Ramco Enterprises spends over $600,000 to date on Yes on H campaign
NO on Carson (Letter to Editor, Davis Enterprise, June 3rd, 2022)

Opposition to Measure H from Davis's Environmental Recognition Award Recipient

Eliot Larson, Climate Strike Leader
Eliot Larson, Climate Strike Leader

Dear City Council members, Mayor Partida and other local leaders,

Last month (April of 2022) you presented me with a special environmental recognition award to which I had very mixed feelings about. On the one hand, it felt good to be recognized for the work I do as a youth climate activist but on the other hand it felt like all of you were just trying to cover up our inactions.

Today, I got a pamphlet in the mail for yes on Measure H. I wanted to be open minded and see the points that yes on H stated. As I looked over the pamphlet I was horrified to see the seemingly endless list of people who have signed onto this measure, most of whom I know; the mayor of Davis, as well as many former mayors, Dan Carson, Lucus Frerichs; the list went on. I saw only half truths and mostly lies about what this project will bring to the community.

I know a lot of people here in Davis feel very strongly about this measure and I admit that I am one of those people. I cannot stand to think of another part of our beautiful Mother Earth being paved over and hundreds of wild animals losing more of their land. We need to remember that this is not our land and we have no right to destroy it. I will not stand for more agricultural land being taken and Davis becoming an even bigger and more politicized city.

I did not want this letter to be all about measure H. No, I want it to be about how disappointed I am in the leaders of my community who claim they want to save the Earth and make Davis a more affordable and safe community. Davis will not be affordable or safe if humans build on every bit of the land they can and climate change destroys the rest.

Now, to the leaders of this community who have signed onto this destructive project, I am disappointed in you. Is that what you wanted? Did you really want a 15 year old queer kid to have fight the rest of their life for climate justice because you didn’t step up and do the right thing? You have no right to be leading this community unless you are capable of caring for its children and that includes fighting for their futures. Think about that for a moment. And maybe, if any of you have any conscience, you will reach out to me about how we can start taking steps towards a livable future.

Eliot Larson


catherine L portman

Most Courageous Eliot! I admire your willingness to call out electeds who talk out of both sides of their mouth. On one side they pander (to get re-elected) to the majority public opinion to slow climate change and protect the environment, but the other side of their mouth, the louder side, they endorse and promote efforts contributing to global warming and paving every square inch of Mother Earth to bump up the bank accounts of wealthy developers. Remember their names, Eliot! You can remind voters of their violations against Earth Mother. Campaign and vote against them. Put them out of office. Put your passion to work hard against them so they don't continue in offices where they can do more damage. BTW: Juliette Beck is running against Lucas Frerichs for County Supervisor. You could get started right away! And please get in touch when YOU run for City Council. The Council could use more members who speak with one mouth and actions are consistent with what they say.

Dan Cornford

Great comments and observations from both Eliot and Catherine. So many people, even those opposed to H, miss the larger points: For many years now our CC has been dominated by a 5-0 majority that shamelessly pushes all growth measures regardless of their impacts.

And, yet the masquerade as environmentalists given Davis's longstanding reputation an advanced green community--a reputation that Davis earned almost two decades ago thanks to CC members who really were dedicated environmentalists, but NOT NIMBYS. Poor Julie Partansky must be rolling in her grave!

It is bad enough here, and going to get worse, but if you want to see how bad it can get look at another community that once had an equally green reputation: Berkeley. In an already very crowded and packed city (I lived there 1980-2000), there are MASSIVE developments occurring all over the city including 11 & 14 story high rises. And UCB is contemplating (and advocating) something far higher for the site of People’s Park

For some idea of the scope of this go to:



For an excellent non-paywalled source, go to the website of Berkeleyside:


The irony is that, as in Davis, citizens who want reasonable and planned growth (and curbs on the relentesss enrollment expansion of UC) are having serious problems recruiting people to oust some of the growth at all costs CC members.

I know that from a friend who lives there and who is very active, and was on the CC for eight years in the 1990s. She, BTW lives in a tiny run down one bedroom Coop room with her partner.

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