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Letter: Make the Wright vote

Letter: Supporting Francesca Wright for City Council

I’m writing to encourage everyone in District 3 to vote in the upcoming election for the Davis City Council. While Davis is lucky to have two good candidates competing for the open seat, I’m supporting Francesca Wright. I’ve known her for over 40 years, and during that whole time, she’s been actively engaged in building community for the purpose of improving people’s lives.

Here in Davis, where she’s lived for more than 25 years, Francesca’s been an effective leader who has successfully brought positive change to our community. Among many other examples, Francesca led the effort to improve public safety in Davis, with the result we now have an independent auditor in the Davis Police Department who ensures officers enforce the law fairly and without bias. She also led the effort to address housing and mental health issues more effectively in our community, with the result that we now have a Department of Housing and Social Services here that focuses on reducing homelessness, increasing the affordable housing supply, and ensuring our residents with mental health issues can find appropriate care.

One of Francesca’s defining traits is her collaborative approach and respect for all points of view. She’s a skilled facilitator with a strong commitment to finding common ground and solutions that reflect the collective voices of the community. She brings vision coupled with direct experience in identifying and implementing concrete actions to achieve these shared goals. These are the qualities we need in our City Council so that Davis can continue to grow and support all of our residents.

For these reasons, I urge you to vote for Francesca Wright for the Davis City Council. For information about her platform and priorities for building our community, you can view her website at

Ginny Puddefoot


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