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Alan C. Miller

Climate change . . . border crossings . . . Biden . . . Zip Line . . . Aerosmith . . . The Queen . . . Vanguard Sucks . . . Rain Today . . . Students Returning . . . We're doomed . . . Madonna . . . Lions . . . Tigers . . . NIMBYs . . . oh my . . . you can indite a ham sandwich to water, but you can't make they drink . . .

Rik Keller

Who wants to keep a running tab of illegal election campaign endorsements/hit pieces run by the Vanguard?

Unlike regular for-profit newspapers/media, nonprofit orgs are not allowed by federal law to engage in electioneering, which includes publication of anything favoring or opposing a candidate, regardless of the author.

Here’s the latest illegal post:

Colin Walsh

New public records request that just came in shows Dan Carson used his City Council email to campaign for Measure H.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Yolo Releases First Point in Time Count of Homeless Since the Pandemic" (David Vanguard 2022-09-21)

22% of individuals surveyed lived in Yolo all their life, with an additional 16% having lived here for 7 or more years.

Almost 50% of those surveyed came to Yolo because they grew up here or their family or friends are here.

“When we look at the data from this report regarding the length of time individuals have been in Yolo, we see that these folks are a part of our community, often friends, neighbors, and loved ones,” said Ian Evans,

What this tells ME, unlike Sir Ian, is that 62% of 'those surveyed' are NOT 'part of our community', 'friends', 'neighbors' nor 'loved ones'. The majority are, therefore, part of another community, strangers, new and alien to Yolo County, and possibly unloved.

Less than 5% responded that they came here for good social services or affordable housing.

Why would those who prefer to live outside for free (not all so-called homeless, but some) be interested in so-called 'affordable' housing, which still costs money?

2019 saw a 43% increase in the homeless population. With our current efforts, we are hoping that the 2022 increase of 13.9% is a start of a downward trend.

Similar to Biden claiming that a 'reduced rate' of the increase in inflation is a positive trend. You can look at it that way if you wish (wish to spin that is).

" . . . those in our County experiencing unsheltered or sheltered homelessness.”

Could not some of these people be instead classified as 'experiencing severe mental illness' or 'experiencing meth addiction and/or alcoholism' ? Why is 'experiencing homelessness' the leading descriptor?

Hint: You will find the answer in the political realm.


SUBJECT: "Yolo Releases First Point in Time Count of Homeless Since the Pandemic" (David Vanguard 2022-09-21)

I tried to post a comment on this article but the powers that be Wouldn't allow me to for whatever reason. They never explain why not even though I often ask what rule has been broken.

Here's my comment to the best of my recollection:

Maybe YOLO County could institute a program similar to one that was being used to bus the homeless out of San Fransisco years ago under then Mayor Gavin Newsom. That should lower the homeless numbers.

Ron O

Just noticed this, from the Davis Enterprise:

Quoting Gloria Partida: "It’s not just the equity side of it, but also the environmental, she added, noting that had Covell Village been built (a housing proposal for the north side of Covell Boulevard west of Pole Line Road that was turned down by voters) many of the Davis residents who moved to Spring Lake in Woodland likely would not have done so."

I would characterize this as an "untruth" (at best), partly due to the fact that Spring Lake was already in process, prior to the Covell Village vote.

This lady has to go to. It's not personal - it's policy (and lack of judgement/knowledge). Well, it's partly personal - as she reportedly did not want to hear anything from those opposed to DISC - which would have exacerbated the "housing shortage" that she claims to be concerned with. Honestly, I don't understand the "progressives" who have fully-embraced development.

Even David Greenwald claims that he opposed Covell Village - though it seems as though he's changed.

In my opinion, this "wing" of the progressives is more dangerous than someone like Dan Carson. Some of them (thinking of a former mayor) almost seem to claim a religious type of calling in regard to their "values", and how they view opponents.

Ron O

In case you "doubt" the dates, in reference to my comment regarding Gloria Partida:

2001 - Spring Lake Specific Plan adopted:

2005 (November) - Covell Village voted down:

Ron O

Perhaps more accurate to describe Ms. Partida's statements as "misleading", in regard to her "either/or" claims regarding Covell Village / Spring Lake.

The truth is that Spring Lake was underway - regardless of Covell Village. And for the "budget-conscious", it would have remained a less-expensive alternative - even if Covell Village had been approved.

(Though even with declining housing prices, $600K is pretty much the starting point for a traditional, new single-family dwelling anywhere in the region.)

Though more-and-more, we're seeing news reports which indicate that housing prices are just starting to collapse. Of course, Davis doesn't experience such wild price swings, compared to surrounding communities. Largely because developers aren't as "in control" of decisions in Davis.


My comment in the Vanguard this morning:

Keith September 22, 2022 at 5:28 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I was going to comment on this article but I thought why bother, there’s a good chance that it will never get posted or just sit in the moderating queue all day with no explanation of why.

So why put out the effort?

Ron O

Chancellor May, as quoted in the Enterprise:

“The perpetrators of these crimes do not in any way embody the values of UC Davis,” May said.

Holy cow - a chancellor of a UC campus doesn't understand the definition of a "crime"? Really?

Does he know that the ACLU (when it adheres to its actual mission) defends the ability of citizens to put forth this type of speech?

You might think this is a "trivial" matter (the right to free speech - when you don't like what is being said). It isn't, and attempts to "justify" banning such speech ultimately leads to violence.

Of all people, a chancellor should know what the law is regarding this issue, and the reason for it. In a sense, he is "condoning" shutting it down - which is not only irresponsible - it's dangerous.

