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Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: Monday Morning Thoughtless

"Monday Morning Thoughts: A Look at the Key Yolo County Races"

By David M. Greenwald Executive Editor Davis, CA – "Tomorrow is Election Day. I could be wrong, but . . . "

And that was as far as I needed to read.


I see the Vanguard posted an article today injecting racism into the Measure H conversation.

George Galamba

So, I was watching the city council a few meetings ago, and a commenter complained that he reported a bike theft taking place to the police, and was told to contact his insurance company or something like that. Of course the council can't discuss items from public comment, but if I recall correctly, Partida told him to bring his complaint to the police. WTF! You have a concern about the police, and you're told to report it to the police? Clearly they guy had already done that. The real message here is, "Don't bother us with your problems." Just an observation.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: Measure H – Civility and Equity in Campaigning (Davis Vanguard 6/6/22)

Congressman Thompson . . . noted his support for Measure H,

OK . . .

but acknowledged that both Yes and No sides agree on most issues.

They do?

He was closing his speech on his colleague, the late Congressman John Lewis, who was nearly beaten to death fighting for voting rights, when it happened—a White No on H protester shouted “Okay, Boomer!”

A WHITE No on H Protester! Oh my God, they were white.

The Congressman, and myself, were visibly surprised at this offensive and obscenely disrespectful retort,

Disrespectful, yes. Obscenely so? How much of your judgement of this being obscene has to do with the fact that you are for Measure H? Would a Yessie shouting 'OK Boomer' have also been 'obscene' ?

especially from a fellow Aggie.

Wait, what? There are students against Measure H? First I'd heard.

Unfortunately, as someone working with the Yes on H team, this insensitivity is not new.

Really . . . How do you feel about Dan Carson suing citizens of Davis? Some of us find that obscene. And I used to be on the Yessie side, until Carson did his thang. You might, as a Yessie, consider that Carson obscenely pooched your campaign.

It is not a coincidence that the No on H side tells me I am uneducated and misinformed when I table at the Farmers Market,

The No on H SIDE tells you you are 'uneducated and misinformed' ? The entire SIDE? I can believe some d*ckwad may have said that, as the world is full of d*ckwads, but let's not extrapolate that an entire SIDE is saying such obscene things to you, and yes, those are obscene things to say.

NJ Mvondo, Chair of the Human Relations and Yolo County Climate Action Commissions, and I, a UC Davis Political Science graduate, are not uneducated or uninformed on politics.

I believe you.

This predictably does not happen when a White person tables with us.

Wait, what? You are saying an entire SIDE is doing this, so by extension, the entire SIDE of 'No on H' is racist? Please tell me that is not what you are implying.

And . . . Wait, what? People capitalize 'white' now too? I thought only 'black' is capitalized now. I can't keep up. I must be a boomer.

Measure H provides opportunities in a town where most people, especially homeowners, are White.

Like much of the US. Not sure why you are ragging on Davis. Is your issue with Measure J?

unlike most renters and students.

Many of whom are 'white'. Why are all these white people trying to keep white people from having more housing opportunities?

The No on H efforts are the same people suing nearly every housing project this decade,

Considering only a couple of people have sued, and over half the town, tens-of-thousands of people, tanked the last proposal at that site, I'd say it's not 'the same people'. You have a way of extrapolating what a couple of people do out to an entire larger group -- a SIDE, or more than half the city.

That coalition against new jobs and housing is unsurprisingly overwhelmingly White.

I've noticed most of the pictures of people on the Yes on H campaign fliers are pretty damned light-skinned as well.

While “kindness is everything” signs are displayed across Davis,

What is a "kindness is everything" sign? I probably don't know because I'm a Boomer.

the No on H side does not support those values we claim we welcome to our community.

OK, not a boomer.

Todd Edelman

Two of the political mailings I received this week. Both Yes on H.:


The first on the "Transportation Improvements" theme shows bike, ped and road improvements in many places where as I understand it nothing is even implied in any formal agreement, including:

* All the way up Mace to Covell and to the west, off the map

* All the way on Mace across I-80 and then on Chiles in both directions

It uses the same vague graphic representation for things that are promised in some form/to some partial level like the crossing of Mace north of Alhambra with things for which there is no supporting documentation at all.


