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Open Discussion: Library vs. Mom's for Liberty: Library Loses -- Free Speech Wins (of course)

LibraryTransferring a few comments from Al's Corner, to open the discussion:

Beth Bourne and M4L have been vindicated.

The library has to change its policies and pay $70,000 in damages and fees.


Posted by: Keith | May 14, 2024 at 07:14 PM

Alan C. Miller

I heard. All of you who thought your political views were more important than free speech principals, put your head between your legs and push with your arms until your head is inserted far into your large intestine . . . and cry.

Me . . . I'm dancing.

I hope they get the putz who caused this problem for the library to pay back the fine with a payroll warrant on his salary. But of course we as taxpayers will pay instead :-|


As I posted elsewhere, in my opinion I think Beth and M4L should've received $7 million instead of $70 thousand in order to send a strong message that this kind of crap never happens again.

Ron "there is no housing shortage" O

Yay - it seemed pretty obvious all-along that the librarian was wrong.

Seems like there's a common thread these days, regarding free speech.

Alan C. Miller

KO say-O: "As I posted elsewhere . . . "

There's an "elsewhere" ?

Colin Walsh

All those people who swore the librarian's actions were justified and legal should have to take down their "Davis is for Everybody" signs until they read the constitution and pass a basic test on the US government.

South of Davis

It is funny that everyone I know with a "Davis is for Everybody" sign is their yard will openly say without shame that they wish all Republicans were dead. I'm not a Republican or a fan of the orange hair narcissistic sociopath, but when I see a "Davis is for Everyone" sign it usually means "Davis is for everyone to the left of Elon Musk" and when I hear people talking about "Diversity" they mean less white people and more people to the left of Elon Musk. P.S. Prove me wrong and point out where someone ads "and Republicans" to their "Davis is for Everyone" sign or where a single "Diversity" statement is looking for more white guys (in a state where white males under 30 are barely 10% of the population)...

Alan C. Miller

SOD, I'd say it's about diversity of skin color, not diversity of opinion. Extremist progressives hate none more than conservatives-of-color.


Ron O

Seems to me that the photo of the robot might inadvertently provide a "win-win" for everyone. (No sex or gender.) For that matter, no need for food or housing, either. Or libraries.

Joe Public

Restricting speach in the name of tolerance and inclusion, can the Davis Public Library afford to keep employing the Hitler Youth? 70k worth of new multimedia resources gone from the public coffers because Library staff can't handle their ego's.


The settlement was a clear victory for free speech and a rebuke of the library and the librarian's actions no matter how Beth's detractors try to spin it.

Alan C. Miller

How have they tried to spin it? I've not read such spin, nor could I imagine how it could be spun. Curious how this win could be seen by the 'suppress the speech of those who are wrong because they don't agree with us' as a win for themselves.

Alan C. Miller

[Note: I moved four posts, 3 by RK and one by me, to the discussion on the encampment, because although the person posting tied it to something said here, the subject was about the encampment. If anyone disagrees, you can complain to God, who is the only entity that will listen to you. Let me know what God says.]


Another win for free speech and free expression:

"A Riverside County school district has agreed to pay $360,000 to settle a lawsuit from a former teacher who was fired last year after refusing to adhere to policies regarding transgender or gender-nonconforming students, citing her Christian beliefs."

"Jessica Tapia, who taught physical education at Jurupa Valley High School, claimed in her wrongful termination lawsuit that her free speech and religious rights had been violated. She had refused — hypothetically, in statements to district personnel — to use students’ preferred pronouns, to allow them to use the locker room matching their gender identity, or to “withhold information” from parents about their child’s gender identity, according to the federal lawsuit."



Davis is for everyone except if you are a supporter of our rights and the constitution!!

There should be a couple more zeros on top of that award. Davis Dictators and their henchmen/women needs a strong message that we will not be silenced.

Next up Is the city council cabal and their ridiculous meetings.

Alan C. Miller

"we" ? "our"?

I am perfectly happy with the reward, just wish the perp would pay it rather than the taxpayers. It doesn't punish the library any more if it were bigger, only the taxpayers, but it is big enough they notice. For once, the issue isn't getting lawyers a huge payoff, but is about the issue at hand, the right of free speech. That is a win for everyone, even if the progressive silencers don't know it yet.

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