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Welcome to Al's Corner - "Pouring Gasoline on the Dumpster Fire of Davis Politics" - February 2023

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February starts early at Al's Corner !  To kick off the month, here are some ground rules:  at Al's Corner, you are welcome to make (judged by some others to be) glib comments that you think are humorous in regard to articles pertaining to tragic situations !   See below:

The Moderator of the Davis Vanguard said in response to a comment by RO:  "I suggest that in the future you refrain from glib commentary that you think is humorous on articles pertaining to tragic situations."
RO replied:  "There’s an underlying point to the comment – sorry that you can’t see it."
MW replied:  "[RO] the underlying point is totally obscured by the insensitive glibness. [Moderator] is correct in the future you should refrain from glib commentary that you think is humorous on articles pertaining to tragic situations.  Thank you [Moderator] for calling out this latest example of [RO]’s recurring poor taste and insensitivity."
RO and everyone, don't take this sh*t from that "other" blog.  Tell us how you really feel, at Al's Corner !   Al's Corner understands that RO is making an underlying point using humor, and Al's Corner believes the point is not obscured.  Al's Corner is OK with using humor after a tragedy, just like real people do, like it or not.  Here at Al's Corner, we don't reach way down into our pants in public and pull so hard as to self-inflict the twisting of our knickers so tight that we restrict blood flow, thus becoming morally and functionally similar to puritanical, finger-wagging school xarms.  [A school xarm is a school teacher of no particular biological sex or sexual orientation who is seen to be old-fashioned, likes to control other people, is easily shocked, is extremely severe and strict, lectures others in a condescending manner, is pretentious in communicating their opinion as though it were fact, and is priggish (self-righteously moralistic and superior).  Xarm is pronounced like 'marm' with a 'z' sound at the beginning replacing the 'm' sound.]
At Al's Corner, we believe it's better to be a real human arshole, than to be priggish !   Al's Corner isn't a bunch of priggish peoples deciding that instead of engaging you in conversation, we'll put you down.  The only people we put down are priggish people.   For being priggish.  Al's Corner is more like a bunch of arseholes sitting around a pub saying what they really believe.  And getting into bar fights.  Just make sure the fight doesn't get out of hand and a leads to someone blowing up the Al's Corner gasoline truck parked next to the pub at Al's Corner.  Not only will it destroy Al's Corner, but the mushroom cloud of burning fossil fuels will trigger a global ice age.  Or a global firestorm.  One or the other.  But it will be worse than China and India building coal-fired power plants, that's for sure !  And that statement is evidence-based, MFers !   :-|
Have a short February :-|



I had read the Vanguard moderator's post directed at Ron and felt exactly the same way. Ron's comment was more in response to another commenter's post, not so much to the article itself. What's the goal at the Vanguard, to whittle it down to where only 2 or 3 people dare to comment? What's the end game because in my opinion many of the current Vanguard policies only serve to damage the blog.

Ron O

Pleasantly surprised to see this article.

Keith is right - I was responding to Matt Williams' comment, not to the article itself.

The moderator also (initially) declined to post the following response, as well. However, in a rare "win" on appeal, he subsequently allowed it (and shortly thereafter shut the down the thread, entirely).

Ron O January 30, 2023 at 9:13 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Matt: I’m not commenting on the article itself.

I’m responding to your comment. What other “jobs” do you have in mind for the police to simultaneously perform?

How is my response to your comment in “poor taste” or otherwise “insensitive”?

(Apparently, you can only make "sensitive" comments underneath any of the seemingly-dozens of articles regarding the death of Tyre Nichols. Even if you're just responding to a comment that wasn't directly related to it in the first place.)


So Ron commented again but the moderator ain't having no more of that:

"Moderator January 31, 2023 at 11:07 am
No more comments on this thread, please. If you have ideas for further discussion of the underlying issues, please submit an article for publication."

Alan C. Miller

The Mod should have said: "If you have ideas for further discussion of the underlying issues, please go to Al's Corner."

Please submit an article for publication my arse.


Ron, I seriously don't understand why you even bother posting on the Vanguard and leaving the decision to the whims of the moderator over there as to whether to post your comments or not. I refused to put myself through that aggravation anymore and quit posting.

Ron O

Keith: I am commenting less on there. However, perhaps someone still needs to "sacrifice their sanity" to point out what goes on, there.

Plus, when you're essentially the only one on there challenging the push for development, for example, your individual comments are "louder" (at least).

But it sure is a different Vanguard than it was in the past.

Seems that those who want to engage have drifted to the Davisite. Including folks like Robert Canning, which is nice to see.

Although started by "true progressives", it seems to me that the Davisite is actually the more-welcoming place for conservative views, as well.

I wonder if folks like "Frankly" might be encouraged to engage on here. Or, Rich Rifkin.

I'd also like to see Robb Davis commenting on here, Matt Williams (more often), Don Shor (who seems to read this and sometimes contributes, and others).

Along with Chris Griffith.

(But that's just my "humble opinion".)

Although the Davisite encourages "controversial opinions", it simultaneously does not allow personal attacks. Now, THAT's the way to run a blog!

The Davisite - the place to be free! (Or at least - free from ads and personal attacks.)

Alan C. Miller

This is Alan C. Miller reporting live from the Davis City Council meeting. While sitting here, I notice several of the "Usual Suspects" in the room this evening. Who are the Usual Suspects? Whomever you believe they are! :-| Yay :-|

But just marched into the room: Eight (8) student-appearing persons. Seven out of eight of them wearing masks. Is it the dreaded pizza-for-a-comment College Democrats ????? #scary music#

I'll let you know what they are here for.

OH! . . . three more just walked in and joined the group. One masked, two unmasked. 11 total now.

More to come ?

This is Alan C. Miller, live from the Davis City Council meeting.

Alan C. Miller

The student-appearing-persons are here on the "Revised Housing Element 2021-2029". No indication what group they were with. They did read some similar bullet points.


Alan, I see your council comments were part of a Vanguard article this morning. I just wanted to say that I agree with the points you made. I find it interesting that the Vanguard writes an article a few days ago saying the council needs to step up more on the Memphis incident and here they are last night doing just that. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Alan C. Miller

KO, I'll be that judge. The Council can't help themselves. They jump in front of themselves and each other and the chancellor to show that they are . . . WHAT ? Against a torturous beating-murder by government licensed serve & protectors gone group-violent? Did I ever think any of you local politicians even remotely believed this was a good thing? Hint: I never did. And I doubt you think I am favor of this either.

But then it gets framed in a structure, compared to less horrific incidents, and then to incidents where the officers were possibly justified, and then to police as a whole and then to Davis policing policies. Then it's all about our belief systems and how the incident is framed. And instead of 99% of the country being united in our horror against this, it once again becomes 'us' against 'them' according to our world views and our belief systems.

