Arborealis legalis persona

An earlier illegal dump of yard waste on East Covell. Imagine being on a bike at this location...

That's Latin for "Legal personhood of trees".

Part One:

So that was fun. I was working and came across a huge mother f****** pile of yard waste in the bike lane on westbound Arlington in front of Harding Terrace. This is, of course, strictly illegal. I went to three of the homes here and one guy was nice the other two said they didn't know anything about it.

No surprises so far.

I called the Davis Police Dept non-emergency line and they said they can't do anything about it until the morning and I could be connected to code enforcement or whatever. The lack of surprises continue. 

Still no surprises.

I asked what if it was yard waste blocking a traffic lane they said no they wouldn't come until tomorrow morning because it doesn't constitute an emergency.

The lack of surprises continue.

Then I asked t if it was a tree branch that fell into the traffic lane or the bike lane. They said that would be an emergency and they would have to dispatch a crew to deal with it immediately.

So in other words... if you want to block a traffic lane or a bike lane, be sure to use the right part of a tree!!

* Pretty much the only time I contact the police or CHP is when there's a potential of traffic violence, such as assault using intentionally-placed yard waste in bike lanes.


Part Two: There is no "Holiday Tree" in Davis. 

I am Jewish. Christmas is a fine and a lovely tradition. I am happy to celebrate it with friends who do. 

There is no "Holiday Tree" in Davis. It's a Christmas Tree. 

All the activities at the City's "Candlelight Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony" refer to Christmas or the northern Winter. 

Why is it called a "Holiday Tree"? It's because some years back various parties sued various entities across the country to remove mentions of "Christmas" in government activities. 

I am fine with the City co-organizing and co-sponsoring this, because most people in the City celebrate Christmas in one form or another. It's certainly a vital issue that a truly enlightened city council should address if other holidays that residents celebrate are not observed in equal proportion in terms of e.g. staff time and finances, all year round. While I am not sure if there's an e.g. Kwaanza or Hanukkah song etc in the choir program, it would just be tokenism. (These are just examples -- there are other holidays around this time celebrated by many in the region, including the Eastern Xmas in early January). 

Calling the Christmas Tree a "Holiday Tree" is like referring to the Hanukkiah (the eight-candle menorah used for Hanukkah) as a "Holiday Candlebra" or Dia de los Muertos as "Mexican Halloween". It's a well-intentioned but very sloppy bit of false-inclusivity. As such, and because we're paying for part of it, it's a lie. Because is it's a lie about cultural and sometimes religious traditions, it's discriminatory. It has no place in any city, especially one whose leaders wave the flag of equity every chance they get. Keep the Christmas Tree, but please start calling it that. (There's an obvious argument some could make that "Holiday" refers also to New Year's, but the transition period from December 31st to January 1st is only the Gregorian New Year -- again, representative of a large proportion of the population, but far from nearly everyone).

The above repeated and Next Door discussion in this Google Doc copy. (For Next Door users from certain neighborhoods in Davis, here is a direct link)

Two members of Tree Commission searching for Entwives with Street Tree Defenders. Source:

Welcome to Al's Corner - "Pouring Gasoline on the Dumpster Fire of Davis Politics" - Volume #15 [Thanksgiving Edition]

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Let's all gather around the Al's Corner Thanksgiving table and give thanks that Al's Corner provides a place to moan & complain about what is stupid in Davis.

Let the complaining begin!

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Tree Davis Welcomes New Executive Director

Torin DunnavantBy Torin Dunnavant and Greg McPherson

In this interview Torin Dunnavant, Tree Davis’ new Executive Director is interviewed by Tree Davis Board President Greg McPherson.

Greg: Torin, it’s great to have you at the helm of Tree Davis. You spent the last five years as Director of Education and Engagement with the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Prior to that you were Director of Engagement and Partnerships with TreePeople in Los Angeles. How will you be applying your experience with Tree Davis?

