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What message will the CTC send Thursday?

By Alan Hirsch

Letter to California Transportation Commission [email protected]

Chair Carl Guardino and Members,

CC  CTC Equity Committee  Chair William Walker

Re: Disagreeing Better on Transportation Projects


Mr. Guardino:


Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say:

    “You are entitled to your own opinions. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

The California Public Records Act (and the Brown Act) were designed so we work from the same facts---that there is sharing of information - so in dialog agencies don’t strategically withhold information to put electeds official as well as the public at an unfair disadvantage in reviewing projects.

Transparency is Inclusivity.

However, I want to bring to your attention a situation where Caltrans seems to be strategically withholding information from the public on a $1/2 billion project.

In June 2023 the CTC staff report recommended NOT to fund Yolo80 toll lanes out of TCEP funds, rating it medium priority. In that staff report CTC staff rated Yolo80 31st out of 48 projects.   Caltrans rated Yolo80 last in priority (24th) out of 24 of their projects. (extract from June 2023 staff report attached)

This of course raises question why it is now rated a priority for advance funding. In the CTC discussion on 5/16. Would not you and other commissions like to know? 

In fact 11 months ago, I tried to find out.

I made a public records request of information from Caltrans 6/15/23 (attached) on why it was rated last of 24- even before that June 28th, 2023, CTC meeting.  I requested the rubric that was used.  And I later ask the CTC staff for detail why it was rerated for funding at March now May 2024 meetings.

I have received no response from either.

I have gotten acknowledgement and notice of delays in writing, and even gotten calls suggesting   I drop part of my request so I can get something.. I just said, “send me what you can now”.  I have also contracted my assemblyperson’s Cecilla-Aguilar- Curry office for help.  All to no avail.

It seems to me to be there is active resistance to disclosing public information.

I have also been told by lower-level agency staff that they feel their addressing my public record act is “on top of my regular job”. Is this the  ‘message’ they got from their bosses about public records? .

Everyone having the same facts is basic part of   “disagree better” on the Yolo80 project,).

It  is too late for me and to get the information for this meeting and make an informed comment.:

So, the ball is in the CTC court on Thursday on pursuing this information.

I do hope you see this as an opportunity not a problem.  CTC action on Yolo80 could send a message to the thousands of staff and managers in over hundred state transportation agencies about “disagreeing better” by being transparent and inclusive with the public.  That the CTC expect players in the transportation arena to follow at least the legal minimum of California Law on public records If they want to apply for CTC funding.

I am hopeful you and the entire CTC make it clear the “what rules of the road”  the CTC will enforce on the public process so we  us disagree better at all levels of transportation governance in California.

Yours for a better California,

Alan Hirsch

Yolo Mobility


Valerie Vann

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