Opposition to Measure H from Davis's Environmental Recognition Award Recipient
Letter: Not buying DiSC

NO on Carson (Letter to Editor, Davis Enterprise, June 3rd, 2022)

Campaigners are often so set in the righteousness of their views that they forget that the only people they need to convince are those few in the middle weighing both sides. Carson changed my vote on Measure H.

I see both advantages and consequences to building DiSC; my main issue was infrastructure, specifically the bike under-crossing. I was torn but until recently decided to cross the 50-yard line in support of the project, based on the developer's commitment to build the bike/ped tunnel (though I was getting concerned as some pointed out the wording in the agreement could allow the 'commitment' to be pushed off indefinitely).

Then Carson became the head of the committee to support the project he just voted to put on the ballot, as a coucil-member. I'm fine with council-members having opinions and speaking out, but I don't ever want to see such an intimate relationship between a party of interest and a politician, even if technically legal. Honestly, I may never have noticed, had Carson not chosen to become the developer’s proxy to sue Davis citizens over a ballot argument. Yes, the ‘No’ ballot argument is outrageous; also outrageous is the developer’s ‘Yes’ ballot argument, lawn signs, etc. That's the nature of ballot arguments!

Loss of political integrity on this scale trumps mere issues and must not be tolerated. I will not only vote No on H, but likely permanently against this piece of land and this developer. I will also get my exercise this fall by walking the streets of West Davis in support of Carson's replacement.

Vote NO on Carson.

Alan C. Miller


Les Portello

The decision by the Yolo County LAFCO on May 26th to approve the DISC site within the City"s sphere of influence and ignore it's statutory directive to insure orderly growth and the preservation of agricultural lands, is really disturbing. The fact that a tax-sharing agreement between the City and the County became a major factor in gaining unanimous approval does not reflect well on the LAFCO representatives. How much clearer could a picture of leapfrogging be than in this case? LAFCO truly is laughably. Money is king?

Crilly Butler

Carson is a disgrace, both politically and personally. Though I am a firm supporter of a "No on H" vote, for reasons to numerous to mention (and they all have been elsewhere), I agree with you that Carson shames his position on the city council not only for his advocacy, but his willingness to stoop to any level to win.


I think the only question is why hasn’t there been more of a blowback over Carson’s actions than has taken place so far? Maybe it will be shown in election numbers, both against DISC and Carson.

Colin Walsh

I think the question with Carson is where did his council duties end and his participation as an advocate for the project begin. I suspect there is no line between the two. An advocate for the development is the wrong person to represent the City in negotiating the contract between the City and the developer and the development agreement reads as though the city was under represented. The document is full of loopholes and lax language that will allow the developer to walk away from many of their commitments.

Elizabeth Reay

When a person who says he represents "the people of Davis" ends up representing only himself, a cadre of lawyers who sue anyone who speaks out against him, and a developer, then that person needs to exit local politics entirely and go jump into the Trump camp. Seems like Carson is the perfect Trump operative...just not in Davis please. Go away.

Alan C. Miller

Re: Elizabeth Reay comment 10:18am

I agree with your comment 100% up through the word "entirely". Then you go off into calling Carson a 'perfect Trump operative' ? I'm no fan of Trump, or Carson, but how in the H-E-double-L did you make that leap?


What? Trump invoked into Measure H politics again? I never knew Trump had that much reach. Even after being out of office for a year and a half.

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