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Caring for Our Earth, Caring for Each Other

Celebration-of-abraham-logo(From press release) The Celebration of Abraham, a long-time interfaith organization in Yolo County, extends an invitation to the whole community to join us for our 20th annual community conversation:  “Caring for Our Earth, Caring for Each Other.” Helen Roland, President of Celebration of Abraham explained, “It seemed fitting that our 20th anniversary community conversation theme revisits one of our earlier events of caring for creation, and at the same time expands to reflect a common thread in the Abrahamic faiths recognizing a relationship between stewardship for our earth and for humankind.” The topic was arrived at by a multi-faith group of Celebration of Abraham members who gather monthly to plan for the event.

Regardless of spiritual traditions, all are welcome to join in the virtual ZOOM gathering from 3 pm to 5 pm on Sunday, February 5. Please register here:

As in past years, the gathering will begin with speakers from the three Abrahamic faith traditions providing a perspective on the concept of stewardship and spirituality of the environment. This year the speakers will be Rabbi Julie-Saxe-Taller, Lead organizer for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism; Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Smith, Pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation in Davis; and Dr. Reem Al’Olabi, Phd., Assistant Professor of Biology and Biotechnology, California Northstate University and member of Muslim Davis Engagement and Interfaith Network (DEIN). Moderated breakout rooms will offer opportunity for participants to connect with other community members and reflect on the topic.

Each year the Celebration of Abraham collects a free will offering to benefit a non-profit organization.  Grace Gardens was chosen as the recipient this year because of its faith-based mission at Davis United Methodist Church to grow healthy organic food for the food insecure. This mirrors the theme of caring for our earth and caring for each other. At Grace Gardens volunteers from the community at large are drawn to this interfaith effort to provide fresh organic fruit and vegetables for serving at Davis Community Meals and Housing, Grace in Action, and affordable housing complexes in Davis. Last year the Grace Garden provided over 1,600 pounds of fresh food to these groups.

As in past years, the program will close with local singer-songwriter Randy Ferris leading everyone in signing The Children of Abraham.

For more information about Celebration of Abraham, please visit, and sign up for the newsletter. The members of Celebration of Abraham look forward to seeing you. Please register at this link for the event and to receive event reminders and log-in information:


Ron O

Kind of curious as to what this interfaith group views as "caring for the earth".

In any case, here's what scientists view it as:

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