NO on Carson (Letter to Editor, Davis Enterprise, June 3rd, 2022)
Letter: Where’s the Water? NO on H!

Letter: Not buying DiSC

I knew this Yes on H campaign was off to an ignominious start when I started receiving phone calls.  A lot of phone calls. All seeking my opinion.  Developers care about my thoughts? Not likely.  When you get THAT many phone calls, you know the pockets pushing a project are deep, aggressive, and expect to make a lot of money. They don’t like anyone getting in their way.  Then a sitting city Davis city council member, who heads the Yes on H campaign, sued the opposition with the apparent intent of snuffing out dissenting voices.  This lawsuit against the No on H folks felt Trump inspired: sic lawyers on any opposition and financially drain them into submission. That’ll teach ’em to speak up!

The Yes on H folks are trying to create the illusion that this enormous industrial development will attract people seeking nature.  This project is simultaneously being billed as helping solve the housing crisis in Davis (it won’t), helping endangered species (by paving almost 100 of acres of land, I guess) and solving climate change (because some people may take the bus or bike out there). Their “transit plaza” is …a bus stop. See how easy solving world climate change was! All solved with a single development!  Wow.  I guess mentioning “world peace” was too much of a stretch, even for them. Maybe next time, after they’ve had their way with Davis, they’ll say that their NEXT mega development will solve the Middle East Crisis.

When they expect over 2,500 employees working at site, yet only 460 housing units (with no guarantee that residents in the development are actually working at the site) … then … well, it’s not going to be an environmental utopia, no matter the grand the promises.  No solving the Climate Crisis.  No world peace either, I guess.

Davis needs to vote no on this project before the project leaders shut down any more voices that they don’t like with their lawyers.

Liz Reay 



Donna Lemongello

You sure nailed this one Liz. Right on!

Karen L Baker

My thoughts exactly! The paddle boarder in the Yes on H literature was truly ludicrous. As if there is a river or lake in this industrial/hotel/conference center development. I'm particularly offended by the idea that a distribution center and warehouse is going to somehow "help" Burrowing Owls "improve" their habitat.

Greenwashing, gaslighting, and spreading around a lot of money(to make a lot of money) is the core aim of this campaign. VOTE NO ON H!


The portmanteau ENVIROTOPIA springs to mind.

Todd Edelman

Darell: More like LIETOPIA

Roberta L. Millstein

Liz, pointed and spot on. I love it.


“This lawsuit against the No on H folks felt Trump inspired: sic lawyers on any opposition and financially drain them into submission. That’ll teach ’em to speak up!”

I agree with most of this letter except for the above passage. Trump has been attacked and sued by multiple people, Congress and organizations and has had to pay up in order to defend himself. So if anything Trump is more like the No on H side.

Elizabeth Reay

Dear Keith: If you are someone who genuinely sympathizes with Trump and his henchmen, perhaps you would better enjoy living in Florida, where another wannabe dictator is flexing his autocracy muscles.


Dearest Liz, I happen to like where I live so I’m not moving anywhere. I’m not a big Trump fan either, but looking where Biden and the democrats have taken us with high inflation, high gas prices and a faltering economy with a recession on the horizen Trump might’ve been better for the country. But Trump hasn’t been President for over a year and a half now. Time to maybe move on from the Trump hate, don’t you agree?

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