A different matter within the campaign, a more general Yes on H mailer focusing on Endorsements. This includes the "Davis City Council" as an entity with a logo, NOT e.g. just text "all five members of Council" etc. It is my understanding that the City Council as such, as a single entity, did not and cannot endorse this. I am not familiar with the logo - was it created just for this campaign? I could not find the logo anywhere. When the City Council members do some official correspondence as Council members, don't they just use the City of Davis logo?

Colin Walsh

I was at the rally and I found Congressman Thompson's use of the attack at the Edmund Pettus bridge as an arguement for why people should vote in favor of an industrial complex while people waved Yes on H signs behind him absolutely to be absolutely appalling.

I am surprised Craigin - one of the people responsible for nasty defamatory attacks on me personally in the past - waited this long to call the No on H campaign racists.

Ron O

Colin: The following quote is from David Greenwald's free Vanguard newsletter, after the Thompson rally. (Still not sure why a Congressperson is even weighing-in regarding DiSC in the first place.)

Some may not have heard it, but I was right next to her and it was offensive. No place for that. I’ll let it go at that.

I guess he and the Vanguard decided to not "let it go at that", after all.

Pretty pathetic for DiSC to be basing its campaign on this, at this point. Especially after the DiSC team and their council-member ally decided to personally sue citizens.

Alan C. Miller

Ron O.: (Still not sure why a Congressperson is even weighing-in regarding DiSC in the first place.)

Well, according to some, you can only weigh in on Davis issues if you LIVE in Davis. So, I'm assuming Congressman Thompson lives in Davis. Right?

Todd Edelman

As a response to the death by garbage truck of Tris Yasay on campus late last month as she cycled to class, and as a kind of "pre-crime" - referring to the film "Minority Report" and that everything I propose in the Vanguard that can have great positive effects on efficiency, joy and safety in the transportation context is ridiculed - I hereby propose a solution for garbage (compost and recycling) extraction for UCD campus:
1) Program of large trucks taking stuff the County Landfill is slowly phased out.
2) Small EV trucks configured for waste etc haulage are gradually phased in. They are powered by 100% renewable energy.
3) These trucks - probably with some interim-staging area on campus, probably the current parking lot between 1st and Old Davis Rd - load up a self-propelled rail vehicle with trailers of the necessary capacity that make use of a new low cost very low speed rail track laid down on top of 1st Street that connects like a spur to the existing rail track that heads north towards Woodland. The vehicles can be daisy-chained together electronically and staffed by a very small crew when so-chained. When in this configuration they travel at very slow speed. They drive manually at normal safe campus speeds to the staging area.
4a) A short spur is constructed on ag land where the rail track meets Willow Slough, and from there the e-flotilla goes down one of the ag roads towards the Landfill (advantage: less movement on rural roads), OR
4b) A short spur is constructed on ag land where the rail track meets Road 29, and from there the e-flotilla goes down Road 29 towards the Landfill (advantage: less private land necessary), slightly shorter routel.
5) Vehicles come back onto the train and trip is reversed.
This happens once per day, probably very early morning.

Cost: Large trucks sold used and more smaller EV's bought new. Construction of railway spur. Laying of light duty track on 1st. The least impacting rail vehicle (towing the trailers) would be electric and charged with batteries configured for street use.

In addition to removing huge numbers of dangerous vehicles from the campus (City, and County) and saving energy (after the construction of the EV's) it would also be fun and would win lots of awards and promote short visits to our hotels by hundreds of municipal and waste disposal actors across the country and beyond.

There's essentially nothing new here. I am inventing nothing, only aggregating some existing things already happening, if just as prototypes.

