Letter: Vote for Donna Neville
First Countywide High School Youth Voter Registration Drive

Letter: Wright for City Council

Francesca Wright is an inclusive and innovative leader who is not going to follow insular ways of doing things that have led to stalled Davis business opportunity and housing logjams.

With her experience, Francesca successfully brought about constructive change to how we keep each other safe and how we plan and implement policy. As a leader within Yolo People Power, Francesca worked to create the Davis Department of Social Services and Housing. Francesca Wright was also instrumental in the implementation of community law-enforcement oversight, a positive model for the nation; a framework where we are all part of the solution to keep each other safe.

Francesca has consistently sided with democracy and access to decision makers. I got to know Francesca these past five years on foot, visiting people in their apartments and single family homes all over Yolo County — to encourage them to vote. She won't wait for city meetings to get voter input.

Her success at solving problems comes from the people. Francesca brings strength to the council, strength to remove barriers and build trust in decisions for business, housing, climate action, and equity.

Please join me in voting for Francesca Wright for Davis City Council.

Scott Steward


Donna Lemongello

Great letter. She's a doer, a mover in the right direction.

Ron O

For what it's worth, I'm thinking that Francesca would pursue a better-direction than her competitor.

Though I've never found the local police department to be a "safety problem" - and I don't think that's due to "white privilege". It's primarily due to not creating a problem for others in the first place.

Perhaps because I'm not rudely blocking traffic on picnic day, with ammunition in my pocket - immediately ready to fight anyone who challenges me.

But still, I'd rather see someone who isn't "business as usual", at least.

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