Now if y'all want to have a vigil, I have no problem with that. If politicians want to speak, as Davis citizens, at those vigils, I have no issue with that. The community gathering to grieve and condemn this horrific incident is fine and has meaning. I'm not into having this become a platform for local government leaders to condemn an obviously heinous act and then engage in 'mission creep'.

The council (speaking as a nebulous entity of the present and the past and probably the future) can't even get it right when they condemn a local issue. When the local Imam called for the death of all Jews, every one of them (confirmed as the words spoken and not a 'metaphor' by other local Muslims who knew the language and condemned the words), non-Jewish white-appearing local politicians stood by in photos in a staged press-conference meant to . . . help? Awkward! And that's an understatement :-|

R.G. seems happy the Chancellor and Council-members condemned the fools on the freeway overpass. Again, I never thought any y'all local politicians supported hate speech against Jews. I am for free speech, even if y'all sign-on-overpass-people want to be jackarses and say stupid things that make you look like the fools and cowards that you are behind your masks. But hey, at least that was a local issue. And people pulled off and yelled at them.

When I am elected to serve on the Davis City Council (and I will serve, though I may be elected posthumously), I will not participate in piling on with speeches on 'popular' national issues that don't have to do with running the City government. I don't elect my City council-members to speak on mega-issues, I elect them to run the City and make City decisions.

But apparently y'all want them to make political statements on Climate Change and condemn group murder and maybe someday take away Davis natural gas stoves for the good of the planet.

Whatever floatz your boatz, Davis. And if your boat capsizes -- relax, it's only Putah Crick. You won't drown, though you may get a nasty infection if you have an open sore. Green River indeed.


On Tuesday in Selma CA a young officer was killed by an early release convict due to the policies enacted by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Fingers are being pointed at the Governor for his role in this death but the Vanguard writes this:

"But advocates would point out that such attacks and focusing on such high profile cases – which may be exceptions is misleading and distorts the public discussion."

I mean seriously, this is exactly what the Vanguard does. David Greenwald often focuses on high profile cases, such as the recent Tyre Nichols case. So for him to now say this about the other side of the issue is so hypocritical..

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Tragically a Young Police Officer Loses His Life, But Right Wing DA’s Blame Governor, Legislature For Shooting of Selma Police Officer" [Vavis Vomitguard, 2-daaaay]

KO: Maybe you unraveled the twisted politics of that article better than I did. I was completely confused as to why the Vanguard spent most of an the article quoting a viewpoint that it doesn't agree with (I think), a viewpoint I found compellling, then tepidly went off on some studies that might show otherwise, or something.

And what is with this 'tradegy' sh*t ? This was a murder. Also, people keep calling what happened in Memphis a 'tragedy'. No, it was a murder, and a torturous one committed by a group of cops. Either way, murder.

A tragedy is when you step in human poop in San Francisco or Davis. A shoe tragedy.

Alan C. Miller

By the way, I am making it my permanent trademark and signature to make glib comments that I find humorous regarding tragic situations. This seems to upset the sensibilities of some at the Vanguard and allows them to point wagging fingers at the judged moral rectumtude of those they disagree with, instead of engaging them on the issues. (Rectumtude is when one party thinks the other party's morals are sh*t.) Thus, I aim to be as offensive as possible in order to allow them to judge me and feel good about their own, superior morality. I am here to help.

Note: I will refrain in the case of temporally recent Davis (even Yolo-ish) tragedies (and/or murders). I do have some rectitude :-|

Ron O

"Hate-Free Together comprises three key actions. We will condemn hate and all forms of bigotry, refusing to stand silent in the face of hateful words and actions."

Wow - so brave!

"We will work to create safety among our diverse community."

What the hell does that mean, and how does it decrease "hatred" or "bigotry"? Are you going to start arresting people on campus or in the city? (Perhaps via a special unit of city or campus police, which arrests those engaging in "hatred"? Sort of a "thought police" type of unit?)

"And, we will cultivate change so we can break the cycle of hate."

Uh, huh. What about those who hate meaningless platitudes, or are concerned that universities are increasingly-failing to teach what free speech means? (Which, by clamping down on it - likely facilitates "hate"?)

"In the coming months, you’ll hear much more about how you can get involved. Our initial plans include a series of community workshops, a website with more information and a range of resources and other action plans."

I can hardly wait, as I've always found that "workshops, websites, resources, and action plans" work so-well, especially to eradicate hate. And I'm sure that whomever is engaging in the "hatred" that you're objecting to will show up to "learn" how to overcome it.

Where can I sign up? (But again, since I'm more interested in eradicating meaningless platitudes - will that topic be covered?)

Alan C. Miller

RO, are you making glib comments regarding tragic events?

Welcome to Al's Corner!

I'm sure a website with resources will eradicate racist f*ckwads. Read a web-page, melt the hate!

"Hate is the virus" indeed! I bet he thought he "may" have had something there with that one.

The difference of course is that decent people don't catch that virus. Nor do indecent people read websites and go to workshops.

And yeah, I am also concerned about the thought police aspect. I'll bet there are some that think are the haters who believe others are the haters. The thought police. Arborists and bloggers and lawyers. Oh, my! Thought police. Neener Neener !!!


"It’s time to work together again to target the virus of hate. UC Davis, the city of Davis and Yolo County have formed an initiative called Hate-Free Together to take action against the rise of local hate incidents."

Oh good, I guess this means that Davis will be "chancell-ing" hate to make sure conservative speakers and voices can be heard on campus without leftist groups shouting them down or attempting to smash auditorium glass with metal barriers.

Alan C. Miller

Wow, I just read that article in the Enterprise. Wasn't sure what RO was referring to. What a empty string of hollow platitudes and vapor words. This is nothing but a feel good initiative to make politicians look good. I am actually horrified by this. Does anyone believe a positive attitude of a politician, not-being silent, cultivating change and manifesting safety [whatever the f*ck any of those actually mean] is a cure for deep-seated hate in hateful people? This is the biggest load of vaporized sh*t I've ever read.

Oh look everyone. The website, is rising. Rising. Into the sky. Beams are coming out. They are loud, not silent beams! Powerful! And yet safe, for targeted groups. A shield of safety is emerging from the hovering magical website. And the beams. The beams. Oh my God, they struck a racist! He's burning, burning his blood is boiling. He is being drawn into the mighty hovering website. Oh my God, he exploded over Davis, boiling racist body parts everywhere! But the shield of safety from the magic craft has protected targeted groups throughout the city. With pop-up tents. Magical pop-up tents.

Darn, an eyeball landed in the parking lot of the police station. And a dog ate it.

The website has retracted back into the dark web. I love Healthy Davis Together!!! Oh, I mean Hate Free Together . . . Davis/Yolo . . .

Where did that dog go?

I hope that was glib and insensitive enough for the do-gooder pearl-clutchers of Davis who believe this program will put a dent in actual racism. If not, I will try harder. To be glib. Or, I should really move on to irreverent and droll.

