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Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: “Sunday Commentary: DA’s Speak Out Across the Nation Vowing Not to Prosecute Abortion Cases; Why Is Reisig and the CDAA Silent on Dobbs?” (D. Vanguard 6/26/2022)

re: COMMENT by Ron Glick:

Never too early to start bashing Reisig for 2026. What do you want Reisig to say in a state where abortion is legal?

I believe both Greenwald and Glick are missing the elephant in the room. The real questions are (and note that on this subject too Jeff Reisig and the California District Attorney’s Association that he leads were silent):

• Why hasn't Reisig taken a stand on Drag Queen Story Hour?
• Why hansn't Reisig spoken out about Drag Queen Story Hour?

Reisig of course is the President of the California DA’s Association.

Silence speaks volumes. No statement from DA Reisig. No commitment from DA Reisig. Nada from CDAA either. Maybe he’ll issue a statement in the coming days, but for now, his silence is speaking a million words on his priorities and his values.

Roberta L. Millstein

In "Sunday Commentary: New Vision Is Needed, but Probably Not Practical at This Point", Greenwald writes; "Other than the small percentage of those who believe that we can keep Davis somehow as it is, most understand that there needs to be a path forward for housing and economic development if the city is to remain both vital and viable."

I'll say again: Why should we think that the person who thought the Measure H vote was going to be close has any idea about what Davisites believe or understand?

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Monday Morning Thoughts: Bill for Affordable Housing Worth Keeping an Eye On" By David M. Greenwald Executive Editor (D. Vanguard 6-27-22)

"One of the biggest barriers to building affordable housing is cost."

So, what you're saying is affordable housing is un-affordable.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "California Senate Votes to Keep Legalized Slavery in its Prisons" (D. Vanguard 6/27/22)

Sydney Kamlager @sydneykamlager

The CA State Senate just reaffirmed its commitment to keeping slavery and involuntary servitude in the state's constitution.

Way to go, Confederates

Been in this state over half a century, and first I heard we had current slavery and a Confederate legislature.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Could Boudin Run Again? Chesa Boudin Talks about the Recall and the Future of the Movement" (D. Vanguard 6/29/2022)

About as appealing a thought to most of us as Trump running again.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Davis City Council on Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade" (David Vanguard 06/29/2022)

"We can assure all our citizens that we will always respect all opinions and provide a safe environment for everyone to voice their opinions and live their values."

Except that time a few meetings back where some people's telephone comments were omitted, because . . . . well . . . . words.

"We can assure all our citizens that we will always ensure all our policies never impede the freedom to fully reach all potentials."

That is QUITE a statement !!! THREE "all"s !!! Seriously, read that statement over once again and tell me if it says ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ???


"SUBJECT: "Could Boudin Run Again?"

He could run again and lose again. The people of SF saw his act and quickly got tired of him.

Heck, DiSC could come back and run again and lose again.

Anything is possible.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "University of California Officials, Elected Lawmakers Agree to Establish Vote Centers at All UC Campuses" (David Vanguard 7-1-2022)

"University of California representatives and CA government officials signed a joint resolution Wednesday here, encouraging student voting . . . "

THERE is solution for the tidal wave of voters that the developers of DiSC-3 are looking for !!!

Roberta L. Millstein

Darn, except that there was already an outdoor dropbox on campus and in-person assistance at the ARC on campus.

I guess they're just going to have to accept that they put together a crappy project and Davisites didn't want it.

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