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Davis Farmers Market open on Christmas and NY eves

Yolo SPCA adoption event Saturday Dec. 17th at Pet Food Express

Peppermint Mocha  a 6-month old tabby male
Peppermint Mocha is an adorable 6-month old male tabby hoping to have a home for the holidays!

(From press release) Yolo SPCA is holding a kitty adoption event Saturday, Dec. 17th at 11am -2pm at Pet Food Express in Oakshade Shopping Center at 2171  Cowell Bvd. in south Davis. There are an array of kittens and some older kitties waiting for their forever home for the holidays! To see the kitties available for  adoption with some information about than as well, please see the Yolo SPCWE website at  https://www.yolospca.org/adopt.html. If you are interested in adopting, it helps to fill in an adoption request form ahead of time on line at https://form.jotform.com/52328506444151/.

 For additional information, contact Yolo SPCA at yolospcafoster@gmail.com. To support and continue their work helping animals, Yolo SPCA welcomes and appreciates monetary donations which can be made online under “donate” at https://www.yolospca.org/.


Alan C. Miller

I was very happy that when I went to the Yolo pound two years ago to adopt kitties, there were only two cats there because there was so much pet adoption going on during the pandemic. Then it broke my heart that many people "returned" their pets to the pound when they found they could no longer take care of them when they returned to work, and pounds nationwide were overwhelmed by pets. Please adopt pets only if you are willing to commit your life to these animals and know you can take care of them!

Alan C. Miller

And damn that's an amazingly patterned cat -- but remember: black cats are apparently adopted at lower rates. I have a black cat -- they are awesome! Hard to photograph, but awesome!!!


" . . . but remember: black cats are apparently adopted at lower rates."

What a racist society. Even black cats don't have any "privilege".

They're probably incarcerated at higher rates at the local pound, as well.

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