Alan C. Miller

Wait, wait, ooooo, oh, oooo, oh ... ... ... I've got it! I figured out how to get rid of hate in Yolo County -- it came to me in a dream, and I have to write it down. Picture this:

A stove top. A frying pan. "This is your brain". Zoom out. A coconut on the counter next to the stove top. A hand and lower arm lifts the frying pan high. "This is your brain on hate". The arm swings the bottom of the frying pan violently down onto the coconut. The coconut explodes. "Any Questions?" The Yolo No Hate Together website is shown in white letters on the bottom of the screen. And . . . fade.

Run that baby on broadcast TV and the Davis Cable Channel and Aggie TV for about 75 years, and hate will be totally eradicated from the County. And we'll have snipers at all border crossings (including back roads and creeks), shooting any and all haters crossing into our hate-free sterility zone on site. That too.

Whatcha all think?


So I have to wonder who determines what is deemed as hate speech? Some of it we can all agree on but how about views that are on the fringe? Who makes the final determination? Who is this GOD of SPEECH?

What are these "range of resources and other action plans" that will be implemented and who determines who and where it will be directed at?

Just as liberals/progressives often view conservatives as being hateful conservatives can feel the same way about the left.

So where does this all lead?

Alan C. Miller

KO: So I have to wonder who determines what is deemed as hate speech?

My guess is that those who determine what is deemed as hate speech will be the same people who think "Hate-Free Davis Together" is going to do anything about racism or hate speech. i.e., we are doomed.


A Vanguard article this morning states:

"At the same time, beyond that I’m not sure how much the local community can do. We have reported on the rise of right wing extremists groups locally – the Proud Boys who showed up at a campus protest and escalated the situation to potential violence.

The Chancellor of course fails to mention that recent incident, he also fails to mention the rise of right wing extremism which lies at the core of these hate incidents and is a key driver for them.

How do you address these things when you don’t mention them? More importantly, how much can we do locally when the seeds of hate were planted nationally?

I get it, in this space, we want to avoid this looking partisan, but by doing so, we are avoiding the actual problem."

So I ask, how do you mention the Proud Boys showing up to the protest without also highlighting the fact the the leftist protesters were trying to shut down free speech which included trying to smash the auditorium windows with steel barricades? So yes, you do look partisan, and you are avoiding the problem by not also mentioning the violence coming from the left.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Sunday Commentary: We Have a Big Problem With No Clear Answer"

The quoting of me in the Vanguard, again, on the same subject, is getting weird. Not even sure it's worth commenting on. Except it's weird and not even clear what the point was this time. Gooma Gooma.

I get it, in this space, we want to avoid this looking partisan, but by doing so, we are avoiding the actual problem.

You get what? What space? We live in Davis, we live by UC Woke & Inclusive. I think 'we' are way past avoiding looking like Democrats.

It’s just like people who claim they don’t see race and then wondering why we can’t address racism.

Who does that? Weird, made up, people?

I think both the city council and chancellor mean well here,

They mean something here. Like, 'thoughts & prayers' over a tradedy, it's become tiring having to have yet another forced round of politician's statements on how disgusted they are by racist acts. We never doubted you were.

but at the end of the day, I’m not sure how much they can actually do locally to address these problems.

And on that we agree . . . except we don't. You just got through saying that we must do things like stronger statements, making certain illegal things unenforced, and address problems withing the local police department . . . so you actually do think that we can do things to address the problems locally, so not sure why you just said otherwise.

What is the point of reading the Vanguard except to mock it?

Ron O

Anyone who thinks that groups like the Proud Boys are an "enormous problem" is searching too hard for problems.

And the folks who have problems with those type of groups are often creating problems, themselves.

For most others, clashes between them might serve as a form of "infotainment". Created by people who don't have enough problems in their own lives, and feel a need to seek additional problems.

And anyone who thinks that the Davis police are on the verge of dragging someone out of their car for no reason (and then beating them to death) based upon skin color is simply detached from reality.

Along with anyone who believes that "disproportionate" interactions with police have nothing to do with differences in crime rates. (In fact, these people might be the most-dangerous of all, in regard to safety for a given community. The reason that they're dangerous is because some of those "in charge" also seem to subscribe to that view.

Ron O

Davis, CA -This week, the city council approved a statement against the police killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis. UC Davis Chancellor Gary May issued a statement against hate. Both were unfortunately necessarily, but neither of them goes nearly far enough.

How's this:

"I really and truly hate hate."

"I also hate unrelated, unjustified killings by the police or anyone else which primarily occurs in other places. Usually not involving the police at all, other than to try to solve the crime."

(That should address your concern, thereby allowing you to focus your attention on your continued attempt to undermine Measure J.)

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Outrage drives changes in society" [Davis Enterprise 2/4/2023]

I was prepared to hate this. But no, it was well-balanced, with statements such as:

"What to do about police violence? Vigilance is the first line of defense, but appreciating the police and holding them to account helps. Not many police officers feel appreciated, and that isn’t good for them or for society."

Such a relief after being beaten over the head by the Davis Vanguard. Self-inflicted, unfortunately. I didn't have to stand under hammer without a helmet.

Ron O

Alan M.

Yeap, that is a good article. And to reiterate one of the points, I've also known white people who have had significant trouble with the police - who were reacting to an "uncooperative attitude". Which the police should not react to - but was accepted, back in the day.

Glad that there's so many cameras these days.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Why Commissions Could Be Seen As a Proxy Fight for the Davis Housing Wars" [Favis Flantard, two day]

"Davis, CA – On the surface, it looks like a nerd issue. The ultimate of inside baseball. Commissions. It’s hard to get excited about the issues."

Commissioners are nerds. OK. Maybe we need commission cheerleaders to help us get excited about the issues. Rah-Rah-Shish-Boom-Measure-J! Rah-Rah-Shish-Boom-Infill! Rah-Rah-Shish-Boom-Affordable-Housing!

And yet there we had the spectacle of Colin Walsh yelling up to the dais in the middle of the meeting and Mayor Will Arnold responding by likening his conduct to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s shouting down President Biden.

The real proxy is that the title of the article is a proxy for DG having an excuse to bring up the "spectacle". Again.

Roberta L. Millstein

The real proxy is that the title of the article is a proxy for DG having an excuse to bring up the "spectacle". Again.

Exactly. And then mention his usual evil demon, the no-growthers, as though everything the commissions talk about somehow relates to growth (?!?!) and the only people to be concerned about the commissions being squelched are slow-growthers (?!?!)

Greenwald never missing an opportunity to beat the same drum again, even when there is no drum.

Alan C. Miller

YIMBYs are sick f*cks

--ALter Schwing!


Alan, that’s exactly what I thought when I read that article with the Colin Walsh MTG comparison. It made for another way to take a cheap shot. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly except a 10 story affordable housing project next door to my home.

Alan C. Miller

KO: "If I’m wrong I’ll gladly except a 10 story affordable housing project next door to my home."

