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Letter: No Confidence in the Council

Sierra Club Hosts Summer Potluck and Wetlands Talk

Image 573(From press release) Join the Sierra Club and YoloSol Collective on Wednesday, June 26 for a summer potluck and panel presentation on “Restoring Cache Creek Wetlands.”

For this free, public event, we are pleased to welcome Native Californian cultural practitioner Diana Almendariz, Cache Creek conservationist Jim Barrett, and UC Davis entomologist Geoffrey Attardo in a discussion of how the lower Cache Creek’s watershed ecosystem functioned in the past before agriculture and mining changed its current condition. Panelists will share their ideas for a restorative, climate-resilient future for the creek and its plant and animal wildlife.

Almendariz is a naturalist, educator and practitioner of Maidu/Wintun, Hupa/Yurok culture, heritage and experiences. Following the teachings of renowned Wintun basket weaver and culture bearer Bertha Mitchell (1936-2018), Almendariz has been working for more than twenty years to bring to life a Tending and Gathering Garden in a reclaimed mining pit at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve.  She is a frequent lecturer at UC Davis, Sacramento State, museums and nature centers. She leads workshops on cultural burning on place-based traditional ecological knowledge.

Jim Barrett, a retired physician, conservationist and proud grandfather, has lived alongside lower Cache Creek near the home of Yolo County settler pioneer William Gordon for 24 years. As a board member of Cache Creek Conservancy and the Sierra Club Yolano Group, he envisions a role for reclaimed gravel mines in the restoration of lower Cache Creek.

Geoff Attardo, Associate Professor of Entomology at UC Davis, is passionate about mosquitos, marshes, and teaching science.  He specializes in the study of arthropod disease vector biology and the role of bio-diverse ecosystems in public and environmental health. Geoff is currently partnering with Almendariz on a project to demonstrate the benefits of traditional tule and cattail wetlands management.

These speakers will share their perspectives on the myriad social, cultural, economic and ecological benefits of healthy riparian wetlands.

“We invite you to help collectively imagine how Cache Creek could play a vital role in a just transition to an ecologically regenerative future for the Yolo bioregion,” said the organizer of the event Juliette Beck.

The potluck and presentation will take place from on Wednesday, June 26 from 7 to 9 pm in the Blanchard Room at the Yolo County Library, 314 E. 14th Street in Davis.

You can also view the presentation via Zoom: https://bit.ly/CacheCreekForum

Meeting ID: 996 5502 6194 / Passcode: 714603

Call-In Phone No: 669 444 9171

Please join us on June 26th for an evening of great food, fellowship, and informative discussion. If convenient, please bring your favorite dish to share but feel free to attend even if you don’t plan to eat or can’t bring a dish as there is always plenty to share.

To help make this a “zero-waste” event, please also bring your own plates, cups, and utensils. The Yolano Sierra Club will provide beverages and plenty of reusable tableware and linen napkins for those who need it.


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