Torin: Thank you Greg, I am so excited to be a part of the Tree Davis team. It’s a fantastic organization and I am humbled to step into this role. I have been a part of the urban forestry world for fourteen years now – and a big part of my focus has been canopy equity. One of the greatest predictors of the health of a community is its urban forest - healthy trees means healthy people. Some neighborhoods have greater obstacles than others to plant trees, but that doesn’t mean that we should wait for the obstacles to remove themselves, it means the opposite - that we need to work harder to plant trees in places where there are less, so that more folks can be supported by the many benefits that trees bring. I look forward to connecting with the groups that partner with Tree Davis and learning from community leaders throughout the area to understand how Tree Davis can support them.

Davis is in the process of developing a new Urban Forest Management Plan and is hosting feedback sessions (the first virtual public meeting was on Nov. 10). Why and how should Davis residents get involved?

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Tree Davis announces 2022 Tree Stewardship Awards

By Greg McPherson, Luke Vitanza, and Don Shor

Tree Davis Stewardship Awards honor individuals and groups who have worked to enhance our urban forest. Just by helping to water young trees, pull weeds and spread mulch, organize school plantings, caring for older trees in neighborhoods and commercial parking lots, this year’s award recipients help to establish and sustain our city’s canopy and the landscapes beneath.

Award for individual(s): Ann Trump Daniel and Judy Hecomovich

During the hottest days of a sizzling summer, Judy and Ann were diligently watering and weeding recently planted trees and other plants in the Memorial Grove.  Every other week they would tend to the needs of over five hundred groundcovers and shrubs, as well as a dozen trees in the Wolk and Generations’ Groves. Their efforts helped to keep these demonstrations of Climate-Ready Landscapes alive and well. We wish we had more folks like them to help keep Davis clean, green, and cool. 

Location: Tree Davis Memorial Grove, 1549 Shasta Dr., Davis, CA

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This Election Is In The Books


By Colin Walsh

Today is the last day, and the final votes are being cast today in what has proven to be a very nasty down and dirty slime fest. What follows are my reflections on the campaigns in the form of vintage children’s book covers.




More after the jump. Click to continue.

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Kelsey Fortune: The Climate Expert We Need to On City Council

31CACCAD-90BF-4FE7-80B9-88FBy Juliette Beck

With the existential threat of climate breakdown looming, this is quite possibly the most important election in human history.  We need to elect leaders at all levels that will help navigate our sinking ship to safer shores. The City of Davis has the potential to lead a just transition to ecologically sustainable, socially just and climate-resilient communities, but we need to elect the right leaders and make some significant changes in how this city operates.

I've watched with great interest as the city council election has unfolded with two progressive candidates in West Davis running on a climate platform - Kelsey Fortune and Bapu Vaitla. There are differences between these two candidates and I'm supporting Kelsey Fortune because I believe she has the right combination of skills, knowledge, experience and the dogged determination to help our city chart a course to safety through these troubled times. 

Kelsey Fortune came to Davis nine years ago to pursue a PhD in Economics with a focus on transportation, energy and climate policies that drive equitable outcomes to ensure that all community members are included in a just transition to a green economy.  Over the past decade, as an active community member and a city council candidate, Fortune has stepped up to offer her pragmatic, evidence-based solutions to guide our community. During her first campaign for city council two years ago, I was impressed with Fortune’s knowledge of our city - who owns property and who doesn’t, our transportation system, zoning laws, the needs and rights of renters, etc. Fortune has consistently advocated for infill development and affordable housing for working families and low-income individuals. Her expertise in designing climate-friendly communities are at the heart of a just transition.

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Maureen Carson's Role as a Nextdoor Reviewer

Nextdoorby Janet and Joe Krovoza
We have reason to believe that Maureen Carson, Dan Carson's wife, is involved in halting discussion on Nextdoor posts deemed damaging to her husband. Twice now, a piece that Joe has posted on Nextdoor politely and factually discussing city staff and city council actions (and well within Nextdoor's guidelines for community discourse) has had its comments section closed suddenly and without any explanation within hours of its posting.
Both of Joe's recent posts addressed the corrupt process leading to the purchase and installation of playground equipment at Arroyo Park and the city and council's lack of response to what appears to be illegal and certainly irregular acts by staff and vendors. Joe's first posting, which begins "Some may be interested in our posts...," includes links to our related articles in both The Davisite and Davis Vanguard. It was posted September 30 and closed to discussion less than 24 hours later, after it had attracted 23 reactions and two comments. Joe's second posting, dated November 3, begins "Since the information below was just published..." and includes a pasted-in version of our Davis Enterprise opinion piece. Over the next several hours it received 19 reactions and 20 comments but shortly after the comments brought up Dan Carson explicitly, it, too, saw its discussion closed.

