmentally friendly practices. Caswell is excited to offer biodegradable dye-free made-in-the-US clothes soap as part of the store’s inventory in hopes of encouraging others to make the easy switch.

The Wardrobe’s owner Heather Caswell believes that eco-activism needs to also extend to local politics. Last year, she and a group of concerned citizens founded the Davis Community Vision Alliance, to provide wisdom and ecologically-focused leadership for the common good.


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