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Sierra Club Endorses Juliette Beck for Yolo County Supervisor District 2

Beck(From press release) After an extensive evaluation process by the Management Committee of the local Sierra Club Yolano Group, the Sierra Club Mother Lode Chapter Political and Executive Committees, and the Sierra Club Northern California Political Review Committee, the Sierra Club Yolano Group is pleased to announce the Sierra Club's official endorsement of Juliette Beck for Yolo County Supervisor District 2.

We were convinced of our choice based on Ms. Beck's extensive and demonstrable commitment to environmental and social justice and her unwavering support for a just transition when addressing the impacts of climate change on the least fortunate of our citizens. Ms. Beck's  platform embraces a progressive, humane, and evidence-based approach which gives voice to historically marginalized citizens which aligns with the core beliefs of the Sierra Club.

Why we are endorsing Juliette Beck for Yolo County District 2 Supervisor

Juliette Beck is running to be the first woman elected to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors since 2006. Beck believes that with transformative climate leadership, youth empowerment, and a laser focus on health and community well-being, the county can build an inclusive economy and truly sustainable communities.

As a mother, raising a fifth-generation Central Valley family with her husband Nick, Beck believes we can not simply hope that things will get better. She is running for Supervisor to create systemic change with opportunities for all Yolo County residents – especially children – to thrive.

Her platform is based on the indigenous concept of “buen vivir” - to live well is to live in harmony with all of life.

Climate Leadership

California is in the worst drought in 1,200 years. Last summer, 150 wells dried up in Yolo County and farmers scrambled to save their crops. The warning signs are all around us. Our once stable climate is breaking down. As an innovative, climate champion with thirty years of experience tackling systemic inequality and environmental injustice, Beck will implement bold and pragmatic solutions to rapidly transition our county off fossil fuels.

Health and Community Well-Being

The pandemic revealed deep disparities in our society and will have a long-term impact on our collective well-being. Many are still picking up the pieces of shattered lives.  As County Supervisor Beck states“I will bring to the county a holistic approach that soundly embraces transparency and openness and opportunities for all of our residents.”

Youth Empowerment

Young people have a much better understanding of what is at stake if we don’t act quickly to change the system. They are at the forefront of fighting, organizing, strategizing, mobilizing for a livable planet for all of us. As County Supervisor, Beck will support and empower young people to have a direct voice in shaping their future.

Environmental Protection

Juliette Beck has opposed the newly approved Teichert Mining open pit aggregate mine off Cache Creek west of Woodland. The Sierra Club has initiated a lawsuit challenging the certification of the EIR and granting of 30-year entitlements. Additionally, she ardently opposes Measure H in Davis and the DiSC industrial development on 100 acres of prime farmland east of Davis. The Sierra Club has endorsed No on Measure H.

Beck is also endorsed by the Dolores Huerta Democratic Club; County Board of Education Trustee Melissa Moreno; Native Californian Naturalist and Educator Diana Almendariz; Former City of Davis Mayor Michael Corbett; City of Davis Tree Commissioner Larry Guenther, Human Rights Advocate and Co-Founder of Yolo People Power Francesca Wright; Yolo Climate Action Commissioner Adelita Serena; UC Davis Sunrise Climate Leader Marlen Garcia; and the youth-led Climate Strike Davis movement; among many others.


For these reasons, we ask you to join us and vote for Juliette Beck for Yolo Co. Supervisor District 2.

For more information, contact Alan Pryor, 916-996-4811, sierraclubyolanogroup@gmail.com or Marlen Garcia, 530-902-8407, marlen@electbeck.org


Please help elect Juliette Beck for Yolo County District 2 Supervisor on June 7.

PLEASE VOTE! If you have a mail-in ballot, check Beck for Yolo County Supervisor for District 2 and mail it.

To donate to the Beck for Supervisor campaign, click HERE – Or go to https://electbeck.org/


Nancy Price

Wonderful news that the Sierra Club Yolano Group has endorsed Juliette Beck for
Yolo County Supervisor District 2.

As the endorsement statement makes so clear, Juliette has the vision, the practical experience, and the commitment to transformative change we need over the next years in the county so we can actually realize the concept of
"buen vivir" - to live well ...in harmony with all of life.

I have known Juliette for twenty-plus years and was thrilled when she and Nick decided to settle in Davis more than ten years ago. Now it's time in Yolo County to have a women on the Board of Supervisors...there has not been one since 2006.

Please vote for Juliette and I invite you to donate to her campaign at: https://electbeck.org/

Susan Rainier

I will definitely vote for Juliette, we need a woman supervisor and she will be the best !

Ron O

I don't see why anyone would vote for someone based upon gender/sex, skin color, etc. Even if the entire board is "homogeneous" (which isn't the case).

The sooner this type of "reasoning" comes to an end, the better. It's actually sexist (and in the case of skin color, racist). Look no further than the Davis school board recall, to see an example of the latter.

Having said that, I hope this candidate beats Lucas, or at least makes a good showing against him.

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