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Letter: Shout-out to Kelsey Fortune

KelseyI'm not endorsing any candidates this election but I just wanted to give a long overdue shout-out to Kelsey Fortune for re-purposing No on H Signs for her campaign by covering them with her compostable campaign signs. You can see the "downside" of the ecological option, but to me the action speaks louder than the durability of the compostable signs ;)

When I ran for Yolo County Supervisor in 2018, I advocated for a "great lawn sign truce of Davis" where all candidates would agree to stop printing lawn signs that end up in the landfill and are made with toxic materials that can take up to a century to break down but alas, the allure of advertising won the day for many candidates.

In this City Council race where each candidate has expressed their hard-fought advocacy for the environment (very trendy in election season, less trendy when it comes to taking meaningful action while in office), nothing speaks more clearly than principled actions they are taking to proverbially speaking, put their money where their mouth is.

And if you were still looking for a clear signal of where the candidates stand on Measure H, and how they might engage in future development proposals, look no further than what's right in front of our eyes.

David Abramson

Soup, shopping are stars of Soroptimist event

(From press release) Soroptimist International of Davis invites community members to join its annual Soup Night and Silent Auction, Nov. 17 at Davis Odd Fellows Hall.

Soroptimist International of Davis traditionally hosts the event a week before Thanksgiving. The service club provides free soups, desserts, lively conversation and pre-holiday shopping opportunities. Members are excited to bring the event back to an in-person gathering, in the upstairs hall of Odd Fellows Lodge, 415 Second St. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. The silent auction begins at 6 and closes at 7:30 p.m.

Fill up on members’ best soups, breads and desserts while getting a jump start on holiday gifts. There will be themed gift baskets, experiences, gift certificates to local stores and eateries, and more. Beer and wine will be available for purchase, along with non-alcoholic beverages. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted.

The evening’s proceeds benefit SI Davis programs and projects. Soroptimist is a global volunteer organization that provides women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment. Soroptimist was founded in 1921 in Alameda County. Soroptimist International of Davis was chartered in 1954. Local members join some 75,000 Soroptimists in 122 countries and territories to contribute time and financial support to community-based projects benefiting women and girls. Its core values are gender equality, empowerment, education, diversity and fellowship.

It recently swore in new board members, including Lisa Adda, president; Phyllis Himmel, secretary; Lori Hansen, treasurer; Meredith Sweet Silberstein, coordinator of calendar; Nancy Mathews, director of membership; and Mary Chapman, director of programs. Katherine Hess is immediate past president.

SI Davis offers cash Live Your Dream Awards to female heads of household seeking education or training (applications due Nov. 15), and assists King High students through its Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls program. It also funds high school scholarships, grants to nonprofits that align with the Soroptimist mission, and anti-trafficking efforts.

SI Davis members meet twice a month on Wednesdays in downtown Davis – once at lunchtime and once in the evening – and connect for other fun activities and service. Learn more at

Pancakes & Politics Discussion - Saturday 10/29 @9:15 a.m. - The 7 Propositions - Wake Up!

Wake up!

Al's Corner Presents

A Pancakes & Politics Production

November 2022 Election - The Seven Propositions

A Discussion Pop-Up Event

Saturday, October 29th (yeah in a few hours!  Wake up!)

Delta of Venus (front patio)

(B Street between 1st & 2nd Streets)

9:15 a.m. (gather) - 9:30 a.m. (start) - 10:17 a.m. (punches thrown) - 11:00 a.m. (leave)

As with any P&P, please don't come with the idea of converting people to your point of view.  The idea is to take 10-15 minutes per proposition, look up the arguments on both sides on our smart phones, discuss, and maybe take a straw poll.

