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Letter in support of Adam Morrill

I, like many other Davis residents, strongly support Adam Morrill for City Council because of his positions on the issues and his commitment to reach out and engage with the community. He had the good judgement to oppose the DISC projects, as well as opposing the outrageous CAAP residential electrification mandate, unlike his opponent. Another attribute setting Adam apart is his clear independence from special interest groups and his prioritizing our community’s needs.

Adam has a broad background and experience in decision-making and problem-solving. He has worked for years in environmental protection work for the protection of wildlife and habitat. He also worked for the State on Emergency Medical Service regulations and disaster planning. Adam has lived with his family in East Davis for over two decades and understands the neighborhood issues. He has been a volunteer soccer coach, and a volunteer parent at St. James School, and has served as a volunteer Emergency Medical Tech /Firefighter for Winters for 10 years.

We need Council members who will dig into the issues to find solutions, but also who will make the time to talk to and listen to us. Most importantly, we need a Council member who will take our concerns seriously and advocate for us and vote for, rather than against the public input that the community takes the time to give the City Council. It is disappointing that Council member Gloria Partida has not engaged with the community when residents have asked her to discuss issues, and she has voted against the will of the people in so many cases. Furthermore, why were there was no “Town and Gown” public meetings with UCD as promised in the City of Davis - UCD MOU when Gloria was mayor? 

We need change and we are fortunate to have Adam, who is such a qualified candidate, running for City Council. Please vote for Adam Morrill because he will take the time to study the issues, listen to our concerns, and help find solutions, rather than approving anything that comes before him.

David McGlocklin

Davis resident


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