Some of the ideas here are presented in graphic form in concept I created 15 years ago when living in Prague:

Roberta L. Millstein

We can argue about whether the expression "OK Boomer" is, well, OK or not. But even if it is not OK, it still needs to be understood an expression of frustration by the younger generation who feels that their environmental and financial futures have been ravaged by older generations, who feel like Boomers have dominated too much of the scene for too long. And so I can see that a young person might be offended by an elected official who uses the sacrifice of Black people for the civil rights movement as an occasion to back a developer project. That person might be offended that such a sacred topic was brought up in this context. But since I wasn't there and I don't know who said it, perhaps someone who was there might, I don't know, try asking that person why they said what they said? Maybe they are tired of Boomers trotting out their connections to John Lewis as a way to gain legitimacy for themselves?

- a Gen Xer who typically just watches the insults fly back and forth over her head

Ron O

Good point, Alan. I'm sure that Mike Thompson doesn't live in Davis. I don't think that the DiSC developers do, either.

At this point, I understand that Mr. Thompson doesn't even represent Davis, as a Congressperson. He is attempting to do so, as a result of the expansion of his district.

From his website:
"As an avid outdoorsman, Thompson is committed to preserving our district’s beautiful lands. Thompson was awarded the Sierra Club’s Edgar Wayburn Award for passing legislation that permanently protects 273,000 acres of wilderness in Northern California. The award is given in recognition of service to the environment by a person in government."

All well-and-good, but one might ask if he's even aware that the local chapter of the Sierra Club is opposed to the development he's hawking on prime farmland, outside of a logical boundary for the city.

And again, why would a Congressperson even take a position regarding a contentious city issue?

Though Democrats still have an "edge" over Republicans in regard to environmental issues, it seems increasingly-difficult to tell them apart.

Witness the UCD College Democrats, for example. How exactly are they "different" from Republicans, given that they've never met a development that they didn't "like"? (Supporting DiSC, while somehow simultaneously claiming that they're "concerned" about environmental issues such as local contributions to climate change.)

It would be interesting to see an article/expose' regarding Spafford and Lincoln and their recruitment of students to shill for developments.)

Alan C. Miller

Re: "Ok Boomer" comment by RMc (Davis Vanguard 6/6/22)

Is it possible to be "beyond baffled" by a comment?

When said by a younger person it is intended to completely dismiss the comments and opinions of someone from that 1946-64 generation.

I agree with that part.

It is highly disrespectful,

I agree with that part.

much like a White person calling a Black the N-word.


Yes, I am making that direct comparison.

Yes, you are. But, "OK Boomer" is rooted in a political tactic of disrespect to discredit. "N-----" is rooted in racial hatred. I don't see how there is any equating the two. I "can't" even write out the second one it is so not-acceptable. Would people gasp if a non-Boomer yelled "Boomer" in a crowed theater?

It’s the stereotyping and othering that the younger generation decries,

I decry it, too.

yet too many of them use such a tactic as a means of trying to elevate their position in a debate by diminishing others.

It diminishes them thinking they are doing the diminishing.

And much as those in the Black community call each n***, us “Boomers” can similarly joke with each other,

You must hang around with very different Boomers than I do. Do 'we' also say, "My Boomah . . . " ?

although in doing so we are acknowledging that the younger generations have some power though name calling.

I acknowledge that some give them some power.

Ron O

Alan M. "Yes, you are. But, "OK Boomer" is rooted in a political tactic of disrespect to discredit. "N-----" is rooted in racial hatred. I don't see how there is any equating the two. I "can't" even write out the second one it is so not-acceptable. Would people gasp if a non-Boomer yelled "Boomer" in a crowed theater?"

You (and your "corner") are a welcome/regular addition to the Davisite, Alan M.

You have a way of pointing things out, that others may not articulate as well.

It's the Vanguard's loss, for banning you.

"O.K., boomer" barely registers on the "insult scale". There's always some division between generations in the first place. (Boomers are the parents of millenials, and some of them stand to gain a sizable inheritance from boomers, to boot.)

Also, isn't it (normally) folks like the College Democrats who are deriding "boomers"?


