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Not Just Rain Falling - Campaign Signs Too!


>>from press release<<

You may have seen some No on H signs popping up around town over the past few days. The No on H campaign, rather than throw away or recycle their campaign signs, provided those signs for Kelsey Fortune’s reuse, since she was the only candidate in District 1 to oppose Measure H. This is a candidate who is walking the walk with her campaign. Her care for the environment isn’t just a talking point, but actually influences her choices during the process. Instead of creating additional plastic waste, this campaign for city council is simply covering old signs with compostable posters. The much appreciated rain has hastened the breakdown process and revealed the signs beneath. Please excuse the surprise change in signage!

We’ll be replacing signs this week. If your sign didn’t stand up to the rain or otherwise needs replacing, please reach Kelsey by text at 530-220-2001 or email at [email protected], and we’ll make sure to bring you a new one! You can also contact her if you don’t yet have a sign and would like one, and further information is available at www.fortunefordavis.com!


Donna Lemongello


Ron O

And underneath the no on DISC II sign, is the no on DISC I sign.


This is the kind of news I need right now. That's some serious eco-cred right there!

Is Carson doing the same thing with YES signs?? hahahaha.

Alan C. Miller

Is Carson doing the same thing with YES signs??

Carson is suing Mother Nature for the rain.

colin walsh

I think it is really excellent that Kelsey is implementing her values in the way she campaigns. No on plastic for her signs -or as I like to say, no dinosaurs were injured in making Kelsey Fortune Signs.


I like the way it looks, like it's kinda intentional actually- definitely gets her point of view across!

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