Welcome to Al's Corner - "Pouring Gasoline on the Dumpster Fire of Davis Politics" - Volume #4
Davis Pride festivities shine this weekend

Don't forget to vote!

I-votedToday (Tues, June 7) is the last day to vote! Polls close at 8 PM.

Easiest way to vote is with a drop box.  Just vote, put your ballot in your envelope, seal your envelope, SIGN your envelope, and drop it in the box.

  • Outdoor boxes:
    • Davis City Hall, 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis
    • UC Davis Campus, 282 Tennis Court Lane, Davis
  • Indoor boxes:
    • Nugget Markets, 409 Mace Boulevard, Davis
    • Nugget Markets, 1414 E Covell Boulevard, Davis

If you need in-person assistance, our election-day voting centers are:

  • Veterans Memorial Center - Multipurpose Room, 203 E 14th Street, Davis.
  • UC Davis ARC - Ballroom A & B, 760 Orchard Road, Davis
  • Montgomery Elementary School - Multipurpose Room, 1441 Danbury Street, Davis
  • Emerson Junior High School - Multipurpose Room, 2121 Calaveras Avenue, Davis

My votes:

  • Measure H (the DiSC industrial project): NO
  • Yolo County Supervisor, District 2: Juliette Beck
  • Yolo County District Attorney: Cynthia Rodriguez
  • Yolo County Sheriff: Tom Lopez
  • U.S. Congress: Andrew Engdahl

But even if you don't vote like me, please vote!



I find it both interesting and refreshing to see "today is the last day to vote." Because it wasn't long ago that today was the ONLY day to vote. We even called it "election day" or something silly. Imagine that... we used to force everybody to scramble around and figure out how to fit all their voting into a single day.

Roberta L. Millstein

Agreed, Darell! And I love the drop boxes. It feels so much more secure than putting things out in the mail, and you can even sign up to be notified when your ballot is received. Cool stuff.

Alan C. Miller

Helpful. More helpful than the voter guide.

Vote early. Vote often. Vote NO on Carson.

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