With district elections, discussing council candidates seems futile and there's plenty been said in local media.  Higher office candidates?  Well, #yawn#.  But at the end we can talk a few minutes about any candidates that anyone wants to bring up -- if you insist 😕

Do at least buy a fancy coffee drink and maybe a full breakfast from Delta of Venus to support our wonderful local alternative coffee shop and pay the 'rent'.  We'll sit outside because, Covid-19, even though I got Covid-19 outside and Biden declared the pandemic over so what does it matter?

If you wish to stand on the sidewalk with a "Al's Corner Sucks [insert large mammal] Balls" sign, please feel welcome.  If we are near the sidewalk you can even join in the discussion.  But please -- No barricade hurling and no pepper spraying.   And no blaming extremists on the 'other side'.

Pardon the late notice; I suck at getting in front of things.  So I might be eating breakfast just me and my voter guide.  But come ye zero or one or come ye 50, all welcome to join in the cerebral festivities.


Al of Al's Corner

Letter in support of Adam Morrill

I, like many other Davis residents, strongly support Adam Morrill for City Council because of his positions on the issues and his commitment to reach out and engage with the community. He had the good judgement to oppose the DISC projects, as well as opposing the outrageous CAAP residential electrification mandate, unlike his opponent. Another attribute setting Adam apart is his clear independence from special interest groups and his prioritizing our community’s needs.

Adam has a broad background and experience in decision-making and problem-solving. He has worked for years in environmental protection work for the protection of wildlife and habitat. He also worked for the State on Emergency Medical Service regulations and disaster planning. Adam has lived with his family in East Davis for over two decades and understands the neighborhood issues. He has been a volunteer soccer coach, and a volunteer parent at St. James School, and has served as a volunteer Emergency Medical Tech /Firefighter for Winters for 10 years.

We need Council members who will dig into the issues to find solutions, but also who will make the time to talk to and listen to us. Most importantly, we need a Council member who will take our concerns seriously and advocate for us and vote for, rather than against the public input that the community takes the time to give the City Council. It is disappointing that Council member Gloria Partida has not engaged with the community when residents have asked her to discuss issues, and she has voted against the will of the people in so many cases. Furthermore, why were there was no “Town and Gown” public meetings with UCD as promised in the City of Davis - UCD MOU when Gloria was mayor? 

We need change and we are fortunate to have Adam, who is such a qualified candidate, running for City Council. Please vote for Adam Morrill because he will take the time to study the issues, listen to our concerns, and help find solutions, rather than approving anything that comes before him.

David McGlocklin

Davis resident

10  reasons  to  not  support  any  current  city  council  member,  now  or  in  the  future!

Measure H mailer smlrBy Marc Thomas

The City Council is not aligned to resident and taxpayers interests as evidenced by:

1)  Failing their fiduciary responsibility and care and duty as council members. The entire city council, including Dan Carson and Gloria Partida, by their actions, have allowed the city budget/deficit to deteriorate to the point of “needing” special interests/developers to generate additional tax revenue. The current city council has enabled a loss of control of the budget by the residents and taxpayers, and is the result of mismanagement of the city budget by the current city council.

2)  Unanimously supporting DiSC 1 (as Measure B in 2020) and DiSC 2 (as Measure H in 2022). The entire city council, including Gloria and Dan, who are both up for reelection, continued to unanimously support developer growth despite being voted down (not just once, but twice) by the taxpayers and residents.

3)  Supporting excessive wages and overtime for various city functions to the tune of Millions. The entire city council, including Dan and Gloria, by their actions have failed to address the overtime and wage growth where the top 10 firefighters each earn over $385K  in pay and benefits in 2021, and the fire  chief was paid over $500K in 2021.

4)  Wasteful spending. Our entire city council, including Gloria and Dan, who are both up for re-election supported MACE mess, SkyTrack, Ladder truck project, fire station kitchen remodel, etc., adding up to millions of wasted taxpayer funds.