Oh, yeah? Well I'll accept eleven.

For reals: I, Alan Miller, did "accept" a five-story, 700-student housing project 200' from my living-room window. I worked with the developer personally, as did others in my neighborhood, and wrote up an MOU.

So if anyone, ever, calls me a NIMBY, I'm gonna slap you upside the face :-|

Roberta L. Millstein

Alan, Alan, Alan. There are two kinds of people in the world -- 1) those who accept every and all development project without question and 2) the NIMBYs. There is no in between. When will you learn??

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Tainted Trials, Part Two: 49er Gold-Digging Attorneys and Cops"

To protect the privacy of Jane Doe, and her family, we will not be republishing her name.

What is the point of 'protecting the privacy' of a person whose name you can find in 17 seconds via an internet search? My guess is to show how virtuous the Davis Vanguard is. Look, I understand if one chooses not to be part of spreading her name, but to claim it is to protect her privacy is a bit over the top.

I bow to the oracle of the Davis Vanguard and genuflect in the awesomeness of its virtue.

Alan C. Miller

"There are two kinds of people in the world -- 1) those who accept every and all development project without question and 2) the NIMBYs. There is no in between. When will you learn??"

I am Alan Miller. I was born 'in between'.

Truth be told, I people who 'think' are more of a threat to the 'every and all' crowd than actual 'zero growth' people are. Zero growth are predictable. Us Tweeners are not. But it is much simpler for the Evil Ones to sweep everyone who isn't with them under the NIMBY carpet and then do the Stomp Dance.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Criminalizing the Fentanyl Health Crisis in Yolo County" [Davis VGaard, 2-day]

" . . . if somebody’s convicted of driving under the influence . . . they’re given a warning about the dangers of drunk driving,” Reisig says. “And they’re told specifically if you drive drunk again and you kill somebody, you could be charged with murder.”

As you should be. I don't even think we should be nearly as tolerant as we are about drunk driving. Doing something stupid that threatens to kill innocent people and actually killing them is really the same thing, sans the luck factor."

“It’s a public health issue . . . And I think that we’re making it into a criminal issue.”

No, let me hold your hand and walk you through this: use of drugs is a health issue. Selling drugs is a criminal issue.

#eggfrying# Any questions?


Ron O

"Zero growth are predictable."

Are my ears burning?

Actually, I might be "negative growth" (based upon the state's population trends, at this point).

I understand that HCD may soon be requiring San Francisco to tear-down houses, due to that city's declining population. All part of my diabolical (but "predictable") plan.

Roberta L. Millstein

AM writes, "Truth be told, I people who 'think' are more of a threat to the 'every and all' crowd than actual 'zero growth' people are. Zero growth are predictable. Us Tweeners are not."

Agreed, except I think that there are few if any real zero growthers. It's a convenient fiction because...

"it is much simpler for the Evil Ones to sweep everyone who isn't with them under the NIMBY carpet and then do the Stomp Dance."

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: “Criminalizing the Fentanyl Health Crisis in Yolo County”

Walter Shwe February 11, 2023 at 1:15 pm
The so called War on Drugs clearly didn’t work either.

How's the War on Murder going? The War on Death? The War on Suicide? The War on Robbery? The War on Car Accidents? The War on Dumbasses? How are all these wars going?


Don’t forget the “Housing Wars” that the VanCanard wrote a story about .

Alan C. Miller

Oh yeah thank God the Housing Wars are over.

Who won the war?

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Culture Wars Are Coming To Our Schools; We Better Wake Up" [Zavid Zanflard, tooooodae]

Oh, speaking of wars, more wars! Oh Goodie Goodie!

For a number of months I have been watching on the sidelines, somewhat silent

Somewhat silent? Is that like 'almost invisible' ? Why so almost silent, oh blogged one? Just couldn't find a single article on housing that didn't need to ever be published, ever?

. . . as a local cultural war is heating up locally.

The local war is heating up locally. Deep. Very very . . . Deep. And ya know what? The national war is heating up nationally. And the international war is heating up internationally!

. . . maybe it's pushback over programs for trans students

What sort of programs ? What sort of pushback ?

This reminds me of is that article a few weeks ago that talked about the same subjects, but didn't describe what the actual initiatives in question were so there was no way to form any opinions.

This week, the Davis Schools Foundation in an op-ed this week . . .

So this week there was an op-ed this week. Got it.

. . . warned that “our kids, our schools, and our community have recently come under assault. In recent weeks, Davis Parent University received hostile communications and felt pressured to cancel the latest installment of its lecture series . . .

Do we get to hear the nature of these 'hostile communications'? Because without the specifics, people will fill in whatever they want.

The speaker, Rachel Pepper, is a therapist who wrote the book, The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals to Support Transgender and Non-binary Kids.

That doesn't really "explain". Can someone summarize what the views are in this book that are controversial? Also, I'm unclear how a virtual speaker series could manifest a threat, nor why the best choice was seen as giving in to those 'being hostile', thus giving them the power.

I feel like no one is speaking plainly here, and it appears to be on purpose. Not on the subject, not on the threats. From what I have gleaned from the national issue, there is:

• Concern of government having power over kids rather than parents;
• The issue of children being acknowledged by the gender they choose as their identity;
• The issue of giving medications and/or surgery to children who wish to psychically transition.

Seems the issues are being talked about in muddled terms so one can Mott & Bailey their opponents into corners without it being clear what issue is even being discussed. The depth and scope of #2 is quite different from #3.

What really PISSES ME OFF about the way this is being presented by the Davis Vanguard is that the typical DV 'us vs. them' narrative fails to acknowledge that anyone besides 'right wing' people have concerns about #3. While the 'Proud Boys' may not have a problem speaking at a School Board meeting and stating their views and being screamed at by the crowd, "Facists! Facists!" in a public meeting, I doubt a typical Davis leftist with concerns about #3 would speak up in such a volatile environment.

And yet, nationally, there are left-leaning people who are raising such concerns. Even citing evidence-based evidence (to keep with the DV writing style of the morning). With predictable backlash. A few examples of issues brought up, of many: Pointing out that some European countries are slowing or halting such practices with children. Pointing out a lack of data on long-term effects. Some who have transitioned young now expressing their regrets.

On a personal note, a close relative has a child who now identifies as a different gender than what we previously knew them as. All of us have had difficulty getting the pronouns right and are doing better over time. And everyone at the latest family gathering, I believe sincerely, see the choice to newly identify as very fitting for that child and are supportive. I discussed with one of the parents and they said the issue of surgery, 'had not come up'. Curious the parent's thoughts if it does.

I do believe there are many situations when parents are not open to a child's choices and/or do not know how to discuss. This is hardly unique to this issue. The school identifying the student as to the gender they choose is quite a different matter than the school encouraging or assisting a child to have surgery without the parent's involvement. And in what I read about Davis, I have no clear idea if this does or could happen, here. Anyone care to fill us in with plain language that anyone can clearly understand?

