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Dean Johansson for Yolo County District Attorney

Dean Johansson is an exceptionally well-qualified candidate for the Yolo County District Attorney. Not only has he served as a public defender in Yolo County for eleven years, he has served as a prosecutor in two other counties. He has practiced for ten years as private attorney representing civil rights cases. More of his biography and awards can be accessed at Meet Dean on Dean4DA.com

Dean Johansson plans to be smart on crime which means going after the serious offenders and diverting less serious individuals to programs that would address their underlying issues. Programs that accept these individuals without criminalizing them. Examples would include a working Mental Health Court that would treat the mentally ill as patients in need; a substance abuse program that would work on a medical model; anger management and domestic violence would be treated on a class therapy model.

Dean has heard back from his clients that they like the Day Reporting Center. A program run out of the Sacramento Office of Education here in Yolo County. Labor is involved and clients are trained for work, licensed, and employed. There are groups for domestic violence and anger management.  Education is a quality component. The Day Reporting Center had a staff in charge of supervising clients to gain a GED in place of a high school diploma. Recently that staff funding was cut. Dean will support the Day Reporting Center and all its components.

Dean will hold everyone under his supervision to high ethical and moral standards. Dean is truly on the side of fairness and a criminal justice system that works to lock up the criminals and that helps the community members who stray into some trouble.

Dean is supported by a large number of earnest volunteers. You can volunteer and donate at Dean4DA.com There is an ever increasing array of endorsements. We all stay ever positive in this important campaign. Canvas and phone bank with us.

M E Gladis, volunteer for #Dean4DA


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