5)  The CAAP proposal and sham survey. The entire city council, including Gloria and Dan, who are both up for reelection, supported CAAP in its original form and the sham survey which was un-navigable by the average person. How did it get so far? The city council is out of touch with residents to even approve the draft’s release to the public.

6)  Failure to address root causes of homelessness. The entire city council, including Gloria Partida and Dan Carson, who are both up for reelection, have failed to adequately address the root causes of homelessness: lost jobs, addiction, mental issues, divorce/breakup, eviction, and family issues. For some reason, they believe that just taking the homeless off the street is the answer. It's not, note even close.


7)  Unanimously supporting false marketing claims for Measure H. In addition to the project not being aligned to taxpayer and resident interests as proven by a 2:1 vote, the developer-funded (almost $1 million) campaign was misleading and 100% voted on by all existing Davis City council members.


8)  Failing to publicly and unanimously condemn a council member (Dan Carson) for suing taxpayers and residents who objected to Measure H. Resident objections should be heard and listened to, not attacked by financial interests and developers. Council members should not be aligned to developer interests, Council members MUST be aligned to resident and taxpayer interests, with taxpayers and residents never sued for objecting to City councils members special interest.

9)  Failing to recognize the type and nature of crime in Davis and take appropriate action and use taxpayer money efficiently and effectively. Dan Carson, comparing Davis to El Paso, Gilroy and Dayton, supported the need to purchase a $120,000 armored vehicle for Davis where Carson added, “We see headlines in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. There’s very scary things going on out there.” We are not any of those cities, and our issues, our crime is far less severe and different. Davis' crime requires officers out policing the neighborhoods, more cameras installed and not an armored vehicle which will remain parked 99% of the time.

10) Continuing to support “politics as usual”, and failing to engage with the taxpayers on important issues. Had Dan or Gloria or any other city council member reached out to their constituents and or held neighborhood meetings to listen to the taxpayers and residents of their districts, CAAP never would have been proposed in the current form, and Measure H never would have been on the ballot with the City council's unanimous support!


Welcome to Al's Corner - "Pouring Gasoline on the Dumpster Fire of Davis Politics" - Volume #14

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A place for YOU to make comments about stuff because why not.  Special election edition for no particular reason nor content.
Election Voting Happening People - Vote if you can rub two brain cells together!  AND  if you vote similar to me.  If not, please stay home and forget to turn in the envelope. Thank you.
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7 California Propositions to Vote On by November 8

Golden-StateBy Scott Steward

I take the time to look into the propositions each election for the sake of my now adult children, nieces and nephews.  They are busy and/or are otherwise polite to thank me for the review.  I used a variety of sources (Courage California and the Los Angeles Progressive Voter Guide to name two) in coming up with the following up or down votes for the 7 propositions on the ballot.  

Prop 1 – Reproductive Freedom - YES. The opponents to Prop 1 are wrong biblically, morally and biologically.  Prop 1 puts in place a California state amendment establishing women's reproductive rights.  

Prop 26 - Tribal In-Person Sports Betting, soft YES. Sports betting revenue is here to stay, what we don't want is an out-of-state rip-off.  Tribal gaming (gambling) has been a reasonable compromise and the Tribes have been great to our communities.  26 is not perfect in that their remain inequities as to which tribes are recognized and benefit.

It is inevitable that tech-gambling will grow. We need good partners to fend off the worst that tech-gambling could be.  We are better off with our local Tribal Nations and venues hosting locally regulated gambling.

Prop 27 - Corporate Online Sports Betting - NO. For the reasons above and because of the false statement about 27 having anything to do with solving homelessness.  The housing funding is a ruse to hide the meager 10% CA gambling revenue tax that would become law if Prop 27 passed.  The same companies that sponsor CA Prop 27 pay NY a 51% tax on gambling revenues. 

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Vote Kelsey Fortune to End Davis Council Districts

I am voting for Kelsey Fortune. That is, I would if Davis didn’t have district elections.

If you’re a student you should vote for Kelsey Fortune. Make a special effort to vote, because as a student you’ll be represented by someone who was recently at UCD and understands your interests.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.02.38 PM

If you are a renter you should vote for Kelsey Fortune. She is renter herself, and renters, though 55% of Davis, are rarely represented on the City Council. Renters and young adults — you should be represented!