Another thing I don't understand is why anyone would think that a solution to flawed parents is school administrators and school bureaucracy? I have zero direct experience with Davis schools, but my recollection of public school administrators were that they were not the brightest bulbs in the box. And from what I have heard indirectly it appears the lumen levels have only diminished over time. So why would anyone put their faith in such persons for such an important and critical aspect of a child's life, that doesn't relate to the mission of the institution: education?

And over at the DV Comments Section as of 11:30am . . . no comments :-|

"Better Wake Up!"


Here’s a great article from the viewpoint of a liberal Democrat parent dealing with this situation in Maine. It’s well worth the read.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "The Latest Phase of the Housing Crisis Will Tell Us Which Way Things Will Go"

DG: "The coming weeks and months will be very interesting to follow."

If years more of mind-numbing, pro-YIMBY (evil developer, not that all developers are evil) bile is one's definition of interesting, it will be very interesting indeed.

Kill me.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Culture Wars Are Coming to Our Schools – We’d Better Wake Up”

Dave Hart February 12, 2023 at 3:46 pm

Thanks for shining some light on the local impact of the culture war against normal people by the white patriarchy (WP).

So war has been declared. It's against "normal people". Inflicted by the WP ("white patriarchy"). So, who are the WP? Are they all white people? Are any people of color in the WP patriarchy even if they aren't white? Are some white people exempt from the patriarchy? Are any white people "normal people" ? So many questions!

The problems faced by youth in our schools in coming to terms with their respective gender identity is just one more facet to the bigger, long term difficulty of not being heard or seen by those cocooned inside the WP.

What are the other 'facets' of long term difficulty of youth not being heard or seen by those cocooned inside the WP ? And why are they cocooned? And if they are cocooned, could they not emerge as beautiful butterflys?

Some of us are more resistant to fighting our way out of that bag,

Some 'some of us' being *not you* therefore 'us' without 'you'. And what 'bag' ? I thought it was a cocoon . . . or is a cocoon a sort of 'bag' in your eyes?

content to leave “well enough alone” and tell the victims of all manner of crimes

What 'crimes' are we speaking of, the ones that there are all manners of ?

that it’s really their own fault for not _________ ( fill in the blank).

YOU fill in the blank! I don't know what the F you are talking about, so at least fill in the blank. And why is it 'their own fault', and who is 'they' at this point ?

The school age generation now coming up is far beyond what most of us can claim in our respective childhoods and early adulthoods.

The 'school age generation now coming up' are 'far beyond' ? In what way are they 'far beyond' exactly? As in "Bed, Bath & Beyond" ? Or 'far out' and 'beyond help' ? I'm not following how you are seeing them . . . like not at all. And I wasn't 'claiming' anything, and neither was anyone else as far as I can see. Why would anyone claim to 'far beyond' ? Maybe you are 'far beyond' having the ability to explain what this means ?

I’m more hopeful than ever.


Alan C. Miller

Star Light, Star Bright . . . the first star I see tonight (or bird this morning, or something). I wish I may, I wish I might . . . not see a housing article in the Davis Vanguard!

#Turns-to-Vanguard#: "Legislation Would Extend SB 35 to Streamline Housing Production, Extend and Expand the ‘Builder’s Remedy’"

And oh Holy Jesus, it's a picture of Senator Scott Wiener - Oh Lord Please God Help Me!!! All the starts are going supernova! All the birds are falling from the sky!

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Monday Morning Thoughts: The Latest Phase of the Housing Crisis Will Tell Us Which Way Things Will Go"

Richard_McCann February 13, 2023 at 10:38 am

All of those communities you list in the Bay Area are privileged white enclaves wanting to keep the riff raff out.

Race? Really?

How about wealth?

And for most these days I don't believe it's about keeping 'riff raff' out. It's about not having the character of their communities changed. I don't mean by skin color, I mean architecture and not having highrises go up next to houses, big or small. Like the Trackside fight. I don't remember a single person in our neighborhood saying they were afraid of "who" would be in Tracksdie (except maybe it shouldn't be the rich people they were seeking), but rather the building itself.

Race? Really?

No need to bring up race, but since it already was -- what 'race' showed up to in Chambers when they proposed the homeless day respite center out on 2nd Street under the bike bridge? Hint: It wasn't 'white' appearing people.

Also, I was recently helping educate some people in the Bay Area who were having homeless camping and high-density housing proposed in adjacent lots currently holding religious institutions. I was helping them because they were perplexed and naive about current 'woke' politics that hey were facing and needed help. Hint: the majority were not 'white' appearing people.

Another hint: with a broad racial brush for those who want to use such, they could be considered the same 'mega-race'. God, I'm making myself ill talking like y'all race-obsessed people. But y'all started it.

It's about wealth. And yes, the white-appearing do ON AVERAGE have a lot of it, and due to historic inequities. What to do about that is another issue. All I'm saying is those who were concerned about zoning/siting issues in both the cases cited above were mostly 'not white appearing'. So saying 'white' is just plain factually wrong. And oh so inconvenient.

And we all learned last week that there is at least one black-appearing family in Atherton!

Who knew?

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "CA Assembly Bill will End Use of Police Canines Linked to Racism" [Yavis Yanguard today]

Note: Despite the title, the bill is not about ending the use of racist dogs, it's about ending the use of police canines completely because the use of police dogs was deemed by the bill authors to be a racist practice.

What's Next?: "CA Assembly Bill will End Use of Police Guns Linked to Racism"

What's Next Next?: "CA Assembly Bill will End Use of Police Officers Linked to Racism"

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "San Francisco DA Confirms Arrest in Connection to Synagogue Shooting" [Javis Janguard, today]

Firstly, this is a historic day. The Davis Vanguard is using their stock photo of DA Jenkins above an article that does not trash her.

“Prosecution of this case will be handled by the new vulnerable Victims Unit . . . "

Are their victims that are not vulnerable? If you were victimized, seems like you were vulnerable or you wouldn't have been victimized. Did they really need a 'new' unit for this? Also, how long before people start routinely start referring to the VULnerable Victims Unit as VULVU?

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said, “This is another deplorable example where our Jewish Community has been targeted for who they are and what they believe…"

What they believe? I guess DA Jenkins has never heard the joke about putting two Jews in a room and getting three opinions.

" . . . there is no doubt that anti-Semitism is real . . . "

If there is no doubt, why bring it up?

" . . . and we must stand for our Jewish Community against it”

Stand for? I'd rather you stand *with* our community than for it.

I'm going to say again my pet peeve: "Antisemitism" is softball term for "Hatred of Jews" -- it's like using the term "Human Trafficking" instead of "Rape Slavery".

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "AG Warns Huntington Beach Proposed Ordinance Violates State Housing Law" [DV-2day]

Walter Shwe February 15, 2023 at 5:19 am

Right on HCD and Attorney General Rob Bonta! Down with NIMBYISM in all its ugly forms! 👍

The DV continues to allow the pejorative 'NIMBY' while not allowing pejoratives that go against the politic of the DV. Even amplified the pejorative with 'ugly'.