"My Boomah“

Alan wins the comment of the day, heck, the month. LOL

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: RG Comment (Davis Vanguard, June 6, 2022 at 3:36 pm)

It didn’t make it through Moderation, and that is okay,

It's not OK. That's why there is Al's Corner.

but I thought I had the perfect reply to Matt’s heartfelt wonderment at being introduced to the phrase “Okay boomer.”

Please . . . share it here at Al's Corner.

I believed my pithy two word reply of “Okay boomer” to Matt would have been the perfect example of both the dismissiveness and condescension implied by the phrase.

Share it at Al's Corner so more than just RG can enjoy the perfect example cited, but never heard, due to censhorship. Being censhored is the perfect example of both the dismissiveness and condescension of the Davis Vanguard.

I meant no offense to Matt but have long thought that the finest form of teaching is by example.

What are you referring to? Do you want the people of Davis to actually know? Then post it here, on Al's Corner.

The Al's Corner Promise
"Al's Corner, where we don't censor what you are saying because of some misguided neo-puritanical values nor a magalomaniacal need for control."

Ron O

t appears that for some unknown reason, the Vanguard won't be posting my follow-up comment in Gloria's article. So, I'll go ahead and post it here:

Ron O June 6, 2022 at 6:34 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

But at least you didn’t join your colleague in personally-suing opponents, backed by the developer. Somehow, I don’t think it’s likely that you would do so.

So, thanks for that at least – I guess?

Ron O

Couple more comments that the Vanguard won't post (and won't provide a reason for). Here's the first one, under the article that Gloria posted:

Ron O June 7, 2022 at 8:36 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Richard McCann: "What Ron O’s motivations are are not relevant–he is a resident of Davis and had no role in decision making or voting in this community."

My response: Again, I’ve never actually discussed where I live, or what connections I may have to Davis. You have taken it upon yourself to engage in a repetitive/ongoing doxing attempt, with the Vanguard’s continued encouragement.

How are your repeated comments related in any way to the points of the articles (or my comments)? How is this not just a continuing attempt to discredit (with the Vanguard's support), without actually discussing any of the points made?

Regardless, you don’t seem to have a problem with folks like Don Shor, Don Gibson, the DiSC developers, or city staff living outside of Davis. In fact, you never even mention it.

For that matter, Dan Carson actually appointed Don Gibson to the housing element committee, itself!

In any case, look at what Gloria actually acknowledged in this article. How would that not impact Woodland, for example? (Again, not my primary concern, as I’ve already stated what my primary concern ACTUALLY is regarding DiSC.) (My primary concern is that it sacrifices prime farmland, outside of a logical boundary for the city.)

Me, quoting Gloria Partida: " . . .so that grandchildren can live down the street from their grandparents.

They, despite difficult circumstance, managed to do extremely well. One has worked up the ranks of UCD without any real education and has managed to buy a home in Spring Lake where she regularly reminds people to drive slowly because there are children on the street."

The point being that Gloria is advocating for a development that will create a housing shortage, and push more people out to Woodland, if the commercial is actually successful. (2,500 jobs, but only 460 housing units - some of which would not even be occupied by DiSC workers.)

I'm baffled as to the reason that the folks who normally claim to be concerned about housing shortages are pushing for one, in the form of DiSC.

Ron O

Here's the other comment that the Vanguard won't post, in their continuing attempt to resurrect the "O.K. Boomer" comment in today's article.

Ron O June 7, 2022 at 8:45 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

David Greenwald: "Evan Cragin’s piece yesterday caused a stir."

My response: You (and the DiSC developers) wish.

If that’s all you have in your arsenal at this point, good luck.

We could also discuss some of the other things he said in that article if you’d like, as it would actually work against the DiSC campaign. (Some of which was discussed on the Davisite, under “Al’s Corner”.)

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Commentary: Reflections on Growth and Prosperity as this Election Cycle Comes to an End" (DV 6/7/22)

DG Comment: "I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t more blowback on the comments from this—probably before the new policy for commenting it might have generated more."

It did generate more. At Al's Corner. This is DG's way of acknowledging that Al's Corner exists, while pretending he doesn't know. Before long, DG will be BEGGING me to come back to the Vanguard Comments Section. To which I will answer, "F*ck you".


