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Pedestrian, bike, and auto safety in Davis

Davis has a well earned reputation for being concerned about safety......why, we even invented bike lanes in Davis! And many other towns have copied us.

But we started bike lanes DECADES ago when the town had a much smaller population and much less traffic.  How are we doing these days?  How are we doing in 2018? 

Is Davis considered a safe town to ride a bike in?  To be a pedestrian?  To be a pedestrian if you are a Senior Citizen? Or a child?  How ARE we doing?

I am prompted to ask this by an article I read in today's LA Times about traffic flow and safety in LA, the Land of the Automobile.  Here's the article:

So, if anybody knows if there is an evidence-baed information on transportation safety in Davis, I would sure appreciate your letting me know about it.  It would be great to see a report which examines different locations in Davis, different modes of transportation, different transportation users, multiple year trends, etc.  Thanks!



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