F*ck the DV and its hypocrisy. And replace the asterisk with a "u".

Alan C. Miller

Hey everyone, I have an announcement:

I'm shutting down Al's Corner. It's been a great run.

Alan C. Miller

Hey everyone, I have an announcement:

I changed my mind. Al's Corner will continue. Spasmodically.

Ron O

Do NOT shut down Al's Corner - spasmodically-speaking.


Alan C. Miller

A fan ?

Ron O

There's probably more than one fan.

But it's not about being a fan of anyone in particular.

Al's Corner is an alternative place to put forth one's own comments or references to local issues, without being attacked (or engaging in endless nonsense).

The best part about Al's Corner is that the commenter is the one who selects the subject - without necessarily writing an entire article.

There are no "off-topic" comments in Al's Corner. (Though for the regular contributors, the "topic" is usually in response to whatever the Vanguard puts forth.)

Alan C. Miller

Yes, the intent is for an open forum for anyone who cares to post about anything, sans personal insults (some leeway for public personas) and doxxing (of all). Personal insults are OK for one small population -- the Vanguard (especially insulting young female students barely in their 20's by men in their 50's and 60's -- not only is that allowed, but it is celebrated. We even have a party in Central Park with fireworks to celebrate this dynamic).

For me, mostly a place to make comments on Vanguard articles and comments, since I can't post there, because they banned me, because they are tiny little weenies. That was a personal insult :-( or two :-(

Alan C. Miller

I rarely "out" my jokes-with-a-purpose -- but the thing about students above was a joke, one twisted around the flagpole of the Vanguard's ban of Alan C. Miller like a speeding drunk driver's careening Volkswagen bus.


"I'm shutting down Al's Corner. It's been a great run."

I'm sure David Greenwald got excited for a second there.

"I changed my mind. Al's Corner will continue. Spasmodically."

Just to quickly be let down... LOL

The world needs Al's Corner, the corner where all ideals and free speech are allowed, where contributions are not subject to the whims and biased politics of some immoderater. (Bidlin gets total credit for that term, but it fits so well)

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: “Seminal Housing Laws Really Haven’t Opened the Floodgates Despite Fears By Opponents and Hopes By Supporters”

Did you hear that folks? Opponents have "fears". I'd characterize it as "hate". And "hopes" are "delusions".

David Greenwald Post authorFebruary 16, 2023 at 8:19 am

Nevermind that there are published studies that directly contradict Tim’s assertions.

Did you hear that foks? These studies are published.


"Nevermind that there are published studies that directly contradict Tim’s assertions.

Did you hear that foks? These studies are published."

Published and handpicked with no bias whatsoever. Studies and polls ain't what they used to be, most can no longer be trusted.


Oh, it just got interesting. David Greenwald being challenged by a real journalist.

"zeldabronstein February 16, 2023 at 9:27 am
Where’s the proof that 48 hills’ editor Tim Redmond’s claims have been “thoroughly debunked”? To my knowledge, they’ve never been challenged by the supply side missionaries. Disclosure: I write for 48 hills. Here’s my take on “Supply Sophistry,” posted last April:"

Alan C. Miller

If you are a True Believer, every study and every poll that fits your narrative is correct and true. And every pejorative that slams your enemies is justified because they are evil.

Ron O

Yeap - I was pleasantly-surprised to see Zelda Bronstein challenge David, as well. I didn't even know who she was.

Perhaps the "lesson" here is that you never know "who" is reading the Vanguard (or the Davisite)?


Hmmmmm, I also noticed that David hasn't responded yet. That strikes me as odd because David usually has a comeback and from my experience he rarely owns up to being wrong or giving in.

Alan C. Miller

KO: "David usually has a comeback and from my experience he rarely owns up to being wrong or giving in."

That's really unfair of you, Keith. There was this one time . . . #harp# . . . back in November of 2015 . . . #harp# . . . I remember it . . . like it was yesterday . . . #harp# . . .

R Keller

To continue on the current topic: Richard McCann may be an economist but he has no experience or expertise in housing and real estate economics. He’s way out of his depth and it’s funny to see him exposed by someone who knows the studies and topic in detail.

As far as Greenwald goes: he just makes up sh*t. It’s amazing how much someone can write about a topic (housing) while never learning anything.


David Greenwald writes this morning:

"I keep reading in certain circles that we don’t have a housing crisis in California because California is now losing population."

And what "certain circles" is that?

Ron O. ?


R Keller writes:

"To continue on the current topic: Richard McCann may be an economist but he has no experience or expertise in housing and real estate economics. He’s way out of his depth and it’s funny to see him exposed by someone who knows the studies and topic in detail."

Awww, but he does know where Ron lives:

"Richard_McCann February 16, 2023 at 10:20 am
Please don’t respond to an individual who doesn’t live in Davis (I have proof)"

Alan C. Miller

KO: "And what "certain circles" is that? Ron O. ?"

That's the only person, I'm sorry 'circle', I have heard say that around these parts. I always thought Ron O. was a person. Who knew they were only a geometric form without corners. Maybe it's the two O's in the name that DG mistook for 'certain circles'.


"Richard_McCann February 16, 2023 at 10:20 am
Please don’t respond to an individual who doesn’t live in Davis (I have proof)"

But what does Richard McCann do today, he responds to Ron O. who doesn't live in Davis:

"BTW, a study from 2015 isn’t necessarily “out of date”–David stated that it had been debunked. Ron, get that straight."

So what is it Richard, can commenters respond to Ron O or not?


"That's the only person, I'm sorry 'circle', I have heard say that around these parts. I always thought Ron O. was a person. Who knew they were only a geometric form without corners. Maybe it's the two O's in the name that DG mistook for 'certain circles'."

Is that like the when David writes articles for the Vanguard referring to himself as "we"?

Or like referring to sources and references as "some people say"?

Alan C. Miller

KO: " . . . he responds to Ron O. who doesn't live in Davis"

Allegedly !!!

Is that like the when David writes articles for the Vanguard referring to himself as "we"?

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together" -- Lennon/McCartney

. . . Or in 2023, perhaps: "He is they and she is they and he is we and we are all together" ?

KO: Or like referring to sources and references as "some people say"?

That's known as "passive (aggressive) voice" ;-)

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "NAACP Declares Community Still in Fear in Wake of Buffalo Mass Shooter Life in Prison without Parole Sentence"

Isn't the current progressive mindset that LIPWP is an excessive sentence for any and all crimes?

there is no place for hate in a democracy

Good luck with that.

the news media has a “responsibility to stop the spread of misinformation that directly contributes to the proliferation of racist conspiracy theories that motivate domestic terrorists . . . "

Who decides what is 'misinformation' ?

