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Tree Davis Leader To Move On

Erin(From press release) Tree Davis is gearing up for a new season of events and activities that will bring community members together to enhance the living landscapes of our urban environment. With this change of seasons, the Tree Davis team has a bittersweet announcement that after five years of planting trees and growing community Executive Director Erin Donley Marineau’s tenure is coming to a close as she moves on to a statewide role in a Western-region conservation organization.

Erin and Board President, Greg McPherson, sat down for a conversation as the organization manages this transition and seeks recommendations for a new Executive Director:

Greg: Over the past five years, Tree Davis has overseen major tree planting projects in Davis, West Sacramento and Woodland. During your tenure, Erin, over 3,000 trees were planted and thousands of volunteers were engaged in stewardship activities. You forged new partnerships with the City of Davis, Woodland Tree Foundation, UC Davis, Sutter Davis, DJUSD and numerous other organizations that have enhanced appreciation and investment in our urban forest. Looking ahead, what important work do you see for Tree Davis?

Erin: First, it has been an immense privilege to serve in this role and to work with a passionate and engaged Board, stellar staff, and active volunteer community. Our tree community and the greater communities of Davis and Yolo County are so special in their willingness to search and reach for community and environmental betterment. I want to extend my personal thanks to Tree Davis’ founders, Board members, staff, donors, community partners, and volunteers for pulling together to do incredible work over the past 5 years.

Invest in treesThis is really a springboard moment for Tree Davis. There is a lot of momentum behind Tree Davis’ new Climate-Ready Landscape Initiative which will be very important in protecting and enhancing the public greenspace assets of Yolo County. A simple walk in Tree Davis’ Memorial Grove, where Climate-Ready Landscape transformations are presented for public education and enjoyment, provides a glimpse into what could be a reality for many other public spaces across the County - more native and drought-tolerant plants, greater biodiversity, habitat for pollinators and wildlife, the list goes on. The upcoming work in education with Yolo County students to teach and engage them with Climate-Ready Landscapes work is also something that will be a great enhancement for this community.

Greg: Absolutely, Erin, there is so much good work yet to be done. That is why we are asking our community members to provide recommendations for candidates for our next Executive Director. A job posting can be found at . What is next for you, Erin?

Erin: In October, I will be the new California Director of Programs for The Freshwater Trust, a non-profit that works throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern CA on river restoration and freshwater conservation, which is exactly what I studied in graduate school. Though I’m feeling called to address climate change and conservation in the field of water resources, I will always be a friend to Tree Davis moving forward. The success of Tree Davis' mission is so important for our community! So here’s to 30 more years of Tree Davis planting trees and growing community. My family and I will remain in Davis and we look forward to seeing you at a Tree Davis volunteer event soon: .

Greg: Prospective applicants for the Executive Director role can submit a cover letter and resume via the instructions on our website: . Applications are appreciated by Sept. 12th, however, the position is open until filled.


Alan C. Miller

Go Tree Davis !!!

And Boo to replacing trees with solar panels. Or cutting down trees to shed light on solar panels. We have have reached max sickeness when we see that shite happening. Booooooo!

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