Letter: Not buying DiSC
Community Leaders Urge – Vote "No" on Measure H

Letter: Where’s the Water? NO on H!

Measure H is a rare opportunity for us, as individuals, to choose what is good for the many over what is good for the few.  The NO on H arguments focus on verifiable negative impacts of the proposed DISC development such as increased traffic and paving over of prime agricultural land, while the Yes side claims that, if all goes as advertised, the city will benefit financially.

No matter which arguments you believe or favor, there is one overarching reason to vote NO on H – WATER.  The City of Davis, indeed the entire state, is in the throes of a severe, worsening drought.   Davis receives surface water from the Sacramento River and well(or ground-)water pumped from aquifers beneath the city.  Our surface water supply is limited by finite, maximum water “rights,” which in turn are dependent on upstream reservoir levels and snowpack, both of which are far below normal, and pumping huge volumes of water, especially from the deep aquifers, is unsustainable. 

The agricultural land on which DISC would be built currently receives NO water from the city of Davis – NONE.  And, as ag land, it can be fallowed if necessary.  BUT, if Measure H passes, that 100-plus acres of land will be annexed into the City and connected – permanently - to our city water infrastructure, thus creating a new drain on our already-limited water supply.  And, if water is like any other commodity, even as we conserve more as a community, the demands of DISC and already-approved projects will lead to increased water rates.

But fear not, our city leaders have not forgotten us.  Even as they are campaigning for Measure H, they are planning to educate us with a new “messaging” slogan: “No doubt, We’re in a Drought!”  

Seriously folks, a few people could make a pile of money if H passes, and the City might benefit financially, but I believe we need to help the many by voting NO on Measure H.

Rick Entrikin


Donna Lemongello

And thinking the city will benefit financially is a pipe dream anyway. It's a vicious cycle.


Good point, the city telling its citizens to conserve water while its leaders are promoting a large development that will consume much more water. Vote NO on H.

Alan C. Miller

We can use David Greenwald-ish logic here: 'well, if it isn't built here, it's gonna be built somewhere else, and use water there!' -- a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

barbara ruhmann

Re Alan's comment using David Greenwald-ish logic -



>> It's a vicious cycle <<

I think of it more as a pyramid scheme. Seems more diplomatic that way. :-)

Ron O

There is a fundamental "disconnect" between many elected officials, vs. the populace (regarding growth and development issues). You can see it at the statewide level, as well.

Water supply is also an issue regarding the massive new development south of Highway 50 in Folsom, which was approved despite such concerns.

Look at what's happening Lake Powell and Lake Mead, which serves the Vegas area. Sunken boats are re-emerging, docks are no longer usable.

Does anyone believe for a moment that this will cause officials there to rethink their plans for more development, as the climate continues to change?

Not to mention the loss of hydroelectric power.


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