He added that when major media giant corporations do not meet their responsibilities, “[i]t is up to our federal law enforcement officials to hold them accountable for their role in the tragedies that occur as a result.”

Well, there is the answer to my first question: they believe 'federal law enforcement officials' are responsible. And, suddenly the call is to *fund* these federal police, because feds are so moral and noble and knowing ? And how does one prove cause & effect between 'media giant corporations' not meeting 'their responsibilities' and 'their role in the tragedies' ?

Johnson added the NAACP will continue to fight against white supremacy and advocate for policies to dismiss extreme hate agendas to “[e]nsure our communities are protected.”

I'm not fan of extreme hate agendas, or even mild hate agendas -- but how does a 'policy' 'dismiss' these 'agendas' in a way that will 'ensure' that 'communities are protected' ?

Ron O

Keith: "I always thought Ron O. was a person. Who knew they were only a geometric form without corners. Maybe it's the two O's in the name that DG mistook for 'certain circles'."

In my opinion, anyone who has a short last name that begins with the letter "O" is "O.K", in my book.

And is part of the "circle", challenging the Vanguard.

I'd also include those with a last name that begins with "M', but there's a notable exception to that.

R Keller

Richard McCann in 3 short acts:

1) “Please don’t respond to an individual who doesn’t live in Davis.”

2) responds to the alleged individual

3) “Here’s an article in the San Francisco Chronicle…”

I wonder if he has recovered from the scorch marks that Zelda Bronstein left? (Didn’t he also respond to that individual who doesn’t live in Davis?)

Alan C. Miller

I was just thinking this evening how blessed we are in Davis to have such a high-quality local journalistic source as the Davis Vanguard.

. . . and then the mescalin wore off.


It's Saturday, 2/18/2023, Groundhog Day? The Vanguard article of the day:

"My View: Davis Needs To Do More To Promote Housing Solutions"

Alan, pass the mescalin.

Alan C. Miller

Mescalin cocktails at my place at 4pm! All are invited! Except YIMBYs, people who write poorly and obsessively in blogs about housing, College Democrats, former supervisors who push district elections on cities, and plant shop owners who live in other counties.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Commentary: Why We Write"

When Stephen King enumerated his “Twenty Tips for Writing” his number one tip was: “First write for self, then worry about the audience.”

David Greenwald certainly subscribes to the Stephen King School of Writing, although the later of the two is lacking in his learnings.

In writing for self, we reveal a multitude of thoughts, emotions, memories, and conflicts.

Obsession with Davis Housing comes to mind.

Ron O

In my opinion, David's concern for housing is primarily related to his desire to support an oversized school district.

Josh Chapman's comments in today's Vanguard article are particularly-concerning.

The overall "message" seems to be that Affordable housing should be built (and "poor" students recruited primarily to avoid right-sizing the school system).

And that the council will attempt to use this same argument to try to undermine Measure J. (Despite the fact that Measure J already has an exemption for Affordable housing.)

Reminds me of how some encourage illegal immigration so that we have poverty-level workers for jobs that "Americans" won't do. (The result being that those workers are forced into substandard housing.)

The shooting incident in Half Moon Bay comes to mind, though (as usual) the YIMBYs attempted to claim that this was a reason to build more (market-rate?) housing. (Apparently, the shooter or others working there lived on site, in some rather questionable "housing".)

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Black Colorado Ranchers Claim ‘Modern Day KKK Assault,’ but Sheriff Arrests Them – NAACP and ACLU Providing Support"

This is a *fascinating* case. I have no doubt that there is good old fashioned racism in rural eastern Colorado -- and by good I don't mean good -- that could be leading to harassment of this couple. But there is a lot more to this dispute that was left out, such as the incident of the ranchers discharging a shotgun when visited by a server to serve a warrant on them, or that one of their ranch hands was murdered in an unsolved case. I give some links below, but you can dive as deep as you wish. The last is a long press conference by the sheriff's department that I despite the length I found riveting. Clearly, social media's ugliness in amplifying tensions looms as a backstory. {Note: Copy the text before it blurs to get around the paywall -- read this one, it tells both sides in depth} [This one is well done as well]

Alan C. Miller

Alright, now I've watched the entire Facebook release from the Sheriff.

Many may not agree with me on this, but at this point I am siding with the Mallery's. Not that Nicole makes an entirely sympathetic figure; but hey, neither do I. But despite the Sheriff's attempt to paint her as 'combative, non-compliant, attacking officers and making racial slurs against a black woman officer' -- all of which is true as such, what I saw was a terrified, traumatized woman in a complete freak out for being restrained and heading for jail. All of which I feel deeply. I have seen a lot of performative 'for the camera' racial or racialized incidents, and this didn't strike me as one. This struck me as someone who could not handle being restrained.

Now a lot of the behavior listed isn't cool and possibly not legal, like surveilling/taunting the neighbor or chasing people away from the bus stop. Hard to understand the context of this and if they are at fault.

But . . . the important thing is going back to the process server approaching the property, and then going past 'no trespassing' signs and walking around all their buildings. Seems the guy had a death wish doing that in rural eastern Colorado. And all I've seen online is conflicting reports about whether that is legal or not. If it is legal, it is stupid as f*ck.

And from her point of view, a woman, alone, naked in a house and looks out the window and sees a guy out there snooping around. I would have grabbed my shotgun, no doubt. And this, by the way, is why rural Americans need guns. No police force can protect them in time, and what keeps them safe is criminals know almost every one of them has a gun. I know this also because years ago someone walked under my kitchen window before the path was gated, and I grabbed a long knife and confronted them. In retrospect, yeah, I was more likely to get stabbed than the other way around -- but just pointing out when you see a stranger where they aren't supposed to be, you just act, unexpectedly to yourself sometimes -- and I wasn't a woman alone on a rural property who could have feared a rape. Had that been the case damn straight I'd grab the shotgun. (just to wrap, the guy said he was just confused and thought the path in my yard looked like a public path to the next street).

As for the discharge -- it did sound like she discharged the weapon. I haven't yet found if the forensics on the gun showed that they found it to have been fired or not. That isn't something that is a 'maybe'. But again, I'm a woman alone on a ranch and a guy shows up creeping around outside, I very likely would have fired a warning shot to scare him off. I don't know about the legality of his going onto the land and creeping around, and I don't know about the legality of a warning shot. She clearly lied about it if indeed it was fired. But I don't think he should be able to trespass without first trying to make contact in a safer manner, and I understand about firing the gun.

Clearly there is racism going on, but hard to say where it is. I can't tell for sure if the ranchers are playing the race card or if the neighbors and cops are racist or both. And once social media is involved, the whole thing goes down the crapper. The cops also implied Nicole had a record that was a factor that caused them to decide to bring in the SWAT team, but they didn't disclose what the record was.

