Legal Fees Owed to the Lawyers for the Six Defendants Sued by Dan Carson over Measure H Ballot Statements were Finally Paid on His Behalf by the Yes on Measure H Campaign Committee
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The Davisite has explicitly extended invitations to every city council candidate in the November 2022 election to send announcements press releases and other written material to us for publication on the blog. We publish these as received with no commentary or alteration.

Since Davisite started in 2018 and through several election cycles, Davisite has published all campaign announcements and other article related to Davis as received. In that time our readership has grown significantly both in daily page hits and email subscribers.

Some candidates choose to send announcements and some supporters send letters about candidates. Some candidates completely ignore the Davisite and the Davisite audience.
The all-volunteer staff at Davisite want to make it clear to our readers that we are not selectively blocking candidates announcements, rather certain candidates are choosing not to connect with Davisite readers.
And no matter who sends an announcement, Davisite will always stick by our comment rule - no personal attacks are allowed on the Davisite.


Matt Williams

In District 1 the key issue appears to be a mirror of national politics … Autocracy vs. Democracy.

Dan Carson with his series of anti-democratic actions, statements, and votes has shown himself to be the local poster boy for Autocracy. It should not be hard for the voters of District 1 to imagine themselves on the receiving end of one of Carson’s anti-citizen lawsuits.

The question “Who’s next?!?” should be uppermost in the minds of District 1 voters.

Counterbalancing all that negativity is the fact that both of the candidates opposing Carson are extremely citizen-oriented. They both are very good choices and both would make good Councilmembers.

Roberta L. Millstein

Matt, I agree that neither Kelsey nor Bapu has shown the autocratic tendencies that Dan displayed and thus either would be better than Dan. However in my experience Kelsey is much more willing to listen and engage and is thus more citizen oriented, among other strengths.

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