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Letter: Vote for Kelsey

If you are concerned about the planet’s climate crisis, please vote for Kelsey Fortune. A major contribution to global warming comes from our car traffic, which would have been made a lot worse by the approval of DISC, which several candidates now running for City Council approved.  Davis really needs wiser planning for innovative transportation and infill planning solutions.

Kelsey Fortune’s training and acumen as a transportation economist, her understanding of how to prioritize infill development including the implementation of the downtown plan, her commitment to a long overdue update of the General Plan, and her proven commitment to prioritizing a just and equitable response to the climate crisis makes her the most qualified candidate for City Council in West Davis. 

Kelsey Fortune is the only District 1 city council candidate that opposed the DISC project/Measure H, defeated by nearly a 2-1 citizen vote, and she did so for all the right reasons. The DISC project was not a forward looking, future-proof development. Some have argued that it would have rescued Davis from the city’s financial troubles by bringing in new taxes. Davis’s fiscal problems have grown over the years by a Ponzi scheme approach to the finances, with new projects always promising to pay for the unanticipated expenses of previous ones. DISC was based on a model of economic development that drains resources out of city centers and impoverishes - not enriches - city coffers.

So, for the sake of our city and our children, who will be living in the environment we create and leave for them, please Vote for Kelsey.  

Don C. Price


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