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Indivisible Yolo To Host Pints & Progress Event

March 28 @ 5-7pm, Woodstock's Pizza in Davis

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at  1(From press release) In the spirit of getting out of the house and off campus, Indivisible Yolo will host its bi-monthly Pints and Progress event March 28, 5-7pm, at Woodstock's Pizza’s new location on the corner of 3rd and G in Davis. 

This is a come-as-you-are informal gathering with fellow Yolo County citizens concerned about the future of democracy. We can discuss the issues over a slice of pizza, your choice of beverage, and just plain socialize.  In person! (Look for us on the 2nd level)

RSVP here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/183594607739804/ or [email protected]



Something tells me that the coming indictment of Donald Trump will preclude several toasts.

Alan C. Miller

No explanation as to what Indivisible Yolo is -- I think I once knew, but I get it mixed up with Yolo People Power. It definitely isn't Cops Off Campus, nor is it UCD Turning Point USA. I wonder how much cross-membership there is between these organizations?

I saw one red MAGA had at the Charlie Kirk event out of about 700 people. I wonder how many red MAGA hats will be at Woodstock' Pizza on March 28th? I wonder if there has ever been a red MAGA hat in Woodstock's Pizza.

Roberta L. Millstein

AM, I can tell you that Indivisible is a national organization, so this is just the local branch of the national organization. The original goal was to promote blue candidates. It was supposed to bring all the “blue“ folks together under one umbrella, thus indivisible. But frankly, since they sometimes endorse one blue candidate over another, it doesn’t seem to me that they have really lived up to their name. That is true both of the local organization and the national one.

As for Yolo People Power, that has been focused more on issues like police, criminal justice, and social justice at a local level.

Alan C. Miller

Thanks, RM.

Now people know what they are getting with their blue pizza.

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