If you like representatives who are not swayed by special interest money, vote Fortune. Unlike her opponents, she took no money from the firefighters union, nor did they offer. Did they know she would not buy them a new firetruck for Christmas?

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.02.23 PM

If you like independent thinkers, vote Fortune. Many people like a predictable pro-growth or anti-growth vote . Fortune considers each project on its own merit. That is my kind of candidate.

If you like someone who isn’t part of the ‘Davis machine’ vote Fortune. One of her opponents had their photo taken with two current and one former Council member, smiling ear to ear. Is that photo supposed to impress me? Rather, that image spooks me. I don’t want more of the same -- I want a fresh thinker.

Ask yourself: why has the Davis City Council denied Fortune a seat on any City commission, commissions representing the very subjects Fortune is educated in with advance degrees? [Economics & Transportation] Maybe the other Council members are afraid of her savvy. Maybe they should be. Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.03.03 PM

Most importantly, Fortune is the only candidate openly calling for discussions on a process to end district elections. If there is one subject every person in Davis agrees on, it is putting an end to Davis Council districts.

If you live in District 1, please vote for Kelsey Fortune — so that in the future, all Davis voters can vote for Kelsey Fortune!

Alan C. Miller

Letter: Adam Morrill will change things for the better

I am writing in support of Adam Morrill for City Council for many reasons. Adam has been a resident of East Davis for over 25 years and has stepped up to run for Council because he can offer new and innovative solutions to many City problems. Unlike his opponent, Adam opposed the disastrous DISC project, and the unreasonable and costly CAAP residential electrification mandate proposal. This CAAP condition wasn’t even supported by the Natural Resources Commission, yet Gloria didn’t object to it and voted to include it.

Adam is honest, has integrity, and will advocate for better land use planning, including requiring any infill proposals to be compatible and consistent with surrounding neighborhoods. He will advocate for more UCD on-campus UCD housing needed. Most importantly, Adam has pledged to take the time to review the City Council packets before voting on them, and responding to, and advocating for our community input. I, like many other Davis citizens, am frustrated that requests to Gloria to discuss issues have been consistently ignored, as well as our public input.

Further, Gloria’s voting track record has been terrible on many issues. Despite significant citizen opposition, she voted for: 1) putting the badly planned DISC project on the ballot twice, (then rejected by voters twice); 2) the 7-story University Mall project with its significant impacts on surrounding neighborhoods; 3) simply moving the problematic Arroyo Park ZIP-line an insignificant distance from its current location, which doesn’t remedy the impacts to the neighborhood; 4) the recent Pacifico proposal despite neighborhood concerns that the crime and other problems related to the project over past years haven’t been addressed; and 5) the ill-conceived CAAP residential electrification mandate.

We need a Councilmember who will take the time to listen to public input and discuss issues, and who will respond to our concerns, instead of repeatedly voting against public input as Gloria has over the last four years.  Please join me in voting for Adam Morrill for City Council.  We need a change for the better, particularly for us here in East Davis, which gets ignored and short-changed far too often.

Eileen M. Samitz

Rent Increases, Price Gauging, Collusion — Republican Stew

2022-10-20 Porter Inflation
U.S. Representative Katie Porter

By Scott Steward

Rents have gone up so fast it has surprised even colluding real estate software marketer RealPage. Again blocked by Republicans, the “A Place to Prosper Act”, renters rights and rent increase control, never reached debate. Rent is not increasing because it costs more to keep up properties. Rents are higher because it’s what enough people can be forced to pay. Owners are charging computer generated higher rents, knowing that it will cause higher vacancies, because they can—increasing homelessness. It’s that bad.

Not one Republican voted for the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act. And if Republicans are the majority—you will never hear of the bill to make sure you are charged a fair price at the pump. Much more the opposite, put Republicans in power and you will fuel Putin’s Russian war, make Saudi’s rich and put American energy independence into the trash can.

