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Todd Edelman

Okay. The "Holiday Tree" is for me just as offensive as the antisemitic banners put up on the bike/ped overpass on 113.


So this Groundhog Day morning we get David's thoughts yet again on "Economic Development and Infill As the Campaigns Heat Up"

F*ck, just shoot me now.

Ron O

Keith: It's not "just shoot me now", as Daffy Duck can attest.

Though not in this particular clip, it's something like "wait until we get home".

(Pronoun trouble - as it "used to be" defined.)

Colin walsh

Todays Vanguard headline may as well read, “ Commentary: Does Upzoning Hold Enough Promise to Alleviate The Vanguard’s Funding Crisis?”

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "My View: LA Times Editorial Notes That California’s Laws Prioritize Housing Cars Rather Than People" (David Vanguard, 2022-09-10)

No one cares about your view. Your view is based on irrationality and illogic.

Greenwald proves once again he is a blind developer schill by backing a bill that only allows development for the sake of developers and has no planning input whatsoever. It's just 'no parking need be built'. Quoting YIMBY, a developer-funded groups filled with progressive developer schills doesn't help either.

Yes, there are cases where parking is over-prescribed and can be minimized, but it is case by case based on conditions and future development plans for the area. Just because one is near a bus stop doesn't guarantee anything, even that the bus will still be running when the project is built. Plus, most people hate riding city buses and it takes way too long. That's why the era of Uber/Lyft saw a huge decline in bus use. How many Davis 'transit' advocates ride buses in Davis regularly?

This twisted idea that the path to less car use is forcing people not to be able to park, so parking in more areas becomes at much of a nightmare as it is in many parts of San Francisco, is not a solution. The solution is a massive, massive investment in public transportation on a regional basis, with last mile options to reach destinations. We are generations from realizing that in California. Making it impossible to find a parking spot or park in your own neighborhood is not solution. It's a backwards-ass logic that no one buys and a giveaway to developers.


This comment got deleted this morning on the Vanguard:

Keith September 10, 2022 at 6:55 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

"My View: LA Times Editorial Notes That California’s Laws Prioritize Housing Cars Rather Than People"

I’m curious, how is it your view when most of the article is quotes from an LA Times editorial?

Roberta L. Millstein

Re: Greenwald's "The Politics of Land Use Are Weird." Yeah, it's going to look weird as long as you continue to use the ridiculous labels YIMBY and NIMBY. Re: YIMBY, there is now a federal YIMBY Act under consideration. Read that again: a federal YIMBY Act. So, is this about saying "Yes In My Back Yard"? No, it isn't. It's about saying Yes In Your Backyard, or maybe just Yes I Want Stuff Built (YIWSB).

As for NIMBYs, Greenwald says that when so-called NIMBY's argue for creating companies that would help with affordable housing, "I think most of it is an excuse not to build housing, throwing up barriers to housing that is politically correct, when they know that there are real equity issues."

I love how Greenwald purports to know the real views of people he makes no effort to talk to. Sheer gold.

But mostly what I can glean from his article is that YIMBY must actually mean "I would rather insult people who want good housing projects that actually go to people who need help obtaining them rather than support mechanisms to get them." I guess that is too much of a mouthful.

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