The Whole Story about DiSC’s Claim of $3.88 Million Net Revenue to the City
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Letter: Growth and Gridlock in Davis

Isn’t there a better way to provide funding for city services than paving over prime agricultural land with an industrial park? We have an internationally recognized agricultural research university and the city is proposing to despoil the very essence of that educational field: the land. The university hasn’t asked for this project or even endorsed it.

I’ve lived in Davis for 37 years and have watched leaders plead again and again for sprawl on our periphery, touting the need for often-delusive revenue to cover unchecked city spending. Like many, I put roots down in Davis because it offered what I desired most, excellent, innovative city planning, strong schools, and a strong city spirit. In the past, Davis was known nationally as a charming small college town with abundant bike paths and lanes, surrounded by farm land and open space.  I left southern California specifically because of regional gridlock and air quality. Why are Davis leaders trying to replicate those problems here?

Are we in a race with other communities to build the most car-centric, traffic-choked developments: Is there something inherently wrong with maintaining  a small community that values its neighborhoods and agricultural roots?  Why don’t city leaders demonstrate some  economic creativity and re-imagine a  government that can sustain itself without gobbling up all the open space that surrounds it.  Or shall we let regional developers dictate our future?

The commuter gridlock that has already invaded East and South Davis is spreading throughout the city. Is this to be our future?  Besides death and taxes, it’s the one sure thing that will happen if the proposed development, Measure H, passes. Yes, ‘more cars are coming anyway’ as a result of the ‘Waze’ traffic app. Why make that worse by adding another 12,000 car trips to the mix?

 Please help maintain the current quality of our city and vote No on Measure H.

C.H. Pickett



I agree with everything the author submitted here. The author also made a good point, so far the focus has been on the added traffic to the MACE MESS. But the entire town will see added traffic spreading throughout the city. So don't think it's not your problem if you don't live in east or south Davis. Think twice before you buy into much of the hype coming from the developer.

Darell Dickey

Along those lines.... the school district seems to be in favor of DiSC because of the prospect of new students living there. The district would be paid more money for those students, and money seems to be the only thing that most folks see in this. Of course the district (not to mention the city itself of course) would also incur expenses, but that rarely matters.

The issue that I have with new students living at this location is that it is about the worst physical location for any student to live in the city of Davis. From K through college. With the possible exception of the few years attending Harper Jr. High, those students will be driven, or will drive themselves to school and back. There is nothing "innovative" about building a new project that produces ever-more motor vehicle trips in our city.

Susan Rainier, AIA, LEED BD+C, LFA

Well said C.H. Pickett. Davis City Council is not progressive. They do not even follow the general plan. They are ruled by greed, bringing in developers who do not care about the environment. Even when Davis has invited global speakers to the City Hall Chambers to speak of the new trends in city growth - it seems to go in one ear and out the other. There is no reason for development outside of the city limits. Global best practices are to densify within the existing city, repurpose existing architecture and improve the core, maximizing pedestrian walkways and safe bike travel.
The "green" features proposed by H-yes are outright green-washing and absolutely will NOT make the Mace traffic better - it will only be made worse because until I-80 is fixed it cannot flow. This is an ill-fated project and needs to be rejected. Please don't allow your hard earned money to be used via ever higher property taxes for this kind of backward, unsustainable blight. DISC IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!


The "No on H" campaign needs to pound the traffic issue. That's what resonates with Davis voters.


42 year resident of Davis. I agree grow in, not out. Pretty simple concept. Or soon we we be Fair-vaca- dixo-davi-west sacramento Town. The Bay Area has a chance to build high density housing around the BART transit system. Let that be a more ecological model for housing here in North-Central California.
Davis should never be allowed to become a sprawling bedroom suburb for rich and greedy technocrats.

Roberta L. Millstein

Great comment, JCooper. Amen.

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