Corporate profits are at records. This is true not because these corporations are adding value, it is true because they are charging high prices. Pharmaceutical companies, cable companies, oil companies—an average of 53% increase in profits over the last 6 months. How? By raising prices well over their costs—just plain old “because they can.” Biden is not the owner of Moderna, Xfinity or Exxon—most of inflation is being caused by corporate greed.

In the meantime Trump appointed judges ruled to defund the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a similar ruse was used to undercut the EPA, (saying agencies have to have more explicit power from Congress.) Hogwash! Guess what else is funded outside of regular appropriations—Medicare and Social Security. These Judges want to serve up these 50+ year old protections, including women’s reproductive rights, to the carving knives of MAGA Republican controlled majorities in the House and Senate.

Blame inflation on someone, that’s what Republicans are betting on even as their party will make the problem worse with giveaways to the rich and the same trickle down policies that gave 80% of us a zero increase in household income over the last 40 years. That’s their big idea.

Democrats can be forced to make laws that put Americans first. That’s why we have made some gains to see that regular Americans get fair compensation and opportunity—that is what is best for the economy—for Democrats, Republicans, Independents and everyone.

Miller Protests the Davis Vanguard -- for Sucking

Alan C. Miller’s One-Man Protest of the Davis Vanguard, for Sucking. – Photo Credit: Alan C. Miller (also available as a poster or as a t-shirt!)

An Al’s Corner Special Report. Dateline Sacramento. Alan C. Miller Reporting on Alan C. Miller.

The Davis Vanguard (DV) held an event last Thursday night in Sacramento. The event honored some people for doing stuff. Entry into the event was $100 to $5000.   Why?   Do those contributing not realize that giving money to something perpetuates its existence?

As of last Thursday morning, there were 167 $100 tickets ‘available’. But one shouldn’t draw any conclusions as people often wait until the last minute on events. As one person did. As of 6:00pm last Thursday there were 166 $100 dollar tickets available. Not sure how many $5000 tickets were still available.

The entrance had no obvious signs of the event, though some A-frames advertised a food establishment within the becolumned ex-bank. I arrived at 5:45pm and found a spot near the A-frames across from the door where I could be seen but be out of the way of anyone who showed up. I held up my 11x17 protest sign which read, “The Davis Vanguard Sucks Donkey Balls” on one side and “$100 - $5000 WHY?” on the other.

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Newly Released City Documents Reveal More Problems with Carson’s City Emails

Carson - emailCouncilman Carson Violated Two City Policies Using City Resources for Campaign Emails

By David L. Johnson and Colin Walsh

New documents obtained through a Public Records Act request reveal that City of Davis Councilman Dan Carson violated two City of Davis policies when he sent numerous campaign emails from his publicly-funded city email account concerning Measure H, a ballot measure to approve the DiSC development project.

New documents from the city also reveal that all emails Carson sent in 2022 regarding measure H appear to have been deleted from his city account.

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Letter: Vote for Kelsey

If you are concerned about the planet’s climate crisis, please vote for Kelsey Fortune. A major contribution to global warming comes from our car traffic, which would have been made a lot worse by the approval of DISC, which several candidates now running for City Council approved.  Davis really needs wiser planning for innovative transportation and infill planning solutions.

Kelsey Fortune’s training and acumen as a transportation economist, her understanding of how to prioritize infill development including the implementation of the downtown plan, her commitment to a long overdue update of the General Plan, and her proven commitment to prioritizing a just and equitable response to the climate crisis makes her the most qualified candidate for City Council in West Davis. 

Kelsey Fortune is the only District 1 city council candidate that opposed the DISC project/Measure H, defeated by nearly a 2-1 citizen vote, and she did so for all the right reasons. The DISC project was not a forward looking, future-proof development. Some have argued that it would have rescued Davis from the city’s financial troubles by bringing in new taxes. Davis’s fiscal problems have grown over the years by a Ponzi scheme approach to the finances, with new projects always promising to pay for the unanticipated expenses of previous ones. DISC was based on a model of economic development that drains resources out of city centers and impoverishes - not enriches - city coffers.

So, for the sake of our city and our children, who will be living in the environment we create and leave for them, please Vote for Kelsey.  

Don C. Price