The Davisite and Al's Corner is the place to comment now without some overlord deciding if your comment is worthy or not of getting posted. Al's Corner and the Davisite are true stewards of free speech and opinion regardless of your politics. Thank you Davisite for not being like the Vanguard.

Ron O

Alan: David Greenwald won't be "begging" you to come back.

They don't care what you think. They're glad to be rid of those who question their advocacy.

And if they did allow you back on there, they'd continue selectively moderating (not posting) your comments, as they're doing with me.

Their business will continue operating just fine, without us.

I'll probably have more to say about this, later.

Roberta L. Millstein

Early returns look like Measure H will be defeated:

Yes 3,869 36.60%
No 6,701 63.40%

Alan C. Miller

I so appreciate you using Al's Corner for early Measure H results.

If they keep up these numbers, it's not a loss, it's a massacre.

I'd like to thank soon-to-be-former Councilmember Dan Carson for leading his committee flotilla over the waterfall past all the "every dumb-ass knows there's a waterfall coming" signs along the riverbanks, in a stunning display of fatal stupidity. Vote "anyone-but-Carson" this November. Vote for a horse if you need to.

Roberta L. Millstein

Thanks for providing a space for talking about things happening in Davis that don't necessarily fit in their own article (yet).

Massacre, rout, drubbing... Carson + deceptive advertising = Davisites feel like they are being taken for a ride

Alan C. Miller

Alan: David Greenwald won't be "begging" you to come back.

He misses me so much it hurts him deep inside, like the loss of a lover with excellent sexual skills.

They don't care what you think.

I am crushed :-|

They're glad to be rid of those who question their advocacy.

I don't believe DG feels that way, he enjoys a good jousting match. I believe certain other members of the DV organization, however, 1) control DG and 2) would sit ringside to watch my corpse burning in the fires of Hell.

And if they did allow you back on there, they'd continue selectively moderating (not posting) your comments, as they're doing with me.

The terms of my return include: 1) No censorship of myself, or anyone else; 2) acknowledgment that Al's Corner not only exists, but reigns supreme.

Their business will continue operating just fine, without us.

A business can 'continue operating just fine' and SUCK simultaneously.


Though not finalized yet, looking at the early election results it appears that another blog in the town of Davis had a very bad evening.

Go boomahs!

Ron O

Alan M. "He misses me so much it hurts him deep inside, like the loss of a lover with excellent sexual skills."

This comment makes ME want to become a moderator.


Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Guest Commentary: Students Angered at Commencement Cancellation, Failure to Plan for Heat" (Davis Vanguard, 6/11/22)

" . . . we are frustrated that more measures were not taken beforehand to account for the high temperatures that were forecasted well in advance and consistent with historical temperatures."

CONSISTENT with historical temperatures?!!! What about global warming? What about Davis warming? I laugh when people tell me how hot it is and due to climate change. I tell them no, it used to be hot many more days each summer. Now what IS true is them thar hills are a lot drier, and that might be due to 'climate change', however you wish to define that, cuz the climate is always changing. I think it's the idea that humans caused this. Probably contributed since the industrial revolution, and continuing right on through China burning half the world's coal, now, today. Good luck reversing that. Time to continue to work to clean the air as we reasonably can, and ADAPT as best we can. Not even Superman can reverse what we've done to this planet's atmosphere.

But back to the event. Sounds like a clust-f*ck of bad planning and turning a blind ear to student suggestions that would have been a better plan than what the U did, at least as per the ASUCD story, which in this case sounds pretty believable. Not sure having all those people indoor with masks would have been a better solution for multiple reasons, but clearly the U failed to adequately plan for this.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: Sunday Commentary: Is Council Out of Touch with the Davis Community? By David M. Greenwald, Executive Editor [Davis Vanguard, 6/12/22]

" . . . the disconnect between the council and community . . . "

"I have a few theories on this."

"I have, as I said, a few theories on this."

In case anyone missed it, he has a few theories on this. As he said.

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