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Letter: Adam Morrill will change things for the better

I am writing in support of Adam Morrill for City Council for many reasons. Adam has been a resident of East Davis for over 25 years and has stepped up to run for Council because he can offer new and innovative solutions to many City problems. Unlike his opponent, Adam opposed the disastrous DISC project, and the unreasonable and costly CAAP residential electrification mandate proposal. This CAAP condition wasn’t even supported by the Natural Resources Commission, yet Gloria didn’t object to it and voted to include it.

Adam is honest, has integrity, and will advocate for better land use planning, including requiring any infill proposals to be compatible and consistent with surrounding neighborhoods. He will advocate for more UCD on-campus UCD housing needed. Most importantly, Adam has pledged to take the time to review the City Council packets before voting on them, and responding to, and advocating for our community input. I, like many other Davis citizens, am frustrated that requests to Gloria to discuss issues have been consistently ignored, as well as our public input.

Further, Gloria’s voting track record has been terrible on many issues. Despite significant citizen opposition, she voted for: 1) putting the badly planned DISC project on the ballot twice, (then rejected by voters twice); 2) the 7-story University Mall project with its significant impacts on surrounding neighborhoods; 3) simply moving the problematic Arroyo Park ZIP-line an insignificant distance from its current location, which doesn’t remedy the impacts to the neighborhood; 4) the recent Pacifico proposal despite neighborhood concerns that the crime and other problems related to the project over past years haven’t been addressed; and 5) the ill-conceived CAAP residential electrification mandate.

We need a Councilmember who will take the time to listen to public input and discuss issues, and who will respond to our concerns, instead of repeatedly voting against public input as Gloria has over the last four years.  Please join me in voting for Adam Morrill for City Council.  We need a change for the better, particularly for us here in East Davis, which gets ignored and short-changed far too often.

Eileen M. Samitz


Alan C. Miller

This is a much better letter than the digging up a ancient fraud case; this attacks GP's voting record, not her character, and does a pretty good job of reminding me of these votes and does a pretty good job of convincing me in a race that I'm pretty neutral on (and can't vote on -- thanks evil districts and those who let them happen). I doubt there will be much pushback or outright disgust as there was with the dredging up. I don't care if y'all were right, or if y'all were wrong -- that wasn't the point; the point is to use some damn common sense in your strategies; think about your target audience and how they will react; we all did things 20 years we are not proud of, and most people want to believe they will be forgiven; so what y'all did was create a lot of sympathy for GP and a long of anger directed at y'all. That kind of stuff may (or may not) work in national politics; but here in Davis, we all see each other at the Farmer's Market. Backfires, like Volkswagens, are real.

Crilly Butler

Couldn't agree more. The current council pays lip service to the voices of its committees and its constituents, and remains completely out of touch with the citizens of Davis. We need someone like Adam Morrill on the council who actually wants to listen!

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