Open Letter to City Council on CC Agenda Item 4: Update on Healthy Davis Together
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An Open Letter to South Davis on Issues at Pacifico (January 2021, recycled)

Today the D. Vanguard recycled some old content from January 2021 in a 'new' article "Commentary: Long Troubled by Some of the Comments on Pacifico" and sprinkled in some recent content from an Anti-NIMBY Council-meeting public comment.

I, too, am disgusted by some of the comments on Pacifico, but the comments I find twisted are the opposite comments Greenwald is troubled by -- those by David Greenwald, Georgina Valencia and some much-DV-recycled comments by Gloria Partida . . . and the rest of the Usual Suspects of the "Anti-NIMBY" crowd.

My position remains immortalized in the following letter:

An Open Letter to South Davis (January 2021)

Hello South Davis,

I don’t live in South Davis, but I’m looking at District 3 100’ away out my window.

I share your problems and your concerns. There is a spot 200’ from my house where drug addicts / drug dealers / thieves camp outdoors. This is not a homeless encampment, it is a revolving crime den. In Spring 2020 I had three scary men on meth (I believe) approach me late at night and one threw rocks at me. There were numerous incidents of mental health outbursts. I slept little for two months as these people were up all night.

Our neighborhood mostly solved the problem *this time* eventually by having meetings with both the Police Chief and his Lieutenant, and relentlessly pestering the City Council. That took two months.

Your problems I have heard regarding Pacifico are similar, and thankfully also seem better but not solved. I am here with you in unity. We cannot participate in these issues only when the problem is next to us. We must support other Davis residents who have similar problems, as the problem is bigger than Pacifico, and bigger than the location next to me.

God Bless the people who are helping the truly homeless population that are in need. Those who spoke today on that are I believe sincere. However, the problem is not the needy, but the criminals. We cannot conflate these.

There have been times when residents, and subtly even our leaders, have shamed “the homed” for being “privileged” and not being sensitive to those in need. These are separate issues. We must recognize the needs of the truly homeless. We must also recognize that there is no shame in having a home and a roof over our heads, nor the need to protect our families and yes, our things.

When people talk of drug dealers and thieves, they are not talking about the needy homeless; we must not conflate the two as a rhetorical trick. We must recognize and acknowledge that shaming the ‘other’ and demonizing those with homes, and those without homes, will not result in constructive resolution. We must recognize the needs of all parties as legitimate. Except for criminals, they ‘need’ to be removed.

Alan C. Miller is a resident of Old East Davis


Ron O

I wasn't planning to post this latest comment (that the Vanguard declined to post) on the Davisite. However, since Alan's article addresses the same Vanguard article, I'll go ahead and post the deleted (unposted) comment, here:

Ron O June 17, 2022 at 9:03 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Keith E., quoting David Greenwald (and responding to it): “Troubled by some comments”…….the problem is that passionate social activists believe in the righteousness of their cause/work to a degree that it trumps common social sense."

My response: I’m glad that you brought this up.

These kind of statements (and the sentiments behind them) are also used to denigrate others, while claiming to hold the “moral high ground”. In other words, it’s a flat-out negative “judgement” regarding others, rather than an acknowledgement and exploration of a different view.

This type of outright dismissal also fails to explore the depth of other views regarding the broader issue(s). Such dismissals are at the heart of political discord (and sometimes, outright hostility toward others with different points of view).

Coming from the side (or at least, the “self-perceived side”) that claims to be more tolerant in the first place.

Alan C. Miller

" . . . my comment below (which appeared to briefly posted on the Vanguard - before it was deleted.)"

I cannot even fathom what sort of dystopian dynamic degradation could cause this sort of magnificent manifest meltdown. I am a moderator, of sorts, now. It's not that hard. You look for stuff that goes against the rules, and if there isn't anything, you post it. Simple. So far I have deleted zero posts. Simple.

So like you post something . . . and you have a change of heart? . . . or someone else on your "team" (cough, chortle, vomit) calls you and chastises or shames you into taking it down? What a hell hole of horrors to spend ones time in. Why Would Wun?


"So DG's solution to yhe dramatic change is 'let's accelerate the change' !!! That will bring back the bandstand, the bicycles, the wagons, the barefoot kids, the fishing poles. :-|"

But what about the windmills, overhead gliders and paddle boarders floating down the DiSC stream?

Alan C. Miller

" I would comment on this but why? Anything I write wouldn’t have much of a chance of getting posted because my views don’t align with the censors that run this blog or someone might feel offended by alternate thoughts. So why waste my time? "

You mean there are people running a local blog who are such cowards that they don't publish alternative viewpoints on a regular basis?

How UnAmerican!!!


"(Your entire 7:49 a.m. comment is a gain for the Davisite, and a loss for the Vanguard. You do have a knack for that type of writing.)"

Agreed, the Vanguard's comment section used to be somewhat lively and interesting but now it's as exciting as a grandma's quilting bee.

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