What, exactly - is the UC system teaching these days?


Ron, for an article about UCD starting out the new college year and admission numbers that overpass incident seemed like a weird thing to bring up. It didn't even take place on the campus. I feel May should worry more about free speech being shut down on the UCD campus which we all know has been attempted in the past. In Milo Y's case it was accomplished.

Alan C. Miller

Yeah, KO, glad you noticed how out-of-place bringing up the overpass issue was for that article. Might as well have talked about a new vendor at the Farmer's Market as far as relevance. The overpass incident has been treated weirdly from the get go. White people (and black chancellors, apparently) just don't seem to get how often their words oddly clank when pledging support. I mean, I never doubted y'all had our backs, until you started talking - or failed to talk when the narrative was less comfortable.

I agree, RO, what crime? The whole thing was handled so awkwardly. The police show up, fail to even identify the perps, but the perps of what? Showing themselves as dumbasses, but failing to do so because, like Antifa and the KKK, they are f*cking cowards who won't show their faces to back up their words. I am all for free speech. I am for the famous ACLU decision that hateful neo-Nazis get to march and spew their words -- and we get to yell back. But if some coward has their face covered, how is that even free speech? Who is even talking if their is no identity? I do not believe that free speech should be extended to the anonymous coward. So maybe there was a crime.

Ron O

Unfortunately, the chancellor is not the only official who incorrectly labels these type of incidents as "crimes". Given their positions, they should know better than to spread dangerous misinformation.

This also recently occurred in Sacramento, where the terms "hate incidents" and "hate crimes" were used/reported interchangeably, as if they were the same thing.

When these incidents are labeled as crimes, it can encourage others to take the "non-law" into their own hands in response. Thereby actually committing a crime. (Or at the least, calling the police when a crime hasn't even occurred. Which come to think of it - might not be a bad idea - due to the likelihood of OTHERS committing crimes in response.)

As far as their anonymity (covering their faces), that's a non-issue regarding whether or not a crime has occurred. There's entire religions which require face coverings for one "gender", at least.

The reason that some OTHER groups cover their faces is because they're ACTUALLY committing crimes - not just "protesting".

If it wasn't for the fact that someone reportedly confronted them (and they became defensive), I might suspect that this was a "false flag" type of protest. Assuming these were "real" protesters, they already provided the reason that they're covering their faces (e.g., fear of reprisal). They have a right to do so. I have no idea why or how someone believes in this type of thing, nor have I ever met a person who feels that way. (At least, not to my knowledge.)

Seems to me that everyone "trips all over themselves" to be the first in line to condemn this type of thing, to a degree that almost seems embarrassing. The feeling (and/or virtue signaling) behind that seems to be the source/temptation to label this as a "crime". (This is not unlike how "mobs" get started - the same type of dynamic.)

Honestly, I think it would be more interesting to find out why some people are drawn to this, rather than simply responding in a group (mob?) Pavlov-dog type of manner to condemn these people. (Yes - we all know what they're saying is unacceptable, blah, blah, blah. we're also against child abuse, animal cruelty, the war in Ukraine, etc.) We're "good people" - unlike those others. (Perhaps more boring, though.)

In any case, they've apparently stopped "protesting".

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: A few Vanguard headlines on SF DA Brooke Jenkins, (who replaced the beloved Chesa)

"Jenkins Says She Wants the Drug Dealers to Disappear – But That Is More Magical Thinking than Practical Policy"

"SF DA Says She Believes Her Policies Will Clean Up the Streets in a Few Months – But Why?"

"SF DA Refuses to Meet with Youth and Advocates Asking Her to Reverse Policy Charging Kids as Adults"

S.F. is a sh*thole of a city.

The Davis Vanguard is a sh*thole of a blog.

Any questions?

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: Comments the Davis Vanguard let slide:

"You lack imagination and foresight."

A personal insult -- but since it's a super-far-leftie who agrees with everything the Vanguard believes saying it, the Vanguard lets it slide, on lube.

"So what?"

Dismissive, much?

The owner and patrons of the Davis Barber Shop like the G Street pedestrian and bike corridor, if you even know where that is.

Also dismissive and insulting AF. And by the way so what about the DBS - several of the businesses don't like it. But seems Woodstocks is king and will get its way.

And again, who’s going to fund this? The Government.

Hate to tell you, but the government is funded by . . . I hated to tell him too much so I didn't tell him.

Overall Comment: Republicans seem to whine an awful lot.

That would be a pejorative towards an entire group, also could be viewed as naked vile partyism. I think we all know the DV wouldn't tolerate such a statement about the PPP (Precious Pernicious Party).

the Gloria Gestalt as the City’s Crucible of Equity.

The what now?

Moderator: We’ve pulled some comments as they were veering off into national politics.

No, you pulled some comments because you have the POWER to remove those comments. The Davis Vanguard doesn't talk about national politics :-| , nor could a global issue possibly have to do with national politics :-| . I'll bet the 'national politics' wasn't a leftist point of view. But we'll never know. Even thought we do.

Start acting like your house is on fire becuse it is.

Appreciate the tip. Just becuse.

Alan C. Miller

Hey, did y'all see what was in "Newsy" today ???!!!!!!!



LOL, I never watch Newsy or click on any of the Vanguard ads. I don't want to bring them in any revenue. On my desktop all the Vanguard ads are annoying enough but on my IPhone it's like trying to navigate a maze in order to read or comment. Useless.

On top of that, trying to comment there is often a waste of time. You never know which comments are going to get deleted or sit in moderation for untold hours even though you try to follow their comment rules.

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