I'm guessing few or none of the parties involved are squeaky clean in this. But my impression from the arrest footage is this isn't a show, this is woman with severe trauma about being restrained who is having a panic attack and is completely freaking out, not someone who is being combative and uncooperative. I know that's a fine line and judging from a tape, but thank God we have these videos, imperfect as they are, as clearly a lot of bad sh*t was done before that was not video documented at all. For now, I don't think the sheriff did themselves any favors releasing this. The husband comes across as reasonable and cooperating, just annoyed as f*ck.

Whatever the legalities, I'm on the Mallery side for now. But am open to change my mind as this progresses. What an incredible story.

I hope someone posts a comment on the Vanguard on this story to draw people to it.

And while you are at it, mention the links posted on Al's Corner!!!

Yeah, that'll happen :-|

Alan C. Miller

#crickets# . . . damn, I feel like Jeb Bush at a campaign rally.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT “Guest Commentary: Catapulting the Propaganda Locally ” [Zavis Zansplard, 2day]

Walter Shwe February 19, 2023 at 7:46 am

I agree totally with this article. The private sector costs more. The differences between SMUD and PG&E are startling. Government always does things better in the long run. The sole mission of the private sector is to extract the maximum amount of profits at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Wow. Just Wow.

True enough about SMUD & PG&E costs, but PG&E's evil is the creation and the enabling of the evil California government. It is not fully a picture of nor a comparative example of 'public' vs. 'private' in all things.

Alan C. Miller

More on the Mallery's story from the Denver Post:


David Greenwald writes:
"Monday Morning Thoughts: Media Uncritically Evaluates Reisig’s Bail Claims"

But you can always count on the Vanguard BLOG to be "critical" of Reisig.

Alan C. Miller

SUBJECT: "Affordable Housing Bill Gets Union Support"

There's a wage and union labor guarantee in the bill, so yeah, in other news, "Sun Hot".

And of course, ironically, paying the union wages will make the housing more expensive.

But the gov't will pay for it, right?


"And of course, ironically, paying the union wages will make the housing more expensive."

Nothing but Democrat pandering to their donors. Affordable housing is all an expensive farce.


I noticed this comment on the DavisVanguard today:

"Walter Shwe February 22, 2023 at 6:03 am
Once again DA Reisig has proven to be completely wrong. I have zero respect for him. If I ever sit on a Yolo County criminal jury while Reisig is still the DA, I will automatically side with the defendent."

You talk about someone who probably just eliminated himself from ever sitting on a Yolo County criminal jury, at least that's how it should be as long as Reisig is the D.A.

Roberta L. Millstein

The last time I went through jury selection, they did indeed ask if people had supported Reisig's opponent and that information was one of the factors in deciding whether they should be dismissed. I am not making this up.


I have to say that although I don't often agree with Don Shor about many issues I totally agree with his comment here about the homeless problems:

"Don Shor February 22, 2023 at 7:27 am
Housing First is a great model. But you still have the people who
“may be deterred by some shelter requirements.”
residents in houses and apartments near encampments often worry about the encampments’ impact on their environment, health, and safety, while business and property owners worry about the encampments’ economic impact.”

"This is insulting and stupid. Business and property owners worry about the safety of our staff, customers, and ourselves. I can relate personal anecdotes but won’t bother. You wouldn’t put up with it where you live, so I suggest you not advocate that we all put up with it where we work.
Davis is now providing transitional housing with supportive services on a 24-hour basis. That 24 hour support is crucial. A respite center that is only open during business hours creates problems for the neighbors.
Any homeless services need to be provided around the clock. Those who don’t choose to avail themselves of those services don’t have some right to become resident on public or private property elsewhere. If the demand exceeds the supply of housing, hotel vouchers can be provided. But people really need to be availing themselves of support services. Allowing encampments to become permanent creates a safety risk for the nearby residents and services, creates environmental hazards, and does those homeless residents no favors.
There has to be some level of enforcement."

Alan C. Miller

In regard to RM jury selection comment:

Dang. Can they also ask if you've been circumcised?

Alan C. Miller

In regard to KO commenting on DS's comments on DG's stupid article on not clearing homeless encampments:

I agree, KO. Considering DS once called me 'heartless' regarding the 'homeless' I am shocked that I am agreeing as well. Seems the reality of the ramifications of having the respite center near his business has hardened his stance. Yes, while you enabling progressive goodie-goodies try to justify allowing the so-called homeless to stay in their so-called 'camps', you ignore the real effect this has on those of us who live and work near these camps, along drainage ditches, rail lines, hidden spaces, bike paths. Those of you out in the suburbs of Davis don't feel the effects, and you dump it on us. F*ck all of you.

The real solution is for Davis to say 'f*ck you' to the Boise Decision and clear these camps like Red Cities do. Yes, we need to spend money on solutions. First clear the camps, don't let people camp in public or private spaces. F*ck the laws, f*ck the waiting periods, just do it. Then, once camps are gone -- then start helping people. Allowing DALO/MILO camping is insane. For some reason, it has been normalized.


"The last time I went through jury selection, they did indeed ask if people had supported Reisig's opponent and that information was one of the factors in deciding whether they should be dismissed. I am not making this up."

I agree, eliminating a potential juror on how they voted is over the top. But saying "If I ever sit on a Yolo County criminal jury while Reisig is still the DA, I will automatically side with the defendent" should in my opinion be automatic grounds for elimination.

Roberta L. Millstein

AM, right? Seemed like any question was open. And then there was the point where the judge made snide remarks about philosophers as I left the courtroom (having, predictably, been dismissed). It was, umm, an experience.

Alan C. Miller

Jeez people, what does it take to get a conversation going about homeless policy in Davis ???

I feel in the groove like when Donald Trump said he could shoot someone and not lose any voters.


From David Greenwald's article this morning about addressing the homeless problem:

"The data from PPIC and the study from CSH also point to some solutions to that problem, but it all starts with funding, supportive housing, and reducing the housing crisis."
"We have a number and a roadmap. Are we willing to actually address it?"

So how would Davis address it? Yet another parcel tax on homeowners who many are already strapped with the costs of home ownership and inflation? California can't even take care of their home grown homeless, with all the hundreds of thousands of immigrants now flowing into our state will the homeless problem ever go away.


The only people that have a right to say whether homeless encampments should be or not be cleared are the people that actually live near them and have to deal with them. It's shallow for someone to say that homeless encampments should stay when they aren't experiencing the associated problems themselves. I'm pretty sure they would have a different opinion if their homes were close by the encampments.

Alan C. Miller

Amen! brother Keith, amen . . .

Roberta L. Millstein

Keith writes, " Yet another parcel tax on homeowners who many are already strapped with the costs of home ownership and inflation?"

Probably coming your way soon, a vote on a new tax for the "free" library that South Davis is getting -- a tax because there is no money to operate the thing. So be sure to add that into your calculations. It will be interesting to see how that vote goes.

Details here:

Alan C. Miller

RM: Funny. I don't remember anything about that coming up when this was discussed at length at the City Council meeting a few weeks ago. The one where two County Supervisors came to support it.

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